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Greece 2014

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I don’t have any excuse. I am a lazy bum.

When did I return from my trip? November 11. What day is it today? Yeah.

Oh oh oh, sort of a small excuse, but I went to New York 2 days after until the 17th? 8D…

*ducks as objects are thrown at me*

I AM ALIVE. But still lazy.

In all honestly, I just don’t know what to type. My trip to Greece was something else. I was in Santorini for 3 days and in Athens for 4.




ARGGGGGGGG see this is why I had no motivation to blog, because words have become too foreign to me, too facile, to describe my trip. I guess I could just post 2873823 pictures, and since a picture is worth a thousand words I’d be done 8D! Speaking of pictures, after deleting blurries and doubles, I only took around 1600 pictures. SHAME ON ME. FOR SHAME. The majority of them are blue and white. Santorini is a great place for selfies because pretty much every building acts as a reflector.

Anyway, if a chance ever arises for you to go on vacation, I highly, highly, so highly (but without the drugs), recommend you to visit Santorini. I went when the weather was cool (chilly if there’s wind, and there was wind 90% of the time), and I didn’t get to swim, but I can imagine it would be absolute perfection if the weather was warmer. It did get quite warm during the early afternoon, but I’m not sure if that was from the sun, or if it was from me walking 28736823 flights of stairs and wearing a very Canadian winter jacket.

CAN I PLEASE MENTION (wow, I have ADHD) THAT I STAYED IN THE MOST EPIC HOTEL/RESORT IN SANTORINI?! Okay, that’s it, since I’ve typed so much already I might as well keep typing. Ummmm so my mom originally booked a hotel called…something about volcanoes…but but but when we arrived it was apparently “closed for the season” (why did they allow us to book it online?) and we got a FREE UPGRADE TO A BEAUTIFUL 5 STAR HOTEL/RESORT ARGGGGGGGG! Look it up if you want, it’s called Petit Palace, and TELL ME IT’S NOT AMAZING. I DARE YOU. I was so tired and cranky from flying (as I mentioned in my previous entry, Toronto to Milan, Milan to Athens, and finally Athens to Santorini, not to mention wait times at the airport totalling around 5 hours), and it was dark when we saw our “hotel”, which was a door, and I was so confused like WHERE IS OUR HOTEL and then I stepped through the door and then OH HELL YEAH BABY WELCOME TO PARADISE I think I’ve found it.

Our “room” had 2 floors, WHICH IS LIKE INSANE because IT JUST IS, and we had our own balcony and private pool that was SO SQUEAKY CLEAN IT LOOKED LIKE THERE WAS NEVER ANY WATER INSIDE BECAUSE IT WAS THAT CLEAN OKAY. Unfortunately, like I mentioned before, it was too cool to swim, BUT IT’S STILL COOL TO HAVE A PRIVATE POOL. I’m rhyming AND making puns oh snaaaaaap.

And and and I would also like to mention the taxi drivers (well…the taxi drivers we interacted with) are soooooo nice and friendly. Basically we kept the card of the taxi company that picked us up from the airport and just kept calling them to drive us places every day haha. By the end of the short trip in Santorini, we were all like best friends and I pretty much knew their life stories and stuff. Intense.

So so so OMG THIS ENTRY IS GETTING TOO LONG. I ate so much Italian food in Greece whaaaat.

Time to summarize. Olive oil. And tomatoes. Um. Cats. There are a lot of wild cats and kittens in Santorini.

The first day in Santorini! My parents and I conquered the town of Fira! We first walked there (took us about 35 minutes, and then when we found out the taxi ride would only be 7 Euros for the three of us back to the hotel we never walked there again) and my is it a gorgeous little town! I went trigger happy obviously, and left no path unexplored! Fira is very white and pastel-ish. IT WAS ALSO AT FIRA THAT I DISCOVERED MY FEAR OF RIDING SKINNY SMALL DONKEYS WITH WEAK KNEES DOWN STEEP STAIRS WITH LOOSE ROCKS AND 2 FEET OF WALL TO PROTECT ME SHOULD MY DONKEY SLIP AND I PLUMMET DOWN THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN. I justified fear I think. I was coerced. Never again. I should have just given the man money to take pictures instead. My parents were also terrified.

The second day in Santorini! My parents and I called our friendly taxi driver to drive us to the further town of Oia! It was about a 20 minute drive (I would like to mention here that the roads in Santorini are really narrow, and there were several times where I got nervous and wondered if licensing exams even existed), and wow, Oia is something else. It was like a beautiful maze of adorable stairs and residences that refused to line up properly, and did not follow conventional building guidelines. I poked my head into so many buildings, restaurants, hotels, you name it. If there was a path, I WENT ON IT. And I’m glad I did, because with my curiosity came beautiful, post-card-worthy views. I’m so glad I have 2 batteries for my camera. Quaint little blue domes everywhere. Oh, I learned this from my taxi driver. The little blue domes in Santorini are actually private churches. They are passed down to the eldest son. The son doesn’t get the house. If a family had a son and a daughter, the son would get the small little blue-dome church, and the daughter would get the house. Most interesting.

The third day in Santorini! We called our taxi driver again and he gave us a deal! 50 Euros for him to drive us all around the Eastern parts of Santorini. Best deal ever! Went to Kamari beach (the “sand” is actually small black pebbles!), Akrotiri, he even drove us up a really high mountain so we could see Pyrgos (SCARIEST DRIVE EVER HOLYYYYY THERE ARE SO FENCES TO SAVE YOU AS YOU DRIVE ALONG THE ONE-WAY NARROW AND WINDING ROADS). Unfortunately when we arrived at the top of the mountain, a rain cloud decided it would pay us a visit, and blocked our view grrrrrr!

Oh mannnnn this entry is getting long! I’m missing so many things but maybe I’ll stick some photos in later to make up for it. Maybe.

Let’s fast forward yet again.

BYE BYE SANTORINI YOU WILL BE MISSED. Thank you for giving me 10 years worth of exercise.

I’m on the plane!

Boom, Athens.

Unfortunately, my first day in Athens wasn’t so great. After a very long taxi ride through traffic, we arrived at our hotel (which was considerably smaller than our SUPREMELY DIVINE COME HITHER AND BELIEVE IT hotel in Santorini) and I was plagued with lady pains. I slept the afternoon away. My parents explored the area and nearby streets while I cursed myself for being a girl.

The next day, I was in much better spirits! BUT THE WEATHER DECIDED IT WOULD BE FUNNY TO SPIT SOME RAIN so yeah. Went to the Acropolis, saw several ancient buildings, tried not to slip and die, breathed in way too much second-hand smoke, marvelled at the size of marble columns, stalked cats, hopped on and off various hop-on-hop-off buses, it was nice.

After a somewhat uncomfortable night of sleep (I always hate sleeping with my parents because their combined snoring would put Beethoven’s symphonies to shame), I was woken up by my dad telling me there were many street vendors outside selling old and antique things. EXCITEMENT ENSUED. While impatiently nomming breakfast at our hotel, I spotted a nice vintage camera from the corner of my eye. My dad and I went outside to check it out, and after some bargaining, I SCORED MYSELF A NICE KODAK CAMERA (made in Germany!) AND AN AWESOME TRIPOD AHHHHH! THANKS, DAD ;___; Thank goodness my dad used to be a photographer because I saw 2736823 other vintage cameras that I thought looked cool but after consulting my dad, I found out that they were overpriced. Had some trouble fitting the camera onto the tripod, but after some fiddling my dad managed it. We did more street shopping once my mom finished up her breakfast :) Once that was over, my parents and I decided to give the bustling city a break. We went further south via the hop-on-hop-off bus tour thing and stopped by the small harbour town of Mikrolimano. Ate at a nice restaurant with really yummy food, took some pictures by the harbour like we owned 28376823 yachts, and called it a day.

Our third day in Athens was a shopping day! I was a little disappointed with Golden Hall mall, but I did end the day with a few purchases. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, THE NEXT DAY WAS OUR LAST DAY IN ATHENS. And we went back on the plane to London, and then went from London back to the good old country of maple syrup.

I can’t believe this entry is done. If I’m not lazy I’ll put up tiny pictures.


Quickie Updatey

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Ahhhh! I’m catching a cold! D: *blows runny nose into tissue*

This is going to be a short entry! I just got back Tuesday night from my trip to Greece! It was a lovely trip :) I stayed in Santorini for 3 nights and Athens for 4 nights. Omg Santorini <3 More on that next time! But yes, flying was tough. Basically I went from Toronto to Milan, Milan to Athens, Athens to Santorini, then Santorini to Athens, then Athens to London, and London back to Toronto!

And the flying doesn’t stop there! I’m heading to New York in a few hours (should probably pack. Probably 8D) for PERFUME’S CONCERT AHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m super hyped about it! My friends and I will be in their 1mm PV dresses and we’ll be spontaneously dancing while we’re waiting in line! Here’s a little preview: ^.^ This time we’ll have the complete outfits! With earrings as well! :D If you spot us, come say hi! :D :D :D! Hopefully it won’t be too cold @.@!

So yes, within these 2 weeks of my vacation I’ll have gone on a plane 8 times >.> Yeesh. Flying is super tiring >< I’ll blog about both adventures separately when I get back 8D!

Ernest & Celestine + The Book of Life

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Omg my keyboard was being funny for a few minutes and I couldn’t type except in gibberish.

Anyway, now that that’s fixed…

I HAVE NEGLECTED MY BLOG FOR 273872683 YEARS D: I already missed a few things I wanted to blog about and my horrible memory isn’t helping me D:

Also, WORDPRESS WHY YOU CHANGE ON ME AGAIN!? I can’t even make this text box larger and scroll -_-

Ummmm so yes. A few weeks back, Andrew came to visit and he rented Ernest & Celestine for me to watch! He showed me the trailer and I thought the art style was adorable, and I’m a sucker for the French language 8D I think there was an option for English voices, but we just watched it in the original French with English subtitles. So yes, it was a super cute film! Gets you in the feels, I recommend it :) I think it was running against Disney’s Frozen for the Oscar’s or something?

But onto the actual parts of this entry I can remember.

Andrew visited me again on Thursday despite him being super tired from evil 4am shifts. I decided it would be best if I drove us everywhere instead :P Andrew doesn’t like me driving haha 8D I speed and do sharp turns and ignore stop signs 8D Shhh…

Hmm so after he arrived, I went to pick up a package from the post office :) I like receiving packages omg, supah awesomez feelingz. But yes, I opened it and voila, my online orders of Christmas presents for friends haha! I ordered from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and I’m always super impressed with their fast shipping and great customer service. I really recommend this site if you’re looking for a place for otaku goodness straight from Japan :)

After that, I drove back home to drop off everything and Andrew nabbed his glasses. Then it was off to Pacific Mall! Bought some chocolate, nommed some mediocre pork ramen and chicken skewers, and of course Andrew got his egg waffles :P Oh, I wanted to buy this panda milk tea drink from the same place I bought my ramen (my bad for not seeing it before), but the lady said it can’t be purchased separately. Like what. You’re losing so much business. No matter, Andrew managed to find another place that was selling it.

Once I was well fed, we headed to the theatre! Unfortunately there was really bad traffic, but my dangerous driving managed to get us to the theatre on time haha! 8D Not sure how many lives Andrew lost from my dangerous breaking and wacked turning…

The movie we watched was none other than the newly released The Book of Life! Since it was 5pm on a Thursday, the theatre was pretty much empty except for 2 other couples, which was great :D! And now onto the actual movie.

If you’re the type who enjoys a really good plot/story line, this probably isn’t the movie for you. The plot was predictable and rushed in many places, and there’s also a lot of singing :P More singing than I expected. But if you’re the type who digs colours and visuals, this is the movie for you. I really enjoyed the animation and the art style. Really glad I didn’t watch this in 3D though, I would have gotten a huge migraine from the tornado of bright palettes. The voice acting was really well done as well :)

We headed to Indigo and Winner’s after the movie. Andrew was trying to find a bow tie but no luck D: And somehow, I managed to buy a pair of Oxfords even though I told myself not to buy anything grrrrr! But I like them and they’re work-appropriate? 8D Excuses, excuses…

For dinner we headed to Swiss Chalet. Neither of us were hungry, though :S I forced myself to eat my beloved chicken pesto penne, and regretted it badly because I was super full afterwards. It was a quick dinner because Andrew was getting tired from lack of sleep, and at around 10 he headed home~ Not sure when we’ll see each other next because I’LL BE ON VACATION SOON LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~

Blue Mountain 2014

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I’ve been so lazy and tired lately (excuses, excuses…), and this blog is…yikes, almost 2 weeks late >.> I don’t even remember much from it to blog about 8D

Think think think!

Oh right.

Soooooooo on September 19, Andrew and I made our way through bad traffic to Blue Mountain! After some terrible confusion, we finally met up with my friends and we arrived alive at our little cottage. OH GEEZ THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO BLOG ABOUT IF I WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. I’M GONNA USE POINT FORM, SCREW THIS.


– Arrived at resort after a bit of trouble!
– Good dinner at Montana’s where I won the title of most Asian for treating everyone 8D!
– Had fun with late night grocery shopping at Metro :)
– Fun card games galore well into the night that involved a lot of reading @.@
– Talk like a pirate day. That was amusing haha 8D


– Everyone pretty much slept in from staying up too late, and our phones lied to us about the weather :S
– Weather was being bipolar and we pretty much just hung around in the cottage because it was sunshine 1 minute and then mad rain the next :(
– Went horse back riding at around 2 wheeeeeee ^_^!
– My horse once again took advantage of me…
– Went to the village to look for swimming trunks for Kendrick but no luck D:
– B-B-B-BEAVER TAILS BAHAHA 8D! Maple one is the best!
– Adrian and Andrew had a nice game of chess and a lot of people stared.
– Headed back to our cottage and went swimming!
– Actually I only went into the hot tub because the heated pool was such a lie D<
– Mmmm hot tub =w=
– Good old home made dinner prepared by Jennifer and Kendrick :)
– Tummy was killing me because dark chocolate milk and puree apple juice is not the best combination >.>
– Late night movie times involving Captain Hook.
– Frig I wanted to punch that kid in the face >:(


– Woke up relatively early to pack!
– After checking out, we all headed back to the village!
– Went on a scary suspension bridge, and my friends were walking extra hard to make it sway >:(
– Fun times going cave exploring/hiking.
– Many photos taken!
– Had a nice lunch (and we avoided the rain!) where everyone ordered pizza and I ordered…you guessed it. Pasta 8D
– Shopped around for a bit afterwards in the village.
– Found my beloved Popeye candy!
– Got 3 boxes…8D
– Sounds like a lot but really it’s not.
– It got super cold so we all decided to call it a day and head back!
– Made it to Kendrick’s place alive!
– Jen and Adrian were exhausted so they headed home first :(
– Had intense Sushi Go game sessions with Whitney, Andrew and Kendrick!
– Sushi dinners!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier + Bunnies

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Omg kill me I have so much catching up to do in terms of blogging. This blog was supposed to be last week yeesh >< I don’t even remember what happened anymore D:

Andrew came to visit me, and I believe we went to nom somewhere. But where? *ponders* We shall probably never knows. Unless Andrew remembers. In which case I’ll update this.

Oh, I remember forcing Andrew to watch Cats Don’t Dance! A very old film that I saw way back when I was in elementary 8D I didn’t quite understand the script back then, but when I watched it again I realized how clever it was :P It’s a good short romantic comedy with really good animation for its time. Unfortunately Andrew didn’t really like it :P BUT THAT’S OKAY, I ENJOYED IT.

Oh oh oh it’s slowly coming back to me. The events. But backwards. Right. So before we watched Cats Don’t Dance, I needed to go pick up a package! Drove out over to the Shopper’s Drug Mart outside my house and stupid old me forgot the parcel slip =_= I drove Andrew over to the nearby Swiss Chalet to grab nommies for take out while I went back home to grab the slip, and then I picked up my parcel.

OMG MY PARCEL XD! I ordered it probably 3 days before, and it was free express shipping BEST DEAL EVER. What did I buy? 5 rabbit things O_O! A giant white rabbit back pack and 4 smaller super adorable rabbit plushies! Got them from Tokyo Otaku Mode online, and I had a $5 coupon as well 8D Bahaha, I’m so happy with my bunnies 8D I’M NOT OBSESSED.

1Nabbed this picture from the website. Got the white one with pink straps >w<

2LOOK AT THEM. I CAN’T. UGH. MY HEART *shrivels up*

Speaking of obsessed, I can’t stop eating these delicious Popeye candy sticks. Nom nom nom.

And now onto the actual main point of this entry. Andrew bought the second Captain America movie over for us to watch. Honestly, I wasn’t that excited to watch it. I mean, I pretty much saw half the movie in GIF format on Tumblr already haha, and I felt it was going to be a lot scarier than the first. Turns out I was wrong! The main villain that I thought would scare the crap out of me wasn’t even on screen half the time 8D I also felt more suspense, but at the same time it had many light-hearted moments and jokes. Anyway, we all know I only watch it for Black Widow 8D That girl can kick some serious butt.

Dang it, I can’t remember where Andrew and I nommed for dinner! This entry will need a lot of updating. That’s what I get for procrastinating!

Labour Day Weekend 2014

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OH MAN, what a late entry. And it’s going to be a rather long one as well O_O! To make up for it, I shall attempt to squeeze in pictures, but it’s totally pointless because they’re small thanks to my blog layout. WHATEVERRRRR~


SO ON SATURDAY. IT WAS FAN EXPO 8D 8D 8D! I had not gone since…2010? I usually don’t go because I find the anime scene isn’t so big there, and the tickets are up there in price range. Anyway, I didn’t sleep that well the night before but that’s okay! After I made sure I had everything I needed, my dad drove me at around 12:30 to the plaza where I was meeting up with Dreamz (she was finishing up with her doctor’s appointment). I got there a bit early so I just chilled outside looking like a hobo. When she was finished, her dad drove us over to my friend Kendrick’s condo, where Jelee and Adrian would be meeting us as well :D

ONCE EVERYONE ASSEMBLED, I stuffed my face and then Dreamz, Jelee and I changed into our PERFUME 1MM PV OUTFITS MUCH EXCITE VERY COLOUR SO TRIANGLE WOW. Yeah. We then practised dancing haha XD! We even invaded the exercise room because of the long mirrors, which were really useful for our dancing purposes. It was also our first practice actually seeing ourselves! It’s a little creepy watching yourself watch yourself dance. What did I do there.

After a few practice runs and some photos, we all headed down to Finch station (IN COSTUME OF COURSE 8D) and took the subway to Union. A few people were confused about our outfits, but there where more and more cosplayers as we made our way to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I was already slowly dying from wearing heels.

When we arrived, and I was already dreading and mentally preparing for it, but it was super humid and sunny outside. I was secretly praying it would thunderstorm and rain so it would cool down, but alas, nine Sickles and a dung bomb, the weather reporter lied. After finding a spot to settle/stand in the shade, I texted a bunch of friends to meet up, but none of us had convention badges, so that was a bit difficult :P I did manage to bump into my friend Philip, though, who I haven’t seen for a good 2 years :) After some photos, Dreamz, Jelee and I did spontaneous dances of Perfume songs, specifically Mirai no Museum and Spending All My Time. We had super fun recording, and even forcing Kendrick and Adrian to join in on a round of Museum no Museum haha, that was entertaining :P Man, dancing in the blazing sun and 37 degree weather do not mix :P I was dying, especially because I had my long hair down. Didn’t want to tie it up because ACCURACY FOR COSPLAY. Yeah. When it finally cooled down, and the sun wasn’t directly above us, we went crazy with photos again 8D I am really grateful for Kendrick and Adrian’s patience *bows down to both of you*

At around 7, we decided it was time to go nom, so we headed to a nearby Marché to fill our tummies :) It was a really pretty and cozy restaurant, but super busy. I waited a good 20 minutes for my pasta, and I felt it was a bit lacking in flavour. My drink was very yummy, though! A nice, fruity blend of kale, apple, and probably 2 more things I forgot. It was also a nice green, which was nice, but also not nice at the same time because green reminds me of work 8D…

Once dinner was over, we all headed back up to Finch for KARAOKE TIMESSSS YEAHHHHH! BUT BEFORE THAT. We stumbled upon some really sweet floor lights, and we all agreed it would make for an epic photo, so yeah, spent a few minutes there posing in the middle of the building and people were staring with their discombobulated faces. We didn’t care, really :P Once that was done, we realized how late it was, and proceeded to make our way back to the subway station.

I would like to take the time now to thank Kendrick for letting me wear his shoes as he walked in his socks. My feet were really hurting me, and I couldn’t walk very fast, and Kendrick was more than happy to lend me his sneakers. THANKS, SERGEANT. YOU GET A RAISE. But yes, because of my super slow walking speed, we arrived later than planned, but still super fun times ensued :D Lots of Backstreet Boys, old love songs, Disney duets, and key changing haha 8D I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was getting late. At around 11:40, Jelee drove me home and I basically collapsed from feet pain.

moar mini us wheeeHere we are enduring the blazing sun and heat wave.

mini us supah awesomeMan, this is epic. Check out the floor lights. Yea.


I obviously slept in on Sunday =w= After a very eventful Fan Expo, Sunday was my day for a nice quiet afternoon tea date with my friends Anna and Julie. I drove down to Anna’s place at around 1:30, and once we were all ready to go Anna’s dad drove us to Finch. We then subwayed to Union and then walked to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

It was a nice and cozy little restaurant that we dined in. Not too many people, but I found it a bit too dim. It was 2:45pm, though, so I guess the curtains were closed to hide the supreme sun. We started off with our tea orders, with Anna ordering a fancy Orange Pekoe blend and Julie copying me with Earl Grey :P Can’t go wrong with Earl Grey =w= As for food, we had super yummy mini sandwiches, delicious scones with clotted cream and different jams, swan-shaped cream puffs, macarons, some really yummy fruity mousse, and a really rich chocolate slice of cake. My favourites were the sandwiches and the scones. Scones are slowly climbing up on my list of favourite pastries list 8D

We wanted to take our time with eating, but at around 3:45, we were told that we could have a free tour of the rooftop herb garden, which was at 4pm, so we quickly nommed everything, signed the waivers, and joined the tour, guided by the sous chef :O Wondering how he had the time haha 8D

The herb garden was more herby than I expected. We were a small group, and were warned there would be many bees buzzing around. I was a little nervous, but honestly there were probably 2 bees that even flew close to me. We learned about the different herbs that are grown, completely organic of course, and even got to try some. Julie and Anna tried this leaf thing that I suspected was a variety of horse radish, because apparently it tasted like wasabi. I ate a tiny alpine strawberry for the first time. We wanted to go near the bee hives as well (the hard-working bees produce like 700 pounds of honey per year for the restaurants in the hotel!), but bees were swarming way too hard around them. No matter :P

Once that was done, we just went back to the hotel and took pictures and hobo-ed in the lobby haha 8D Ahhhh air conditioning. At around 6pm, we decided it was time to leave and then we subwayed back to Finch, where we got picked up by Anna’s dad again. Once we got back to Anna’s place, I drove home and relaxed a bit before Andrew arrived at 7:45 and we made our way to Hamilton.


A super duper lazy day. Labour Day. Slept in, ate breakfast. We wanted to go play tennis but seriously the second we were about to leavethe sky began to cry :( It was the storm that was promised on Saturday for Fan Expo I bet. On the bright side, Andrew introduced me to a new anime called Nisekoi. I’m liking it so far, it’s really casual and we watched like 8 episodes. I saw a few more last night, but felt after episode 10 the storyline was dragging a bit. Hopefully it picks up! And hopefully everyone smartens up with their feelings and I don’t want to see any more dense-headed-ness. My English is amazing.

For dinner we went to Swiss Chalet, because we couldn’t really think of anything else haha. After dinner, Andrew drove me to McMaster so I could pick up my 7TH DRAGON HATSUNE MIKU TYPE 2020 FIGURINE WIRUGHIUHWRG. I was supposed to pick it up during Fan Expo, but yes, difficulties. Man, the box is huge! It’s sitting on my table at the moment, and I really want to open it and take a lot of pictures, but but but box pretty yeah don’t wanna open ugh first world problems. Hopefully this gorgeous figurine won’t trigger a new addiction @.@

With my figurine finally picked up, Andrew drove me back to my place. Got home at around 10:30pm because I had an early shift the next morning. I was really dreading working the next day because yeah. 3 days off, not in work mode.


Guardians of the Galaxy + Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

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*calms down*

As usual this blog is quite late :P Andrew came to visit on Tuesday and I already forgot what we did aside from watching a movie haha XD!

Ummm, I believe he arrived a little past 11, and then we went to Go For Tea for lunch. I ordered a huge bowl of noodles and a yummy hot chocolatey drink. I was craving it ever since Anna got it to go a few days ago. Mmmm barley and chocolatey =w= Andrew wasn’t too happy with his condensed milk on toast. There was hardly any condensed milk grrr D< But at least he was somewhat happy with his blueberry flavoured drink.

After than we headed back to my house and Andrew showed me a new anime called Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. He’d been trying to get me to watch it for a while now, but I was lazy. I actually was intrigued by the preview picture on Crunchyroll, but because it was listed in the popular section, I wanted to be hipster and cool and not watch it because I’m hipster and cool and avoid mainstream *cough* Anyway.

Very glad Andrew showed it to me :) I was really confused at the beginning, and Andrew had to do a lot of explaining, (which I’m finding always happens whenever we watch anything) but I enjoyed the animation. Apparently, in Andrew’s terms, the anime is about engineering magic, and how magic is a science. I’ve pretty much caught up to the recent episodes now, and the main girl character is on my cosplay list 8D She reminds me of Elsa from Frozen, but like, Japanese? That said, I also feel that the recent episodes have lost some of the drive and cool factor I felt from the beginning few episodes, but I hope it returns.

At around 3:45 we headed out to the theatre to watch MY LITTLE PONY I kid, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Wanted to see if you were paying attention.

I didn’t have very high hopes for this movie. The posters did not look interesting to me at all. I also kept seeing spoiler GIFs on Tumblr haha 8D That’s Tumblr for you, I always find out about things from there. Mmm, but yes, the movie was above my expectations :P My favourite parts are definitely the special effects, though I know Andrew enjoys the script a lot :P I also asked many questions during the movie, and I believe it takes place in the same universe as the Avengers? Which is neat I guess, since I really like the Avengers, so I’m interested to see how they’ll be tied together. The universe has too many superheroes!

After the movie, we headed to the nearby Indigo, where I stumbled upon VOCALOID ART BOOKS OMGGGGGGG I SAW 4 OF THEM. HNGGGGGGGG art books *cries* I would have gotten all 4, but I really need to stop splurging *cries some more* Oh, and I also bought a nice set of pens, which I had fun doodling with during dinner at Montana’s 8D

Hmmm what else shall I include. Fan Expo is next week, and Dreamz and Jelee are coming over tomorrow so we can hopefully finish our cosplays :D Not sure if I mentioned it already, but we’re going to be wearing Perfume’s 1mm dance dresses :) The crazy white dresses with all the rainbow triangles that we are PAINSTAKINGLY HAND-PAINTING. If you see us, come take pictures with us ^_^ Hopefully we’ll have our 2 dances down as well :)