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Blue Mountain 2014

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I’ve been so lazy and tired lately (excuses, excuses…), and this blog is…yikes, almost 2 weeks late >.> I don’t even remember much from it to blog about 8D

Think think think!

Oh right.

Soooooooo on September 19, Andrew and I made our way through bad traffic to Blue Mountain! After some terrible confusion, we finally met up with my friends and we arrived alive at our little cottage. OH GEEZ THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO BLOG ABOUT IF I WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. I’M GONNA USE POINT FORM, SCREW THIS.


– Arrived at resort after a bit of trouble!
– Good dinner at Montana’s where I won the title of most Asian for treating everyone 8D!
– Had fun with late night grocery shopping at Metro :)
– Fun card games galore well into the night that involved a lot of reading @.@
– Talk like a pirate day. That was amusing haha 8D


– Everyone pretty much slept in from staying up too late, and our phones lied to us about the weather :S
– Weather was being bipolar and we pretty much just hung around in the cottage because it was sunshine 1 minute and then mad rain the next :(
– Went horse back riding at around 2 wheeeeeee ^_^!
– My horse once again took advantage of me…
– Went to the village to look for swimming trunks for Kendrick but no luck D:
– B-B-B-BEAVER TAILS BAHAHA 8D! Maple one is the best!
– Adrian and Andrew had a nice game of chess and a lot of people stared.
– Headed back to our cottage and went swimming!
– Actually I only went into the hot tub because the heated pool was such a lie D<
– Mmmm hot tub =w=
– Good old home made dinner prepared by Jennifer and Kendrick :)
– Tummy was killing me because dark chocolate milk and puree apple juice is not the best combination >.>
– Late night movie times involving Captain Hook.
– Frig I wanted to punch that kid in the face >:(


– Woke up relatively early to pack!
– After checking out, we all headed back to the village!
– Went on a scary suspension bridge, and my friends were walking extra hard to make it sway >:(
– Fun times going cave exploring/hiking.
– Many photos taken!
– Had a nice lunch (and we avoided the rain!) where everyone ordered pizza and I ordered…you guessed it. Pasta 8D
– Shopped around for a bit afterwards in the village.
– Found my beloved Popeye candy!
– Got 3 boxes…8D
– Sounds like a lot but really it’s not.
– It got super cold so we all decided to call it a day and head back!
– Made it to Kendrick’s place alive!
– Jen and Adrian were exhausted so they headed home first :(
– Had intense Sushi Go game sessions with Whitney, Andrew and Kendrick!
– Sushi dinners!



Treasure Planet + Summerlicious at Auberge du Pommier

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I wasn’t actually going to write an entry until a few days later to keep up with my ongoing super procrastination, but I had nothing better to do 8D

I went to visit Andrew on Sunday, and as usual I took the GO bus from York University and was picked up at McMaster :) Andrew surprised me with MINT CHOCOLATE SWIRL ICE CREAM bahaha 8D It wasn’t mint chocolate chip, but it was still tasty. That was super nice of him :) I was wondering why he was 10 minutes late to pick me up :P But yes, I texted Andrew that I was craving it on the GO bus and I guess Andrew’s nice. I guess :P

When we arrived back at Andrew’s house, we finished watching the FIFA finals! I was on Argentina’s side, and Andrew was cheering for Germany. We all know what happened :P Andrew enjoyed the names of the German players :P Apparently all of them sound like weapons 8D Andrew’s dad then made chicken and salad for dinner. That was yummy :) I ended up finishing the entire bowl of salad (that was supposed to serve 4 people) because I’m obviously a rabbit.

Once our tummies were full, we watched Treasure Planet! It’s an older Disney movie, but I remember liking it a lot. After watching it again, I found a new love for the script haha XD! The animation and art style is very pretty, and I like the futuristic yet steam-punk ideas and themes. There is also not very much singing, as is common in a lot of the more popular and loved Disney movies.

The next morning, Andrew took me down to Pier 4 for foodies at William’s! It was past noon by then, but Andrew ordered a lot of breakfast foods while I tried their pesto chicken panini and French onion soup. Didn’t really like their panini (gave it to Andrew), but the soup was good :3 We wanted to walk around after eating, but I thought it was a little too chilly for that, so we headed back home and I had a small nap.

When I woke up, it became a very anime-filled day. We watched episodes of Fairy Tail, Madoka Magica, and Andrew introduced me to Servant x Service, which, unfortunately, reminded me way too much of work, so it wasn’t really to my liking. After another home-made dinner, Andrew drove me home because I had early work the next day.

Excuse me while I go eat the remainder of the ice cream Andrew bought for me.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now onto the food porn. Or lack of :P I really need to change my blog layout so I can incorporate pictures into my entries. It’s probably not difficult to go find another theme, but I am too lazy. I am soooooo lazy.

Speaking of food porn, though, I did have my delicious share of it yesterday! Let’s talk about that.

After work yesterday, I drove to my friend Nicolas’ place to meet up with him and Julie so we could take one car to Auberge du Pommier, a restaurant that Julie recommended for Summerlicious. Originally I was supposed to drive to my friend Anna’s place, but she was called into work last minute, even though she wasn’t supposed to start work until the next day :c To kill time while Julie was getting ready, Nicolas showed me a rhythm game called Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA (which I totally suck at, and that surprised me because I’m pretty decent at DDR!) and Katamari Damacy! Haha, that was hard as well. I suck at video games in general D:

At around 5:30, Anna arrived, and then we all hopped into Nicholas’ small little Fiat! Anna and I were super intimate in the back seats ;) Haha 8D Our reservation was for 6:15pm, but yeesh, there was mad traffic, and we had little bit of trouble finding the place, so we were about 5 minutes late. NO MATTER, THOUGH 8D

Now I’m not a Summerlicious expert. I’ve only been to a few restaurants (like…2 or 3) but Auberge du Pommier was AMAZING. The service was great, the bathroom (I didn’t actually go) was above Anna’s standards (she’s a bathroom critic, and hard to please), and I liked that the waiter cleaned the bread crumbs off our table with the little scraper. Only classy restaurants do that!

The restaurant itself was really pretty. I really liked the vintage yet stylish decor inside, and there was a nice little garden/patio/outdoor area as well, where we decided to sit. Thank goodness it wasn’t too hot or chilly XD!

As for the food, it was delicious! While we waited for our orders we were given free bread with dip. AND IT WAS WARM BREAD. Omg warm bread. And that dip was divine. But yes, thinking back, my starter and main were both salads of some sort haha XD! I’m really picky about my salads, and the 2 I ordered had food that I usually wouldn’t include in my salad (onions, peas, spinach), but wow, they were both really good. Even Julie, who doesn’t like onions at all, said the pearl onions were yummy :) All 4 of us actually ordered different main dishes, and we shared a little bite with each other. I wish I had taken my camera with me to take pictures! I really liked the “Fried Green Tomatoes” that Anna and Nicolas both ordered for their starters. I should have ordered it, but I judged it because it said tomato! Never again! I’m craving it now. After a sweet ice cream with cookies dessert, I ordered a nice Earl Grey tea to wash everything down 8D As for the bill, It was $45 for the 3 course meal, and my tea was $5.75. I think between the 4 of us, our bill was like $220 8D I’m so grateful I have a job.

When Julie was finally satisfied with the pictures we took once we were outside the restaurant, Nicolas drove us all back to his place, and then we all just had a little walk around the neighbourhood to help us digest haha 8D I had a wonderful time just talking and laughing and being random with Anna and Julie while Nicolas just basically documented our time in pictures haha. It was pretty late when Anna and I finally decided to leave, and I got back home at around 11pm. A good day indubitably!

Oh man my stomach is starting to hurt from all this ice cream haha 8D Must stop.

My 24th Birthday Celebration

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I’ve been meaning to blob earlier, but life freeloaded without permission again!

So my birthday was this past Wednesday (March 5) and I am now 24 years old eeek DX! But this post starts with a few days before that!

On March the first, AngeL took me out and spoiled me :D She came to pick me up a little after 11 (originally she was going to kidnap me at 11, but her iPhone decided to be a jerk and erase a bunch of things and she needed to download some basic things so she could actually contact people) and then we went to the GO bus station in Unionville. Our plan was (as far as I know) to head downtown and shop and eat and then have dinner back in Markham at around 7 with some friends :)

The bus ride felt very short because bus rides are always short when you’re with good company :) I had some trouble paying with my Presto card AGAIN GEEZ I FRIGGEN HATE YOU PRESTO because apparently I didn’t have enough money EVEN THOUGH I KNEW I had at least $20 in there. ANYWAY, the bus driver was nice and I gave him $10 to put on my card so all was good.

Skip skip skip the ride. We are now downtown! And it’s really windy despite the sun shining happily. Our first stop was to this yummy crêpe place because I was starving. I ordered a classic strawberry and banana crêpe with Nutella to share with AngeL, as well as a yummy hazelnut milk to warm me up. Oh mannnn, so yummy! Definitely need to go back there when the weather is warmer.

After sharing the yummy crêpe, IT WAS TIME TO SHOP :D I believe we shopped around Queen’s street? Best deal of the day was when I got a scarf from Claire’s for $2! The original price was like $20 or something haha 8D And of course we had to stop by Kensington Market! Twylight is such an awesome store ;w; I had lots of fun admiring the hair accessories hnggg @.@ We stayed in there for…almost an hour I believe, just admiring all the beautiful dresses and handbags 8D AngeL wanted to buy a petticoat but they were sold out of white ones. We also stopped by Blue Banana, which is a huge place with little mini “stores” inside. It’s a great place to do various gift shopping for people :) I managed to find an adorable chrome bunny to add to my bunny collection 8D Didn’t really stay long because we had a reservation for afternoon tea times!

Skip skip skip the subway ride and cold walking and TADA we made it to Annona Restaurant at Park Hyatt hotel :D Omg, I love afternoon tea bahahaha, especially with my lovely soul sister <3 We both got the afternoon tea special, and had an awesome time nomming on yummy food and desserts. I definitely need to go back there, I especially loved the mini sandwiches and scones. Ugh the scones! They were dusted with icing sugar! Scones are slowly climbing up my list of sweet pastries. As for the actual tea part of the afternoon tea time, I ordered the special Annona blend. It was a very creamy and light mix of orange and vanilla :) AngeL also ordered something similar, but hers was more sweet. Oh, I need to mention the giant teapot of tea we both got. Oh man, it was definitely enough for 10 cups O_O! We couldn’t finish it @.@ My bladder needed emptying after 8D Thanks for treating me, AngeL<3

We finished at around 6, and then after taking some Polaroids and outfit shots, we headed back to Union station, where we met up with Jennifer :D! Then all three of us took the GO back up to Richmond hill, and AngeL drove us to dinner time!

Dinner was at Izakaya Tsuki! I’ve never been before, and omg I’m so glad I went! The food was delicious! I was still a bit full from afternoon tea, so I didn’t eat that much, but that’s okay! Thank you to Michelle, Sarah, and Jacky for joining as well :D Good food is paired best with good friends ^_^ I’m so glad we sat at the corner table haha, we were SO LOUD because Jacky introduced us to a cherades app he had on his phone and omg hahahaha I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out 8D Had so much fun trying to mimic animals, anime and Disney movies haha XD! Good times =w=

When we finally calmed down, I was surprised again by a lovely cake! Haha, funny story. AngeL had already ordered me a cake, and apparently Jacky was sent to pick it up. At the bakery, there was a girl ordering a cake for “Fushi” and the pastry chef was all confused because she had already made a cake for “Fushi” and then Jacky was like “Michelle? Is that you?” XD! Haha, wow, I could have gotten 2 cakes! That would have been intense 8D Michelle did end up buying macarons for everyone, though ;w; Hnggg my friends are too awesome <3

It was almost 10:30 when we decided to relieve the restaurant of our craziness, and then Jacky drove Jennifer to the subway station, while the rest of us decided to go to a nearby Tim Horton’s to await Sarah’s ride. Good chatting times again, and I learned about the yummy green tea double double that Michelle likes to order with her red velvet muffin :) When Sarah’s ride came, AngeL drove me home :) Hngggg thank you for planning everything for me <3


On my actual birthday, I was surprised AGAIN when AngeL and Jennifer BOTH CAME TO MY HOUSE. I was not expecting that haha 8D I was only told AngeL was going to drop off my gift (and I actually forgot about it), but they both surprised me and Jennifer even brought me yummy tarts T^T And omg the card, they both got me a beautiful macaron card with a dangling Eiffel Tower charm on it. MY FRIENDS KNOW ME TOO WELL. The three of us had fun just chatting and talking again on my kitchen floor haha, and geez, I felt so spoiled and blessed.

So yes! Happy birthday post be done!

Happy New Year!

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Ohhhmaaahgerddd I’ve been so lazy with blogging :( I had a “Christmas” party on the 28th and it was so much fun it rendered me unable to blog about it. Met up with some friends at the Boston Pizza outside my house for noms at around 1, and then when everyone finished stuffing themselves with panookie (first time trying it. It was pretty good!) we assembled at my house for mad card games. Thank you to Jacky and Andrew for driving all of us ^^ Apples to Apples is fun as always, but it wasn’t until Michelle arrived with CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY that everyone broke their spleens. Hahaha, it’s basically um…a not-so-innocent version of Apples to Apples :P I learned a lot of new terms, whether I wanted to or not :P

And of course it was Thavisha’s birthday! Michelle and Sarah both brought cake and I ordered some Earl Grey Tea pudding for everyone :) My dad also ordered pizza for us, but we were all so stuffed with cookies and candy we didn’t eat the pizza very much. Michelle also brought some MACARONS OMG and truffles or something. I don’t have much to say because it was basically card games for 6 hours. An awesome way to end the year with friends ^^

People started to leave at around 9:30 because I had work the next day. Gave everyone their belated Christmas gifts (except Philip because he was sick and couldn’t make it DX) and we all said our good byes.

This entry does not do the day justice at all, but I must leave now. If you’re reading this, HAPPY NEW YEAR ^^ I hope 2013 will be wonderful. I didn’t have a really nice 2012. Here’s hoping for amazing things.

Karaoke + Yang’s Izakaya + BBT

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WOO! Just finished watching SAO and Fairy Tail, so I shall now blog XD!

Yesterday was an awesome day :) AngeL came to kidnap me at around 1:30 and we headed to Finch station to meet up with Aarathi, Jennifer and Thav for Karaoke! There was hardly any parking because of some Santa Clause parade, and AngeL parked really far away. I think I have a cold because the sun tricked me and I thought it was warm. Anyway, we met up with Jennifer and Thav a bit after and then Aarathi told us she was already at the karaoke place with her friend so we made our way over.

Oh karaoke, where do I even begin with that haha XD! It was lots of fun. I sang and yelled and screamed myself hoarse to Taylor Swift, Inuyasha songs, ARASHI songs, Backstreet Boys…I don’t even remember anymore. Half way through we also got an extra free 20 minutes haha. AngeL’s friend Lily also joined us a little after, and by then my voice was already almost gone and I sounded like a frog, but still, it was fun haha XD! At around 5:30 Aarathi and her friend had to leave to go to the Monkey Majik concert, so the rest of us stayed a bit longer because we still had time before heading over to Yang’s Izakaya~

At around 6, we decided to leave~ So we all made the long walk (I say long, but it was probably only like 15 minutes) back to AngeL’s car while Lily took the subway back home. It took us less time than we thought to get to Yang’s and we arrived there half an hour early (our reservation was for 7). We decided we didn’t have anything to do so we just took lots of pictures just waiting in the car haha.

So we walked in at 6:55 and who do we see? OF COURSE OUR LOVELY MICHELLE <3 She was being our waitress for the night and reserved the tatami room for us. Omgggg and let me tell you that room is soooo pretty. Bonus points because there was no one else there besides us (the room had 2 separate tables). A few minutes later Mac and Jacky joined us and then ordering ensued. Michelle was being an awesome waitress and recommended us many things. I think my favourite dish was the black cod. I haven’t had black cod in a while, and when I had some I was in heaven. Not going to lie, Yang’s is pricey, but the food is really yummy, so we just ordered a few things and shared it all. I believe we ordered…beef skewer, beed sukiyaki, beef carpaccio (Michelle’s favourite), eel with rice, black cod, some veggie udon thing, and I ordered guava juice because my throat needed it. It was a really fun evening, was very nice catching up with people that you haven’t seen in ages. When the main food was finished, Michelle brought us our dessert :) I ordered black sesame ice cream and ginger ice cream (both are amazzzzzzzing!) and then shared some black sesame with AngeL because Michelle gave us extra large scoops haha.

After that we just waited for Michelle to finish her shift so we could head over to Go For Tea for yummy bubble tea times~ Jacky brought cards so we had fun playing Slap Jack. Or rather, I should say extreme Slap Jack. Mac showed us all these hard versions of it, so instead of slapping the card on the number you’re counting, we started being math nerds and did +1/-1. +3/-2, and basically I got so confused but it was so funny because reaction times are so much slower haha XD! AngeL took a video, I hope she uploads it soon.

After a few games Mac and Jen had to leave because Jen still needed to pack to head back to Waterloo. So AngeL took out her Monopoly Deal cards and taught us all how to play! It’s actually more fun than I thought haha, and Jacky managed to win a game before Michelle finished, but once Michelle was done (at around 10:30pm?) we headed over to Go For Tea~

Late night for me, indubitably. Michelle was extremely hungry so she actually ordered noodles and cake while the rest of us played Monopoly Deal. I ordered a hot taro milk tea because my throat was really beginning to hurt (I was on the brink of a cold, so I think karaoke just made my throat worse haha). So yep, more good times and chatting about the horrible waiters (especially if you compare them to the service Michelle gave us. We asked 2 separate waiters for another straw and they totally ignored us) and card playing. I managed to win the 2 games we played haha 8D! Beginner’s Luck is always on my side.

Anyway, my parents were beginning to get worried so we left a little after midnight. I grabbed my stuff from AngeL’s car and then Michelle drove me home since we live so close together hehe. And yep, I had a hard time sleeping because my throat was really bothering me. I’m going to sleep early tonight to aid my body in recovery.

Whipple Times

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Wheeeeee AngeL came over today at around 4 and we had fun making Whipple goodies XD! At first we were going to play with my Easy Bake but we realized it needed a light bulb to work, so we scrapped that idea :( Instead we made fake desserts :P Combined 3 packs together so we made like 20+ treats haha! It was fun ^^ Had lots of Whipple left over, not sure what I’m going to do with them. We got so hungry looking at the stuff we made and AngeL was allowed to stay for dinner :) She also lent me her old Harmony IV notes/practice things so hopefully those will help me. Then I got introduced to a few new songs by One Direction, which are pretty good :O Can’t wait till we hang out next week again :3

The finished products ^^

We have so many treats because a lot of the pieces were supposed to be stuck together (like the doughnuts) but we left them separated 8D! Good idea I think!

Some close ups :) AngeL’s pink cupcake and my blue one :)

The doughnuts turned out a lot better than I expected and were the most fun to make XD! We used some beads that I had as sprinkles :3

Mega zoom on AngeL’s huge doughnut. This one she put the 2 pieces together~

Haha, moustache on the pink macaron 8D!


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Okay, before you go boo-ing to me about the song I’m listening to…I am not a fan. It’s just that one song, which I thought was cute and catchy. I keep comparing them to the Backstreet Boys, who are obviously better.

Sooooo. Wow, haven’t blogged in eons. I guess I’m starting to lose interest. I find my blogs to be really boring, and they’re always about my life, which is extremely mundane. I’m also beginning to get tired of my layout. I like it because there are 4 column thingers, but at the same time they’re really narrow, and whenever I upload photos, they have to be small. Thinking about changing it, but I don’t know.

EDIT: As my most faithful reader reminded me, Andrew came to visit me on Monday because that’s how awesome he is :) We watched the last episode of Star Wars (episode 6, but I still need to see 1 to 3!) and as usual we had to pause a few times for Andrew to explain things to me. I also found out I was cheering on for incest. Unintentional I assure you. After about half an hour we went to grab nomz from Harvey’s, which was near my house, and in retrospect I did something I shouldn’t have. I couldn’t find my house key, so I just set the alarm and went to get foodies with Andrew without locking my door O_O My parents were really angry, and told me I should have stayed while Andrew went to grab food. I guess I wasn’t really thinking straight, forgot our house had important stuff, like our time machine (I am kidding about the time machine). We were only gone for about 15 minutes, so yerp my house was fine and no one robbed us. When we finished the movie it was already 5pm, and Andrew had to leave because he had night class at 7 :(

Um, so what has happened in my life lately. I went to Korean Grill House with Andrew, Racquel and Louis. It was nice :) HNG I TOOK THE SUBWAY ALL BY MYSELF. Those who know me know how scared I am of travelling on buses and subways, especially when I have to travel alone. BUT I MADE IT AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS :D We originally planned to have sushi down town, but we didn’t know of any good places that had ALL YOU CAN NOMZ, and Korean BBQ sounded pretty awesome :) Andrew tried a lot of spicy food o.o He’s growing up, I’m so proud ;_; Haha I kid. After the lunch we walked around Eaton’s for a bit, but then they had to leave because Andrew was driving them back after they got back by GO bus, and Andrew had night class at 7. I wandered around a bit more before taking the subway back up to Finch.

What elseeeeeee. I went to Centre Island with Anna and Julie yesterday :) I had to wake up at like 7 because I had acupuncture/force sweating/herbal massage thinger at 8am, and then rushed home at around 10:30 to shower because Anna was supposed to kidnap me at 11:15ish. She ended up getting me at 11:45, and then we went to Don Mills station to find Julie. And we all subwayed down town together :)

It was a beautiful day, sunny for short periods and cloudy. Julie beat me this time and took around 350 photos. I only took around 120 haha XD! But yerp, definitely using one of her photos for my Facebook profile picture, her camera takes the nice pictures where the person is focused and the background is dreamy and blurry. We also rented those 4 people bikes, which we wanted to do the last time we went :) We left at around 6 and then subwayed back up to Don Mills. Had to stop by the Shopper’s Drug Mart at FV because Anna was having a terrible migraine, so she bought some Tylenol, which didn’t really kick in until dinner time :(

Dinner as usual was at Bombay Bhel. HNGGGG ANNA CONVERTED ME TO A BUTTER CHICKEN LOVER LAST TIME, and I think I’m becoming to get addicted to naan haha XD! Ah, I have to mention the idiot that yelled at Anna for apparently parking in his parking spot. Because you know, not signalling means it’s your parking spot. The fat dude even came up to the window and yelled and swore at Anna =_= And then he left and found another parking space, facing us at another parking lot. Weird thing is was he didn’t leave his car and jsut kept glaring at us. So we glared back. Then we got out and still kept an eye on him, but he still wouldn’t leave his car. Anna and I were afraid he’d want to scratch her car or something with his car keys (happened to my mom before -_-) so after a while, Anna just reparked at another spot, which was actually right outside Bombay Bhel and saved us the walk.

I’m supposed to be packing right now. Sigh. I think this is the first time I’m not excited to travel. I am extremely worried about the mosquitoes in Hong Kong. Every time I go back I get bitten like crazy. I’m talking like 70 bites, and I used to be fine, just really itchy. But after what happened last summer, with me having a terrible reaction to 2 mosquito bites I acquired from the Toronto Zoo, I’ve been deathly afraid of mosquitoes, and it pisses me off because I can’t avoid mosquitoes forever. I don’t want to live in a bubble. I’m also dreading the EXTREME HUMIDITY AND HEAT in Hong Kong. I’m going to try to go to a mall every day or something just to enjoy the air conditioning.

Hmmm…another thing that’s got me worried is Anime North. I’m arriving back in Canada late at night on the 23rd, which gives me the 24th to FINISH MY FRIGGEN COSTUME. And then of course my mom had to book me an acupuncture/force sweating appointment on that day as well, which means less time. Sigh. I guess it’s my fault. I completely screwed over my skirt and stuff for my costume because I measured wrong and then didn’t buy extra fabric. I did go back to Fabricland today to get more but…sigh. I also have my Magnet costume to worry about. Omg, what if I get bitten 28376283 times in HK by bugs and then I end up in the hospital again…I wouldn’t even be able to go to Anime North…GAH WHY MUST I ALWAYS OVER THINK AND MAKE MYSELF PARANOID.

Effing mosquitoes. I hope mosquitoes go extinct.