When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


Don’t have one. I like my colours in combinations. I do like wearing shades or pastels, though. Lately I’ve been liking mint and baby blue.

In general, Japanese and Italian, but it also depends on my mood :P My default is always some sort of pasta.

The Arts. Visual art, music, drama…you name it :) I also love ecology.

HARRY POTTER! And the Silverwing series *nods* The Da Vinci Code was awesome too! AND A Series of Unfortunate Events =) OH AND THE GOLDEN COMPASS SERIES. AND AND AND THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM SERIES.

CHOPIN!!! Shut up, stop disagreeing with me XD

J-pop and J-rock mainly, like NEWS and ARASHI. I also enjoy a few English songs, such as songs by Taylor Swift, Owl City, and old Backstreet Boys songs and stuff from like before the 1970s what 8D Classical will always have a spot in my heart as well =)

Depends on what’s planned. I like the summer and autumn in general.

Forever 21, tokidoki, Ladurée, Liz Lisa, Sanrio, various lolita fashion brands that I can’t afford T^T

Hmm, anything with a good plot and pretty drawings. Full Moon wo Sagashite is a good example.

Omg, don’t get me started XD

Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, most anime movies =P

Bunnies, birds, horses, wolves, cetaceans, penguins, chinchillas, lynx, sea turtles…list goes on. I also like legendary creatures like the unicorn and phoenix =P Dragons are awesome ^^


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