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Ahhhh! I’m catching a cold! D: *blows runny nose into tissue*

This is going to be a short entry! I just got back Tuesday night from my trip to Greece! It was a lovely trip :) I stayed in Santorini for 3 nights and Athens for 4 nights. Omg Santorini <3 More on that next time! But yes, flying was tough. Basically I went from Toronto to Milan, Milan to Athens, Athens to Santorini, then Santorini to Athens, then Athens to London, and London back to Toronto!

And the flying doesn’t stop there! I’m heading to New York in a few hours (should probably pack. Probably 8D) for PERFUME’S CONCERT AHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m super hyped about it! My friends and I will be in their 1mm PV dresses and we’ll be spontaneously dancing while we’re waiting in line! Here’s a little preview: ^.^ This time we’ll have the complete outfits! With earrings as well! :D If you spot us, come say hi! :D :D :D! Hopefully it won’t be too cold @.@!

So yes, within these 2 weeks of my vacation I’ll have gone on a plane 8 times >.> Yeesh. Flying is super tiring >< I’ll blog about both adventures separately when I get back 8D!



  robostrike wrote @

Come back with souvenirs!!!! jelly >W< wished I could go but alas with school work I am to sit at home and to watch your updates instead.

  blobsofdoom wrote @

I literally had to beg my coworker if I could take his vacation days to go to Greece and New York haha >w<! Good luck with school!

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