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Captain America: The Winter Soldier + Bunnies

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Omg kill me I have so much catching up to do in terms of blogging. This blog was supposed to be last week yeesh >< I don’t even remember what happened anymore D:

Andrew came to visit me, and I believe we went to nom somewhere. But where? *ponders* We shall probably never knows. Unless Andrew remembers. In which case I’ll update this.

Oh, I remember forcing Andrew to watch Cats Don’t Dance! A very old film that I saw way back when I was in elementary 8D I didn’t quite understand the script back then, but when I watched it again I realized how clever it was :P It’s a good short romantic comedy with really good animation for its time. Unfortunately Andrew didn’t really like it :P BUT THAT’S OKAY, I ENJOYED IT.

Oh oh oh it’s slowly coming back to me. The events. But backwards. Right. So before we watched Cats Don’t Dance, I needed to go pick up a package! Drove out over to the Shopper’s Drug Mart outside my house and stupid old me forgot the parcel slip =_= I drove Andrew over to the nearby Swiss Chalet to grab nommies for take out while I went back home to grab the slip, and then I picked up my parcel.

OMG MY PARCEL XD! I ordered it probably 3 days before, and it was free express shipping BEST DEAL EVER. What did I buy? 5 rabbit things O_O! A giant white rabbit back pack and 4 smaller super adorable rabbit plushies! Got them from Tokyo Otaku Mode online, and I had a $5 coupon as well 8D Bahaha, I’m so happy with my bunnies 8D I’M NOT OBSESSED.

1Nabbed this picture from the website. Got the white one with pink straps >w<

2LOOK AT THEM. I CAN’T. UGH. MY HEART *shrivels up*

Speaking of obsessed, I can’t stop eating these delicious Popeye candy sticks. Nom nom nom.

And now onto the actual main point of this entry. Andrew bought the second Captain America movie over for us to watch. Honestly, I wasn’t that excited to watch it. I mean, I pretty much saw half the movie in GIF format on Tumblr already haha, and I felt it was going to be a lot scarier than the first. Turns out I was wrong! The main villain that I thought would scare the crap out of me wasn’t even on screen half the time 8D I also felt more suspense, but at the same time it had many light-hearted moments and jokes. Anyway, we all know I only watch it for Black Widow 8D That girl can kick some serious butt.

Dang it, I can’t remember where Andrew and I nommed for dinner! This entry will need a lot of updating. That’s what I get for procrastinating!


How to Train Your Dragon 2

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A day may come when the laziness of me fails, when I sit in front of my laptop, and break all bonds of late entries, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY.

Anyway, on Monday Andrew came to visit me! Traffic was bad and he a little late, but that’s okay. The first thing we did was go fill our bellies. We went to Go For Tea because I felt like it. AND I MUST MENTION THAT I DROVE! Instead of Andrew. Yeah. I made a wrong turn. BUT WE GOT THERE 8D Andrew ordered a yummy strawberry toast, which didn’t look very appetizing to me but I’m glad he enjoyed it :P As for me, I ordered fried rice with sausage. The restaurant was pretty much empty because all bubble tea places only get business in the late evenings :P

After nomming, we headed, as in, I drove, to First Markham Place 8D We wanted to see the 4:15pm show for How to Train Your Dragon 2, but we were early, so we chilled for a little bit at the nearby Chapters. Unfortunately, 15 minutes in, Andrew realized he had forgotten his glasses at my house, so we went back to get them and then drove back to the theatre, 15 minutes early :)

SOOOOOOOOOO the movie was really good! Wow, I liked it a lot more than the first one! Which is surprising, because usually sequels are worse XD! I liked that there was more…violence? Fighting? I don’t know, and I felt the animation was better. I want my own Toothless :3 Apparently there’s going to be a 3rd movie out in 2016! I liked how the second one ended, but I guess there could be room for a 3rd one, since we really don’t know what happened to Drago after the alpha dragon beast thing (which Andrew and I agree looked more like a triceratops than a dragon) just retreated into the water.

Once the movie was over, we headed back to Chapters to relax. I randomly picked up a manga (Sakura Hime, by Arina Tanemura) and finished it, but I didn’t want to continue more after I saw the shelf housing 10+ volumes >.> I tried looking for art books but couldn’t find any to my liking either.

At around 7, my mom asked if we wanted to have dinner together, and so we headed back to my place and then my parents drove us to Fav Cafe at about 8, our default dinner place when it’s late haha. After a quick dinner, we were back home, and then I asked Andrew to drive me over to Whitney’s place so I could drop off some cookies my friend Jelee had made for her :) We were back within 20 minutes, and then after some Tumblring, Andrew headed back home.

Ahhhh side note, I’ve been super busy at work. Month end is always hectic, and it’s before a long weekend as well so blah. Can’t wait until then.

Ripley’s Aquarium + The Distillery District

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I need to blob! It’s quite late as per usual, but that is okay!

On Sunday, Andrew and I FINALLY WENT TO THE AQUARIUM IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO YAYYYYY! I’ve been meaning to go for…quite a while now, but our schedules just never matched up. Anyway, I was supposed to take the subway down and meet Andrew at Union Station, but my parents decided last minute that they didn’t want me to subway alone, so they dropped me off haha 8D

There was NO TRAFFIC and I got to Union in like…20 minutes? Record I say. I was early so I wandered around and grabbed a banana pecan muffin while waiting for Andrew. After he arrived, we had some trouble looking for the path to lead us to the aquarium (darn you construction! It’s been 872638723 years and you’re still ongoing!) but eventually we got there in one piece XD!

OH. I WAS SO FRIGGEN PISSED. Okay. I brought along my dSRL and I REALIZED WHEN I GOT TO THE RIPLEY’S AQUARIUM SIGN THAT I FORGOT TO CHARGE MY BATTERY WIRUGIUWHRG I was so sad the rest of the day :( Had to make do with my crappy phone camera sighhhhhhh. I definitely need to go back for pictures!

The aquarium itself isn’t really big, and it was SUPER CROWDED thanks to it being the long weekend ._. Luckily Andrew purchased the tickets online and we were able to by-pass through the Anime North-like registration line bahaha 8D Waited 2 minutes to go in.

Best part of the aquarium? Honestly, I can’t explain it. It was like walking through a glass tunnel but all around you are sharks, sting rays and a variety of fish. There was a conveyor belt moving people slowly along so you could just stand there and look up as you passed by. Super neat and cool. Saw 2 derpy sharks just chilling on top of the glass tank haha 8D!

Didn’t spend too long in the aquarium, maybe a little over 2 hours? We then took a taxi to the Distillery District because there was some art thing happening. Unfortunately for us, it started to rain the minute we got out of the taxi :( Le sigh. So we decided to find a place to nom instead and give the rain some time to pass.

We ate at a restaurant called the Beer Hall. I ordered a yummy barbeque chicken flat bread thing, and Andrew had chicken with…mashed potatoes? I don’t remember, but it was yummy :) The only downside was the wait time for our food was quite long, and it was super loud, but that was likely because of all the people there over the long weekend.

Before we knew it, it was 5:30pm and APPARENTLY THE ART THING WAS SCHEDULED TO CLOSE AT 6 so we quickly asked for the bill and then spent the next 40 minutes-ish exploring the little tents and stalls set up in the area. Most of the tents were selling artsy things like jewellery, candles, and there was even a cool tent selling neat steam-punk inspired jewellery. It’s too bad it was chilly, I think I got the sniffles afterwards.

At around 7, we decided to walk back to Union station instead of taking the taxi (bad idea, super cold), and then Andrew got his GO train ticket and I headed back up to Finch station. A good day, and I will most definitely be going back to the aquarium!

UM UM UM IT’S PAST 10 AND ANIME NORTH IS TOMORROW. I said this already hmmm. Here’s a low-quality selfie of my Sylveon cosplay ^_^! My headband is super heavy because…well because of a variety of factors. My ears are 4 layers of foam, the ribbons are wired, and I don’t have a sewing machine, so everything is held together by glue gun, and yes, glue can get super heavy. I’m totally going to have super steroid neck muscles when Anime North is over 8D


Fushi’s Randomness

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This is probably going to be my last entry before I head to Hong Kong for 2 weeks! WOOT. I need a vacation. Seriously. I can’t wait to shop, but I’m already dreading the humidity.

Anyway, Andrew came to freeload on Saturday! Oh, I need to tell the world my fail story. Originally I was going to freeload at Andrew’s place, but I found out last minute there was a staff meeting on the Saturday, so it would be quite late when I finished. THEN THEN THEN UGH I found out when work was done that I read the email wrong and the meeting’s the week after. UGH WHY AM I SO PATHETIC.

So yep, Andrew came instead, and WOOT he bought my Frozen on DVD and BLU-RAY YAY! Yeah, we totally watched that again, it was super awesome bahahaha 8D! Oh wait, rewind. We actually went out to eat dinner first because I was starving. Decided on the road that we would go to Panera Bread, which is my new-found go-to dinner place :D I like that I can steal Internetz and legit like their salad and French onion soup XD! AND THEY OFFER FREE TEA :D WOOT! So yeah, that was nice :D It’s nice to eat at different places every now and then.

Fast forward! We are back at my place and we watched Frozen again like I mentioned already XD! Also saw the extra bits like deleted scenes and stuff, though I wish the deleted scenes were more “polished” instead of sketchy, but oh well. Didn’t do much after that, I got a headache and then headed to bed early haha XD!

The next morning, I had planned to get up early and go nom some breakfast with Andrew, but of course mother nature hates me, so I just annoyed Andrew while he marked some assignments for school. I also finally remembered, with the help of Andrew, that I still didn’t give him his birthday present yet! Haha, I’m such a terrible person. He already knew what it was though, since I had purchased it 2836823 months in advance 8D For those curious, I got him the entire first and second season of Spice and Wolf on Blu-Ray and DVD :) So, obviously, he wanted to try it out, and we spent the next few hours just watching it on my TV 8D It wouldn’t play on his laptop for some reason :/

Unfortunately Andrew had to leave at around 3ish because his family wanted to celebrate his belated birthday haha. That and he really had lots of school work to do. So at around 3:15, he headed back home, and then I took Advil and knocked myself out. And by that I mean I went to sleep to forget my physical pain. Fun fact: I woke up at around 9 and then watched Frozen again with my parents 8D

Hmm, what else has been happening. Had a very enjoyable dinner with my high school girlies a few weeks back. We were having trouble planning it before, so I’m glad we managed to get together. We ate at this yummy restaurant called Sonoya at First Markham Place, and had super fun just catching up on our lives. A few of us hadn’t seen each other for a good…5+ years haha XD!

What else to blog about. Hmm. My dance crew (and by that I mean Jelee and AngeL) came over again last night, and we had a very fun dance practice session haha XD! Oh, we finally decided on a group name! 5YNCHRONIZ3! Yeah we’re super cool *cough* Long story. Anyway, we’ve perfected Mirai no Museum to about 95%, and we’re still learning Spending All My Time. Super excited for when it’s going to be perfect. We have matching outfits and everything hehe 8D

I really should sleep now. 8am acupuncture session awaits me, le sigh.

Side note, whenever I try to add “Andrew” as a tag, it automatically un-capitalizes the “A”, how strange.

Valentine’s Day Weekend + The Lego Movie

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It’s Family Day today, which means nothing is open, which means it’s a home day, which means I can write a blob entry! I actually just came back after my dad and I dropped my cousin off. Apparently she has a hockey game to watch and it starts at 3. We went to yum cha earlier (haven’t gone in YEARS) and then wandered Pacific Mall for an hour before taking her home.

But back to the point of this blob. On Saturday, my dad dropped me off at York again so I could take the bus to McMaster. Presto didn’t fail me this time. Usually when I put money in my card it says I have no money. Anyway, I took the 11:30 bus, and arrived a little before 1. Andrew had told me before hand he needed to get some things done in the morning before he could pick me up, so why not visit the campus book store I thought? I’ve been meaning to visit Titles for a few months now…and of course the ONE Saturday that I could go, IT WAS CLOSED. No matter, no matter, I say to myself, I shall go to the registrar office and ask some questions about my transcript, which I’ve also been meaning to get for about 2 years now haha. AND OF COURSE IT’S ALSO CLOSED. Not to worry, though. I grabbed a random chair that was conveniently at a random desk in the hallway, which also conveniently had a TV that was showing reruns of the Olympics, and I sat there to waste time. Saw reruns of skeleton and a bit of curling, and then watched 2 TED talks as well.

Not long after, Andrew came to nab me, and then we went to Lime Ridge because I was craving Booster Juice and Andrew needed to scan stuff. Ahhh Booster Juice =w= I used to think it was gross, but I’m addicted now. Tried 4(?) different flavours so far. I really like the Berry Cream Sensation and Mean Mocha. Hngggg. I’m craving it now again.

We wandered Lime Ridge a bit, then headed back to Andrew’s place and watched an episode of Kyoukai no Kanata. Also nommed some pizza. We wanted to go to the 7pm showing for The Lego Movie, but 40 minutes prior, when we wanted to double check, the tickets were already sold out online. So yep, we decided on the 7:40pm showing instead. We also left the house at 6:50 because we wanted to make sure we’d get tickets at the theatre. We managed to do so, but wow the theatre was already packed at 7:15 >.> At least we found good seats 8D The movie finally started at like 8pm.

I wasn’t expecting much out of The Lego Movie. I never saw the trailer, but I did see a few GIF sets on Tumblr. It looked really lame to me and I couldn’t figure out how it was getting such good ratings and reviews. In retrospect, it wasn’t too bad :P The dialogue is quick and clever, and I was very impressed with the animation. Every scene is done with lego, and some random human objects, but geeeeez, must have taken forever. I liked the many references that were used (How are they not getting sued for this?) but the ending was predictable. All in all, not a bad movie :) I probably would have enjoyed it more if I watched it myself at home or something.

After the movie we headed back to Andrew’s place and just chilled. OH YEAH, I forgot to mention the adorable gift Andrew got me 8D It’s a little rabbit for your desk, and if you pull the ears, they are actually scissors :D And the rabbit’s holding a magnetic carrot and it also comes with green paper clips that stick to the carrot bahaha it’s adorable. Oh and he also got me a box of mini Reese chocolates. BUT BUT BUT THE RABBIT. GO, GOOGLE IMAGES. 
The next morning (Sunday) was a snowy morning. But no matter, we nommed breakfast and watched some of the Olympics on TV. Mainly figure skating, but I think Andrew was going back and forth between hockey, skating and speed skating 8D After that I caught up on my anime on Andrew’s laptop while he read a school book of his. Couldn’t really do much after because I needed to head to Vaughan Mills to meet up with my parents and cousin for dinner. We left at around 4:50 because Andrew needed to get gas, and arrived at Vaughan Mills at 6pm. Andrew then had to go home to do school work, and I wandered around looking for my parents and cousin.

At around 7, we (my parents, my cousin, and moi) had dinner at Grazie, which is a really nice Italian restaurant. I really like their pasta, but the wait times suck because it’s so popular. I think we waited for a good 20 minutes, but oh well. My cousin and I both ordered a yummy salmon fettuccine (OMG I JUST GOOGLED UP THE WORD IT DOESN’T END WITH AN “I” I AM AN IDIOT I ALWAYS SPELT IT AS FETTUCINI) in a creamy tomato sauce.

Once dinner was over, it was time to go home. We stopped by the Shoppers Drug Mart outside my house because I my cousin really liked the mini Reese cup I gave her 8D She ended up buying lots of chocolate haha XD! Good for souvenirs for when she goes back to Hong Kong next week.

And with that, my entry comes back full loop! My cousin stayed over and then the next morning (today) we went yum cha and browsed Pacific Mall before dropping her back off at her host family’s place.

Ughhhhhh nothing to do on Family Day. I should have brought fabric last week or something so I could work on cosplay. ZOOKEEPER IT IS.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug + Log Horizon

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Oh man. I’m not even a week into the new year and this blob is already 82763823 days late. This shall be quite the long entry, it will cover a few events XD!

Oh wow I don’t even remember the days now. *flips through calendar* Woot, let us begin! *waves wand*

First off, Andrew came to visit me on the 1st! I really should remember this haha. I believe our main goal was to watch the second Hobbit movie! He arrived a little after 12:30 and then we spent a little while looking for a good movie theatre with ideal showing times. After deciding on an afternoon slot, Andrew introduced me to a new anime he’d been enjoying called Log Horizon. We watched I think 2 or 3 episodes, and I thought it was pretty neat! It definitely reminds me of Sword Art Online, but with more thinking/strategy oriented themes to the plot. Not the biggest fan of the character designs and I wish there were more fights, but it intrigued me enough that we watched a few more episodes after we came back from watching the second Hobbit movie.

Okay, so we arrived about 10 minutes before the movie was about to start and unfortunately, only 9 seats were available and they were not good seats, so we decided to buy tickets for the next show time at 3:50pm instead, which gave us a good 40 minutes to chill. We ended up nomming some pizza (didn’t taste very good). Skip skip skip.

I really enjoyed the second Hobbit movie. I was mentally preparing myself for a while because a few friends told me it was pretty scary, and don’t get me wrong, I was scared at a lot of parts, but not as scared as I expected myself to be. The scariest part for me was looking at the spiders. *shudders* Smaug was scary as well, but more of an intimidating kind of scary than a frightening kind of scary. The movie was also more comical for me than the first and easier to follow. The first one I was just…asking Andrew a lot of questions the whole time 8D Apparently a lot of things that happened in the movie do not exist in the book, like the relationship between Tauriel and Kili, or even the character Tauriel herself. I like her, though :D I thought she was pretty darn cool 8D Yeah, definitely excited for the finale to the trilogy.

After the movie, we went back to my house and watched a few more episodes of Log Horizon. We then wanted to go to Montana’s for dinner but didn’t realize they closed at 8pm DX! Instead we both got Subway haha! And then watched more Log Horizon ._.

ACK I JUST GOT DISTRACTED BY THE JAPANESE VERSION OF LET IT GO. And many other versions for that matter.

Right so. Fast forward to Saturday the 4th! I went to visit Andrew because I was free. My dad drove me to York and I was a little worried at first because the university was pretty much empty and the usual GO buses and TTC buses were non-existent. Luckily the bus did come, and I did make it to McMaster 8D I need to complain about stupid Presto. I loaded 80 friggen dollars onto my card weeks ago and for some reason I am negative 36 cents. I need to complain because I saw the transaction appear on my VISA statement, UGH. Anyway, Andrew picked me up 20 minutes later and then when we arrived at his house…yes we watched more episodes of Log Horizon. Oh dear. We actually caught up to the latest episode. Yes I had a bad headache afterwards haha, but worth it! Wish the main character was better looking :P I enjoy the short arcs, and hopefully it won’t turn lame in the middle like Sword Art Online. Not hating! I’m excited for the second season of SAO. Man, Log Horizon makes me miss Maple Story :c

Soon after, dinner was ready and hnggggg chicken and stuffing and peas and corn is such a great combination ;w; Craving it now actually. Didn’t get to do much after because Andrew needed to pack as he was heading back to Ottawa very early the next day. I had work also and we wanted to avoid the snow storm. I got back home a little before 9 and then after a small cup of water Andrew headed back to Hamilton. Not sure when we’ll be able to meet up next as his second semester is not too favourable for visits, and my minimum work hours increased to 25 per week. Busy busy busy for both of us, but we’ll manage!

Merry Christmas + The Princess and the Frog + Atlantis

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First off, a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays to anyone who is reading this! You deserve a cookie. A strong cookie. Or maybe just a yummy sugar cookie. Mmm I want some sugar cookies.

Secondly, if you’re in the Toronto area, I hope you have power back! I was lucky, my power was only gone for a day.

Thirdly, yes this blog is late again :P But not as late as my last blob entry (a week late yeesh)

Anyway, onwards to the entry! Yesterday Andrew came to visit! He had some things to do in the morning so he arrived at my place at around 1:30 in the afternoon. We were also both hungry so once we exchanged presents we went to grab take-out from Swiss Chalet. Took longer than usual, I think we waited a good 15-20 minutes, but oh well. Wow I am craving Starbucks. I have ADHD. I just went and pressed all the musical plushies on top of my piano.

So yes, we grabbed our take-out and then headed back to my place. We opened up our gifts because Andrew insisted :P Thank you for Snow Puff! Andrew also brought 3 movies to watch: The Princess and the Frog, Puss in Boots, and Atlantis. I picked the Princess and the Frog first just because 8D I wasn’t expecting much, it was a normal Disney movie in my opinion. I really liked Tiana’s voice actor, though o.o Unfortunately halfway through the movie and many times after, my parents’ loud voices made hearing the dialogue difficult, and I was already having a hard time because I couldn’t understand a lot of the accents haha omg. But yes, not a bad movie. At least I can finally say I watched it. In my opinion it’s not on the same level as Tangled or Frozen.

I got a headache after watching because I suck, so we took a small break. I took the time now to ask my mom to hep me wrap Andrew’s parents’ gift haha XD! We then tried to watch Puss in Boots but for some strange reason my Blu-ray player couldn’t read it :( Andrew wiped the disk and it sort of gave a loading icon but then it just stopped. Ah well, next time. I feel like I’m missing something.

OH RIGHT. I forced Andrew to watch an episode of My Little Pony with me on his laptop 8D THE EPISODE WHERE THEY BECOME THE POWER PONIES TO BE EXACT. HAHA omg it was a great episode. I think he found it clever since he understood more of the references than me. I just knew for sure Fluttershy was supposed to be the Hulk omg. Haha, that was really amusing. I can’t believe they actually did that. I was disturbed but in a good way haha XD!

At around 6pm, we started watching Atlantis! I say start because at 6:30 we went out for dinner with my parents had made a reservation for 7 at some Chinese restaurant. Not a bad place, food wasn’t bad, hopefully Andrew didn’t mind it much :P

Now back to the movie. Right, I saw it a long time ago, but I remember enjoying it because I’ve always liked the idea of Atlantis :3 Ancient advanced underwater civilization!? Super cool. Not the biggest fan of how they drew the characters, but I did like the landscapes :) It’s too bad it wasn’t as big a hit as it should have been, apparently the sequel is 3 short stories or something. Wish it wasn’t, but still want to see it regardless!

We finished the movie at around 10pm, and Andrew had to dash! He was planning on leaving at 9 because apparently there was supposed to be a snow storm or something. I then just went on Tumblr and opened up my presents at midnight. Not too many this year, which is good. Merry Christmas again to everyone no matter where you may be :D