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Greece 2014

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I don’t have any excuse. I am a lazy bum.

When did I return from my trip? November 11. What day is it today? Yeah.

Oh oh oh, sort of a small excuse, but I went to New York 2 days after until the 17th? 8D…

*ducks as objects are thrown at me*

I AM ALIVE. But still lazy.

In all honestly, I just don’t know what to type. My trip to Greece was something else. I was in Santorini for 3 days and in Athens for 4.




ARGGGGGGGG see this is why I had no motivation to blog, because words have become too foreign to me, too facile, to describe my trip. I guess I could just post 2873823 pictures, and since a picture is worth a thousand words I’d be done 8D! Speaking of pictures, after deleting blurries and doubles, I only took around 1600 pictures. SHAME ON ME. FOR SHAME. The majority of them are blue and white. Santorini is a great place for selfies because pretty much every building acts as a reflector.

Anyway, if a chance ever arises for you to go on vacation, I highly, highly, so highly (but without the drugs), recommend you to visit Santorini. I went when the weather was cool (chilly if there’s wind, and there was wind 90% of the time), and I didn’t get to swim, but I can imagine it would be absolute perfection if the weather was warmer. It did get quite warm during the early afternoon, but I’m not sure if that was from the sun, or if it was from me walking 28736823 flights of stairs and wearing a very Canadian winter jacket.

CAN I PLEASE MENTION (wow, I have ADHD) THAT I STAYED IN THE MOST EPIC HOTEL/RESORT IN SANTORINI?! Okay, that’s it, since I’ve typed so much already I might as well keep typing. Ummmm so my mom originally booked a hotel called…something about volcanoes…but but but when we arrived it was apparently “closed for the season” (why did they allow us to book it online?) and we got a FREE UPGRADE TO A BEAUTIFUL 5 STAR HOTEL/RESORT ARGGGGGGGG! Look it up if you want, it’s called Petit Palace, and TELL ME IT’S NOT AMAZING. I DARE YOU. I was so tired and cranky from flying (as I mentioned in my previous entry, Toronto to Milan, Milan to Athens, and finally Athens to Santorini, not to mention wait times at the airport totalling around 5 hours), and it was dark when we saw our “hotel”, which was a door, and I was so confused like WHERE IS OUR HOTEL and then I stepped through the door and then OH HELL YEAH BABY WELCOME TO PARADISE I think I’ve found it.

Our “room” had 2 floors, WHICH IS LIKE INSANE because IT JUST IS, and we had our own balcony and private pool that was SO SQUEAKY CLEAN IT LOOKED LIKE THERE WAS NEVER ANY WATER INSIDE BECAUSE IT WAS THAT CLEAN OKAY. Unfortunately, like I mentioned before, it was too cool to swim, BUT IT’S STILL COOL TO HAVE A PRIVATE POOL. I’m rhyming AND making puns oh snaaaaaap.

And and and I would also like to mention the taxi drivers (well…the taxi drivers we interacted with) are soooooo nice and friendly. Basically we kept the card of the taxi company that picked us up from the airport and just kept calling them to drive us places every day haha. By the end of the short trip in Santorini, we were all like best friends and I pretty much knew their life stories and stuff. Intense.

So so so OMG THIS ENTRY IS GETTING TOO LONG. I ate so much Italian food in Greece whaaaat.

Time to summarize. Olive oil. And tomatoes. Um. Cats. There are a lot of wild cats and kittens in Santorini.

The first day in Santorini! My parents and I conquered the town of Fira! We first walked there (took us about 35 minutes, and then when we found out the taxi ride would only be 7 Euros for the three of us back to the hotel we never walked there again) and my is it a gorgeous little town! I went trigger happy obviously, and left no path unexplored! Fira is very white and pastel-ish. IT WAS ALSO AT FIRA THAT I DISCOVERED MY FEAR OF RIDING SKINNY SMALL DONKEYS WITH WEAK KNEES DOWN STEEP STAIRS WITH LOOSE ROCKS AND 2 FEET OF WALL TO PROTECT ME SHOULD MY DONKEY SLIP AND I PLUMMET DOWN THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN. I justified fear I think. I was coerced. Never again. I should have just given the man money to take pictures instead. My parents were also terrified.

The second day in Santorini! My parents and I called our friendly taxi driver to drive us to the further town of Oia! It was about a 20 minute drive (I would like to mention here that the roads in Santorini are really narrow, and there were several times where I got nervous and wondered if licensing exams even existed), and wow, Oia is something else. It was like a beautiful maze of adorable stairs and residences that refused to line up properly, and did not follow conventional building guidelines. I poked my head into so many buildings, restaurants, hotels, you name it. If there was a path, I WENT ON IT. And I’m glad I did, because with my curiosity came beautiful, post-card-worthy views. I’m so glad I have 2 batteries for my camera. Quaint little blue domes everywhere. Oh, I learned this from my taxi driver. The little blue domes in Santorini are actually private churches. They are passed down to the eldest son. The son doesn’t get the house. If a family had a son and a daughter, the son would get the small little blue-dome church, and the daughter would get the house. Most interesting.

The third day in Santorini! We called our taxi driver again and he gave us a deal! 50 Euros for him to drive us all around the Eastern parts of Santorini. Best deal ever! Went to Kamari beach (the “sand” is actually small black pebbles!), Akrotiri, he even drove us up a really high mountain so we could see Pyrgos (SCARIEST DRIVE EVER HOLYYYYY THERE ARE SO FENCES TO SAVE YOU AS YOU DRIVE ALONG THE ONE-WAY NARROW AND WINDING ROADS). Unfortunately when we arrived at the top of the mountain, a rain cloud decided it would pay us a visit, and blocked our view grrrrrr!

Oh mannnnn this entry is getting long! I’m missing so many things but maybe I’ll stick some photos in later to make up for it. Maybe.

Let’s fast forward yet again.

BYE BYE SANTORINI YOU WILL BE MISSED. Thank you for giving me 10 years worth of exercise.

I’m on the plane!

Boom, Athens.

Unfortunately, my first day in Athens wasn’t so great. After a very long taxi ride through traffic, we arrived at our hotel (which was considerably smaller than our SUPREMELY DIVINE COME HITHER AND BELIEVE IT hotel in Santorini) and I was plagued with lady pains. I slept the afternoon away. My parents explored the area and nearby streets while I cursed myself for being a girl.

The next day, I was in much better spirits! BUT THE WEATHER DECIDED IT WOULD BE FUNNY TO SPIT SOME RAIN so yeah. Went to the Acropolis, saw several ancient buildings, tried not to slip and die, breathed in way too much second-hand smoke, marvelled at the size of marble columns, stalked cats, hopped on and off various hop-on-hop-off buses, it was nice.

After a somewhat uncomfortable night of sleep (I always hate sleeping with my parents because their combined snoring would put Beethoven’s symphonies to shame), I was woken up by my dad telling me there were many street vendors outside selling old and antique things. EXCITEMENT ENSUED. While impatiently nomming breakfast at our hotel, I spotted a nice vintage camera from the corner of my eye. My dad and I went outside to check it out, and after some bargaining, I SCORED MYSELF A NICE KODAK CAMERA (made in Germany!) AND AN AWESOME TRIPOD AHHHHH! THANKS, DAD ;___; Thank goodness my dad used to be a photographer because I saw 2736823 other vintage cameras that I thought looked cool but after consulting my dad, I found out that they were overpriced. Had some trouble fitting the camera onto the tripod, but after some fiddling my dad managed it. We did more street shopping once my mom finished up her breakfast :) Once that was over, my parents and I decided to give the bustling city a break. We went further south via the hop-on-hop-off bus tour thing and stopped by the small harbour town of Mikrolimano. Ate at a nice restaurant with really yummy food, took some pictures by the harbour like we owned 28376823 yachts, and called it a day.

Our third day in Athens was a shopping day! I was a little disappointed with Golden Hall mall, but I did end the day with a few purchases. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, THE NEXT DAY WAS OUR LAST DAY IN ATHENS. And we went back on the plane to London, and then went from London back to the good old country of maple syrup.

I can’t believe this entry is done. If I’m not lazy I’ll put up tiny pictures.


Quickie Updatey

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Ahhhh! I’m catching a cold! D: *blows runny nose into tissue*

This is going to be a short entry! I just got back Tuesday night from my trip to Greece! It was a lovely trip :) I stayed in Santorini for 3 nights and Athens for 4 nights. Omg Santorini <3 More on that next time! But yes, flying was tough. Basically I went from Toronto to Milan, Milan to Athens, Athens to Santorini, then Santorini to Athens, then Athens to London, and London back to Toronto!

And the flying doesn’t stop there! I’m heading to New York in a few hours (should probably pack. Probably 8D) for PERFUME’S CONCERT AHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m super hyped about it! My friends and I will be in their 1mm PV dresses and we’ll be spontaneously dancing while we’re waiting in line! Here’s a little preview: ^.^ This time we’ll have the complete outfits! With earrings as well! :D If you spot us, come say hi! :D :D :D! Hopefully it won’t be too cold @.@!

So yes, within these 2 weeks of my vacation I’ll have gone on a plane 8 times >.> Yeesh. Flying is super tiring >< I’ll blog about both adventures separately when I get back 8D!

Blue Mountain 2014

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I’ve been so lazy and tired lately (excuses, excuses…), and this blog is…yikes, almost 2 weeks late >.> I don’t even remember much from it to blog about 8D

Think think think!

Oh right.

Soooooooo on September 19, Andrew and I made our way through bad traffic to Blue Mountain! After some terrible confusion, we finally met up with my friends and we arrived alive at our little cottage. OH GEEZ THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO BLOG ABOUT IF I WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. I’M GONNA USE POINT FORM, SCREW THIS.


– Arrived at resort after a bit of trouble!
– Good dinner at Montana’s where I won the title of most Asian for treating everyone 8D!
– Had fun with late night grocery shopping at Metro :)
– Fun card games galore well into the night that involved a lot of reading @.@
– Talk like a pirate day. That was amusing haha 8D


– Everyone pretty much slept in from staying up too late, and our phones lied to us about the weather :S
– Weather was being bipolar and we pretty much just hung around in the cottage because it was sunshine 1 minute and then mad rain the next :(
– Went horse back riding at around 2 wheeeeeee ^_^!
– My horse once again took advantage of me…
– Went to the village to look for swimming trunks for Kendrick but no luck D:
– B-B-B-BEAVER TAILS BAHAHA 8D! Maple one is the best!
– Adrian and Andrew had a nice game of chess and a lot of people stared.
– Headed back to our cottage and went swimming!
– Actually I only went into the hot tub because the heated pool was such a lie D<
– Mmmm hot tub =w=
– Good old home made dinner prepared by Jennifer and Kendrick :)
– Tummy was killing me because dark chocolate milk and puree apple juice is not the best combination >.>
– Late night movie times involving Captain Hook.
– Frig I wanted to punch that kid in the face >:(


– Woke up relatively early to pack!
– After checking out, we all headed back to the village!
– Went on a scary suspension bridge, and my friends were walking extra hard to make it sway >:(
– Fun times going cave exploring/hiking.
– Many photos taken!
– Had a nice lunch (and we avoided the rain!) where everyone ordered pizza and I ordered…you guessed it. Pasta 8D
– Shopped around for a bit afterwards in the village.
– Found my beloved Popeye candy!
– Got 3 boxes…8D
– Sounds like a lot but really it’s not.
– It got super cold so we all decided to call it a day and head back!
– Made it to Kendrick’s place alive!
– Jen and Adrian were exhausted so they headed home first :(
– Had intense Sushi Go game sessions with Whitney, Andrew and Kendrick!
– Sushi dinners!


Freeloading at Ottawa version 2.0!

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Holy screw, this blob entry is like a week late. Have I ever blobbed this late before? Probably. Perhaps. Likely. Definitely. And it’s going to be a long entry, covering 3.5 days!

I guess I shall take a break from looking at Adidas shoes (let’s see how long before I get distracted) and try to rack my brain for events that happened last week. Thank you, Andrew, for your point form notes 8D

Last Friday, my mom was kind enough to drop me off at Finch station at around 11 so I could subway down to Union to catch the  VIA Rail at 12:20pm. I was quite early, it only took me about half an hour to get to Union, so I just wandered around and nommed a random cheese and ham Danish croissant thing that was apparently heated up for me but was still cold when I took my first nom.

The ride was smooth enough. I had a nice lady sit beside me who thankfully didn’t talk on the phone constantly. I played a little bit of Zookeeper Battle (obviously 8D!) and then dozed in and out of sleep. The train was 20 minutes delayed because we were following a freight train for a bit so we had to reduce our speed.

Darn, I really want these Adidas shoes D< I KEEP GETTING DISTRACTED.

Ummm, at around 4:30pm, I finally arrived and luckily Andrew was already there! I told him I was hungry and I didn’t feel like ordering pizza like Andrew suggested, so after I went to get a toothbrush from Shopper’s Drug Mart (OMG ALL THIS TIME I’VE BEEN SPELLING IT WRONG THERE’S NO APOSTROPHE) we went to visit a place called the Vanier Grill and got take-out. And by that I mean, we said our orders, walked the 50 metres back to Andrew’s place, and then I chilled in the warmth of being inside while Andrew went back to Vanier Grill and got our foods that took longer than usual to prepare :P I ordered a delicious Caesar salad (bonus points because it had BACON BITS) with chicken strips while Andrew had his sandwich. Typical :P

A few minutes after nomming, Andrew’s parents called him and suggested to Skype. It was only for about 20 minutes or so because his parents had a party to go to, if I remember correctly, and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be XD! Phew *sweat drop*

After that, we watched 2 Kimi ni Todoke OVAs on my laptop as I downloaded them years ago and I thought they were short and funny clips that Andrew would enjoy. Not sure if he did, but that’s okay 8D Andrew then showed me a new “anime” called Miss Monochrome and omg I adore it! Each episode is 3 minutes long with a 1 minute ending song/dance. I like that they’re short and totally random and ridiculous, though I wish they were maybe 5 minutes so I could enjoy the titular character, Monochrome-chan, more XD! She is absolutely adorable. I don’t know if it’s because she’s an android/robot and reminds me of Hatsune Miku but I want to cosplay her. HNGGGGGGG. After watching…7 episodes (?) we just relaxed and chilled.

Oh, I have to mention ants were invading Andrew’s kitchen. I was a little scared of them at first, but then I realized how fun it was to tape them onto the tiles and watch them squirm. (Andrew prefers picking them up and drowning them in a bowl). Are we crazy or what? Awesomely crazy. I think I’m crazier. I went so far as to making a “moat” surrounding the hole where the ants were coming from by dripping a trail of water. But then the water dried up so I resorted to using Andrew’s dish soap as my make shift moat. It worked! The ants wouldn’t go near it. Poor Andrew’s kitchen floor.

The next morning (Saturday) Andrew woke up early because he wanted buy food from Loblaws and those insect sticky pad things for the ants from Canadian Tire (conveniently at opposite ends of each other), but it was super cold out so he was only able to go to get groceries from Loblaws. I told him to buy some more dish soap, 2 tomatoes and some sausages because I wanted to attempt to make dinner haha.

Once breakfast was nommed (did I eat oatmeal? I think I ate oatmeal), we decided to go to the Rideau Centre, mainly because I wanted to go to Starbucks so I could steal their Intornetz and go on Zookeeper Battle. I had put $80 on my Presto card last week and was eager to use it on the buses, but for some reason it wouldn’t work, and I was beginning to panic but the bus driver was nice enough to let me on anyway (found out later that my card doesn’t work in Ottawa because it’s not the same region. Stupid Presto card says on the back that it works everywhere there’s a Presto logo *shakes fist angrily*).

The first thing we did when we arrived was to go and find Andrew a scarf! Found a nice soft fleece one from Old Navy that was half off! Good buy, Andrew :) It also turns out I was able to connect to Starbuck’s Wi-Fi, but it wasn’t strong enough for me to log into Zookeeper :( Settled with buying a Peppermint Mocha. I cheered up after when I started buying stuff, though 8D I’m such a shopaholic. 9/10 times I go to Forever 21 I manage to buy something, and yep, I walked out with a new bag and knit sweater. I also managed to buy 4 tokidoki plushies and 2 tokidoki vinyl figurines that were on sale! HNGGGG TOKIDOKI IS AWESOME. They make me happy :) After that we went to the food court because I wanted to try Tim Horton’s Wi-Fi. I couldn’t get any, and I was about to be super sad when a ray of hope known as A&W shined and BOOM I was on their Wi-Fi and it was strong enough for me to go on Zookeeper Battle! 8D *insane cackles*

Blob is slowly becoming longer.

It was a cold return journey back to Andrew’s place haha, despite being totally bundled up and ready for winter. We looked like ninjas with our scarves covering our noses XD! I think Andrew got sniffly, but luckily for me I was okay. After warming up and torturing more ants, I decided to make dinner! It took me a while because it was my first time trying out something I imagined in my head, but it turned out to be pretty yummy :) Basically I readied some rice, and while that was cooking, I cooked some tomatoes and sausages that I cut into little bits and then when the tomatoes “melted” I mixed in eggs and voila, a super easier scrambled eggs with natural tomato sauce and sausages mixture served with rice. I’d like to mention it was pretty healthy because I only used the tomatoes’ natural oils instead of adding extra oil to grease the frying pan. Though the sausages were pretty salty :P I was afraid Andrew wouldn’t like it, but I don’t think he thought it was too bad :P

What’s this, no movie during an Andrew visit? Nah, of course we watched something haha. I told Andrew to download Rise of the Guardians. I had seen quite a few Tumblr GIFs and wanted to watch it for a while. The predicted download time was over an hour, but it was finished in like 15 minutes o.o Pretty good quality, too :P Andrew managed to hook up his laptop to his TV as well, so that was good :) The movie wasn’t bad, I guess I was expecting it to be on the same level as Frozen, but I liked Frozen more :P The animation was nice, but there were a few sections where I was confused, either by the actual script or just what was happening and how things were linked. I felt some things weren’t explained well enough. None-the-less, it was definitely a fitting movie for December :) Sidenote, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) voices the Easter Bunny! Once the movie was done, Andrew wanted to watch a bit of his Kuroko no Basketball or something anime and I watched as well because I didn’t want to sleep :P Such an intense anime from what I saw haha XD!

Oh man, finally done Saturday. How am I still blogging? How do people do this for a living?

Sunday was another chill day. I slept in while Andrew went to Canadian Tire to get his insect sticky pads. Thank goodness it wasn’t as cold as the day before. While he was out, showered, did his dishes, boiled/filtered watered, taped more ants to the ground, and made breakfast for Andrew 8D I wanted to make an omelette, but I suck at flipping eggs. Thank goodness sausages are easy to cook, but while I texted Andrew saying I made him breakfast, I burned one side of them -_-

In the afternoon, we decided to go back to the Rideau Centre, because yeah we’re cool. I stole Intornetz from A&W again, and bought more stuff even though I bought stuff yesterday from the same mall what is wrong with me. We also stopped by a really nice Chapter’s a street over. The entire store was apparently having a buy 3 get the 4th free sale, and I bought some pretty keychains as Christmas gifts for my managers :) Funny the keychains came in 4 different colours XD!

For dinner we went back to the same Italian restaurant we went to the last time I was in Ottawa: The Grand Pizzeria and Bar! And not surprisingly I ordered the same smoked salmon Fusilli 8D Andrew decided not to order his not-too-good meatballs from last time and got a yummy thin-crust pizza. Neither of us could finish our meals as it was around 5:30, so an early-ish dinner? We packed up food leftovers, went back to his place to drop off our food, and then called a taxi to get to the movie theatre so we could watch the second Hobbit movie at 7:10!

The taxi came a little later than we expected, but at least the driver was one of the nicer taxi driver’s I’ve come across. We made it to the theatre with 15 minutes to spare, but unfortunately all the good seats for IMAX were gone T^T! So instead we decided to get tickets for Thor: The Dark World instead, which started at 7. Luckily, commercials were still playing (and they continued to play until like 7:15) when we got our seats. Andrew even had time to go get water, and he had to get up again to get our 3D glasses, even though the ticket person said it wasn’t 3D. Oh well.

SO LET’S TALK ABOUT MY HUSBAND. I mean Thor. I mean the movie. The movie was good! I was expecting it to be super scary, I don’t even know why, but it wasn’t too bad. It had more comical moments than I expected, which I didn’t mind. I had an easier time following the plot this time than the first movie haha, but I wish Lady Sif had more screen time! She’s so awesome ;w; I also liked Stan Lee’s “can I have my shoe back?” cameo :P Andrew really liked the Captain America cameo as well XD! For some reason we were on to Loki and his tricks/lies the entire time. Maybe it was bad acting, maybe we have good intuition, either way I really hoping there’s a 3rd movie, but it definitely won’t be anytime soon. I hope Loki turns good :3 The preview had Lady Sif! And some funny pink cat girl. At around 9:30pm we headed back to Andrew’s place. Didn’t stay up late because I was getting a headache and it was irritating me.

Last but not least, onwards to the short Monday! Andrew didn’t get a chance to sleep in because he had class at 10:30. I got up a little later and made him breakfast again with his last sausage and eggs haha. Andrew had to stay a little bit after class to do a group/class essay critique thinger. It was short Monday because we didn’t really do anything, I packed, we chilled, and then before you know it we were on a taxi to the VIA Rail station. My train was at 5pm, and then Andrew went back home to work on his last and final assignment. The ride was again delayed, and I succumbed to buying a chocolate milk. I kept disconnecting off Zookeeper because there were way too many people around me with laptops competing for Wi-Fi. At around 9 I arrived at Union and took the subway back to Finch station where I was picked up by my parents. I was home a little before 10, and my mom wanted to steal one of my tokidoki vinyl figures. For some reason my mom also assumed I ate dinner even though I didn’t, so she made me, oh look, sausages for dinner. I swear I had sausages way too much that weekend.

OMG LONG BLOB IS DONE. *collapses*

Paris and Vienna 2013

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Oh mannnnnnn. OHHHHHH MANNNNNNNNNNNNN. Where do I even begin? It’s going to take me 28763823 years to upload pictures onto Facebook because my pictures are like 3.5MB each. Darn you, high-definition! I dread starting work.

I regret to say I didn’t have time to blog each day on my vacation. I only did the bare minimum point form sentences, so I’ll paste that here in a bit. But oh maaaan. In short, I had a good vacation. I’d give it a 7.5/10. But in case you didn’t know, I went to Paris for 5 days, then Vienna for 4, and then back to Paris for another 4 days. Unfortunately my days in Paris could have been better. The weather was terrible and rainy and windy and of course I didn’t pack warm enough clothing. Interestingly when I went to Vienna it was sunshine and clear skies all 4 days.

I guess my verdict is I enjoyed Vienna more than Paris. I had too high of an expectation for Paris. I didn’t expect people to be rude and uninviting. It didn’t matter their profession either, they just had this vibe that radiated “don’t talk to me because you can’t speak French”. No offence if you live in Paris, but seriously, after my visit, suddenly people everywhere are amazingly polite. I also didn’t appreciate people smoking every other square metre.

Using Paris as my comparison, my stay in Vienna was extremely delightful. The people were friendly, the streets were clean, and I just got the impression that people in general loved their city. The only downside was, like Paris, people smoked everywhere.

ANYWAY without further delay here are my crappy point-form typed up blurbs.

Day 1

  • Bad flight, horrible service. Wouldn’t get us water, mixed up mom’s meal and drink, general bad attitude from the flight attendants.
  • Got to hotel at around…11am? Checked in and after fussing with the adapters and charges went to grab some noms at a place called Chez Luigi. Went back to hotel and crashed.
  • At around 6 we went back out to explore the streets.
  • Saw a random church, lots of ppl smoking everywhere.
  • Saw a chocolatier place, parents bought 2 meringue thingers (1 euro each) . Tres yummy. Chilled at starbucks. Tried their mocha, was yummy.
  • Went to a department store and super market, bought spices. Saw lots of pretty chocolates.
  • Bought a mini macaron, holy cow so delicious. (0.7 euros). Dad bought more pastries.
  • Dinner at…a restaurant 110 steps away from our hotel. Waiter decided on his tip by keeping 10 Euros for himself when our meal cost around 48 Euros. I had onion soup, some of my dad’s pasta and some of my mom’s ribs/steak/meat thing.
  • Back at hotel now and I should probably sleep. Hopefully tomorrow it’s not as cold. I packed summer clothes, eat me.
  • Still having trouble with DSLR. Wish I was pro.

Day 2

  • Snap, did so much today.
  • Visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre pyramid, Cleopatra’s needle, and Arc de Triomphe in one day. Mad walking. And the subway system is getting progressively easier to navigate
  • Found my long awaited LADUREE on Champs Elysees, the location that I wanted to go to the most XD!
  • Parents didn’t mind dining there for a bit either, it was an awesome experience. The restaurant is gorgeous. Their macarons are to die for. I kept their sugar packets, napkins, chocolate and place mats as souvenirs. I AM A HOBO.
  • Took a lot of pictures today. Over 500 8D!

Day 3

  • Woke up relatively late. Actually I woke up at 5:30 because my mom said if we wanted to go to England, we’d have to get up early. Anyway, fell back asleep.
  • Left to go to the Palace of Versailles, and realized I forgot my SD card T_T Had to go back. Thankfully we were just 2 subway stops away from our hotel.
  • SO the PALACE OF VERSAILLES IS GORGEOUS. Omg. It’s enourmous and sooo detailed and pretty and HNGGGGGG and fancy and GAH.
  • When I become a millionaire, I am buying the palace. Though it’s probably worth 238762837823 trillions.
  • Oh did I mention THERE WAS A FREAKING LADUREE beside the giftshop?! My mom bought a keychain and I bought some sticky notes haha
  • After that uhhhhh stopped by a McDonald’s to catch our breath and get our bearings.
  • Then decided we’d go to this high-class department store called Printemps.
  • Got there at around 8, and omg, everything was crazy expensive. A pen was like 300 Euros and I saw this dress I liked for 5300 Euros >.>
  • THERE WERE ALSO 3 MORE LADUREE PLACES HERE. OMG. OMG. I snuck pictures hnggggg.
  • Okay I shall stop my legs are tired. Clearly that is relevant to my typing skills.

Day 4

  • Stopped by the Disney Land entrance because my mom wanted to take pictures.
  • Went to an outdoor outlet place. It was so boring. They were all expensive brands.
  • Went to the indoor mall right next to the outdoor outlet and bought lots of cute macaron things BAHAHAHA from an amazing home furniture/decoration store. Seriously, it was like  my favourite store.
  • Expensive dinner. Why are waiters so rude?

Day 5

  • 5 hour bus ride to Mont Saint-Michel. What. I would not have agreed to go if I knew one way would be 5 hours. My mom lied to me. She told me it was around 2.5 hours one way.
  • Rainy day, super windy and cold.
  • I guess it’s a neat place. It reminds me of Helm’s Deep. Did a lot of walking. I would have really enjoyed myself if it weren’t for the horrid weather.

Day 6

  • Arrived in Vienna!
  • Hotel room is beautiful! I love the mirrors and how the toilet is separate from the bath. Also there was free chocolate on my pillow 8D
  • Great weather we’re having. The sun is shining and it’s warm. WOOT!
  • My parents are sleeping the day away so I’m on the Internet.
  • After lots of thinking, went to a Mozart / Strauss concert. Not bad at all. The hall looked a lot better on the pamphlet, though haha. But yes, I like live orchestras without all the microphones and amplifiers. Just the original volume and sound, how it was supposed to be.

Day 7

  • Awesome complimentary breakfast! I could get used to this. 4 star hotels are great.
  • Shopped around the streets.
  • Bought 3 cute porcelain bunnies.
  • Saw lots of pretty shoes for extremely good prices but I have way too many shoes already T_T!
  • Attended another concert, this time at the hall MOZART PERFORMED IN. Small place, but still awesome. Girl that was playing the cello is too pro for words.

Day 8

  • Shopping day~

Day 9

  • Went to Schonbrunn Palace! I’M SO MAD THEY DIDN’T ALLOW PICTURES. WHAT. Geez, they allowed it at the Palace of Versailles! T_T!
  • Went to the world’s oldest zoo and saw giant pandas! They were snoozing indoors because it was soooo hot today.
  • Shopping times.
  • Ate some cake that my mom was raving about but it was so bland and normal. Apparently my mom said the recipe is 1000 years old and WE HAVE TO TRY IT BECAUSE IT’S FANTASTIC. What a lie. Honestly she believes everything she reads about on the Internet. It’s called Sachetorte. IT WAS SO NORMAL. I want my money back.

Day 10

  • Back to Paris. Wasn’t excited :(
  • Our hotel. Uh. Is. Um. Small. And our room is slanted. Hmm.
  • Didn’t do much because we couldn’t think of where to go. Just explored our area. We’re about a 10 minute walk from the nearest subway. Saw a giant train station. Wanted to get last minute tickets to England but it’s like almost 400 Euros per person one way :( Also the neighbourhood our hotel is in is sketchy.
  • BUT BUT finally found a restaurant with great service and food! I had the BEST PANNA COTTA EVER.

Day 11

  • Went to Montmartre and visited the Sacred Heart Basilica. No pictures were allowed, but it’s pretty.
  • Saw all the street artists. They’re all so pro! I felt really bad for them because no one was buying their paintings. UNNOTICED TALENT. They all need deviantART accounts and the money will fly to their pockets.
  • Shopping shopping.

Day 12

  • Went to visit the Eiffel Tower once again because it was slightly better weather than last time.
  • Also actually went up close to the Arc de Triomphe. Last time I only took pictures across the street. It’s massive! Wanted to go up but the line up for tickets was insane.

Day 13

  • Decided to give La Defense a visit. It’s the more modern part of Paris.
  • Went to the mall. Surprise surprise.
  • Then went to the mini shopping place under the Louvre! I didn’t know about its existence.
  • Since it’s Sunday, 99% of restaurants are closed, so we decided to go to the more touristy areas for food. Went back to the Eiffel Tower for the third time, BUT THIS TIME AT NIGHT! Enjoyed a yummy dinner and finally saw the Eiffel Tower glowing. IT ALSO SPARKLED LITTLE BLUE SPARKLES FOR ME. And by for me I mean, I have good timing.

Off to Paris!

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WHEEEEEEE I shall be off to Paris in a few hours. Andrew’s freeloading and we are about to head out for some noms. Hopefully we can cram in an episode of Once Upon A Time before I depart!

BUT YES, MUAHAHAHA it shall be a great trip. I’m going to Paris, then Vienna, then back to Paris, and then back home to Canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where we have milk in bags and maple syrup is added to everything and polar bears are the preferred mode of transportation.

Fare thee well~

Niagara Falls / Aviary with Andrew

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Oh boy, this blog is 3 days late! Let’s get right to it!

On Wednesday, I took an early GO bus into Mac and while I waited for Andrew to kidnap me I bought some gummy bears. Once I was kidnapped we stopped by Tim Horton’s for some quick foodies and then we were on our way to Niagara :D Wooooooo~ The ride was smooth enough, only took us an hour to get to our hotel. We stayed at Hampton Inn by Hilton, traditional double queen because I like piling my things on the extra bed.

We got there around…1pm? I also got a price adjustment on my room because when I booked it, it was $89, and then when I checked before leaving my house they lowered the price to $75. Thank goodness I checked haha. Anyway, our check in time was supposed to be 3, but our room was ready early, so we were allowed to check in ^_^

When we unpacked some of our things we took a look at all the pamphlets and leaflets and maps we were given to decide on what to do. Immediately “bird kingdom” caught me eye, and I realized it was a $3 off admissions coupon :) SO OF COURSE I HAD TO GO. I love my birdies. So yep, that’s what we did. Went straight to the aviary!

Bird Kingdom is a place where I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It’s basically an aviary, but they also have bats and other reptiles as well :D I was so excited when I got to the door, I totally didn’t even care about the admission fee or paying for Andrew :P When we got our hands stamped, we checked out the schedule/floor outline thing and found out that there was a lorikeet feeding in the main aviary at 1-3, so we hurried off to that floor.

Along the way we went through smaller aviaries, and I was totally in awe at all the little birdies flying freely and tweeting. HNGGGGGG so adorable, I took many pictures haha XD! The main aviary was SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL there was even a waterfall and a teahut, and omg omg, I was just going crazy. After spazzing a bit we found the area where you could feed the lorikeets for $2. And of course me being the idiot I am, thought I didn’t have my wallet (but actually I put it in Andrew’s backpack which he was carrying around) so I got a bit sad. And then Andrew being the amazing and considerate person he is treated me WHEEEEEEEEEE. I went inside the cage and got a little cup of nectar and then THE LORIKEETS CAME FLYING AT ME. IT WAS SO AMAZING AND EXCITING. One was perched on my head and like 4 were on my hands drinking the nectar from the cup and HNGGGGGGG I WAS IN LOVE. They drank the nectar really fast, though, and then they left me D: Except for one lorikeet. It was extra friendly. It perched on my shoulder and took my shirt strap out and started playing with it hahaha XD! Hngggggg I never knew lorikeets were so friendly. OMG I wanna go back haha XD!

Once that was over we remembered there was a BAT FEEDING so we hurried to the nocturnal part of the building. Unfortunately, bat feeding meant we got to watch some cut up fruits me poured onto the bat’s food dish. Actually we missed that since we were late a bit haha. Yeah, that was a little disappointing. The bats were cute, too! They look like foxes ^_^ Once that was done we explored a bit more and then headed back to our hotel.

At around 6:30, we went swimming in the indoor pool. It was nice, but cold. But then again I shower in really hot water, so it could have been warm. The hot tub was BURNING HOT, though. Oh man, it took me a while to finally sink in to my shoulders, and when I got out I was really red. Andrew and I then went into the dry sauna to dry off, and I almost passed out from the heat haha XD! Once I composed myself we decided that was enough and then headed out for dinner at Rainforest Cafe at around 7:45.

Dinner went nice enough. My meal was delicious but very filling and mushroom-invaded. I ate what I could. I forgot Rainforest Cafe is a bit pricey, but Andrew was treating hehe :P

Once that was done we headed back to our hotel. I then just died in bed because I was mad bloated and I didn’t want to move. Andrew asked if I wanted to watch a movie, and I did, but then I got into a really weird tired and painful and lazy mood, so I just plopped there and did nothing. We both had a hard time sleeping because the pillows were waaaaayyyyyyy too soft. And Andrew slept diagonally :P

I woke up relatively early the next morning. My phone rang at 8, and then at around 8:30 I went down to grab our free breakfast while Andrew tried to continue sleeping. I wish I ate more of the free food ;__; You could make your own waffles (pour the batter and turn the fancy waffle machine), get cereal, there was toast, eggs, etc etc. My tummy was still hurting so I only ate like 2 sausages, but apparently the croissants and muffins were uber yummy (brought some plates up for Andrew). By the time I realized this the free breakfast was over haha.

I quickly showered and then we both packed up our things because our check out time was at 11. Since we were both super tired, we didn’t really want to go anywhere else though we had planned to go to the Butterfly Conservatory. Andrew drove us back to his house and when we arrived we both passed out :P I napped on Andrew’s squishy bean bag chair by the fire. Was very toasty =w= When we both woke up, I took over Andrew’s bed to continue napping while he showered haha.

Dinner was early and prepared by Andrew’s mom. We had tortellini, pizza and garlic bread. Once dinner was over Andrew and I just chilled until Andrew drove me home because I needed to sleep since I worked the next day. It was definitely a nice little trip. I’m sure Andrew and I will know to bring our own pillows next time XD! Wish it was longer, but work makes that a little difficult :( And now time to write captions for the pictures on FB ^_^!