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Ernest & Celestine + The Book of Life

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Omg my keyboard was being funny for a few minutes and I couldn’t type except in gibberish.

Anyway, now that that’s fixed…

I HAVE NEGLECTED MY BLOG FOR 273872683 YEARS D: I already missed a few things I wanted to blog about and my horrible memory isn’t helping me D:

Also, WORDPRESS WHY YOU CHANGE ON ME AGAIN!? I can’t even make this text box larger and scroll -_-

Ummmm so yes. A few weeks back, Andrew came to visit and he rented Ernest & Celestine for me to watch! He showed me the trailer and I thought the art style was adorable, and I’m a sucker for the French language 8D I think there was an option for English voices, but we just watched it in the original French with English subtitles. So yes, it was a super cute film! Gets you in the feels, I recommend it :) I think it was running against Disney’s Frozen for the Oscar’s or something?

But onto the actual parts of this entry I can remember.

Andrew visited me again on Thursday despite him being super tired from evil 4am shifts. I decided it would be best if I drove us everywhere instead :P Andrew doesn’t like me driving haha 8D I speed and do sharp turns and ignore stop signs 8D Shhh…

Hmm so after he arrived, I went to pick up a package from the post office :) I like receiving packages omg, supah awesomez feelingz. But yes, I opened it and voila, my online orders of Christmas presents for friends haha! I ordered from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and I’m always super impressed with their fast shipping and great customer service. I really recommend this site if you’re looking for a place for otaku goodness straight from Japan :)

After that, I drove back home to drop off everything and Andrew nabbed his glasses. Then it was off to Pacific Mall! Bought some chocolate, nommed some mediocre pork ramen and chicken skewers, and of course Andrew got his egg waffles :P Oh, I wanted to buy this panda milk tea drink from the same place I bought my ramen (my bad for not seeing it before), but the lady said it can’t be purchased separately. Like what. You’re losing so much business. No matter, Andrew managed to find another place that was selling it.

Once I was well fed, we headed to the theatre! Unfortunately there was really bad traffic, but my dangerous driving managed to get us to the theatre on time haha! 8D Not sure how many lives Andrew lost from my dangerous breaking and wacked turning…

The movie we watched was none other than the newly released The Book of Life! Since it was 5pm on a Thursday, the theatre was pretty much empty except for 2 other couples, which was great :D! And now onto the actual movie.

If you’re the type who enjoys a really good plot/story line, this probably isn’t the movie for you. The plot was predictable and rushed in many places, and there’s also a lot of singing :P More singing than I expected. But if you’re the type who digs colours and visuals, this is the movie for you. I really enjoyed the animation and the art style. Really glad I didn’t watch this in 3D though, I would have gotten a huge migraine from the tornado of bright palettes. The voice acting was really well done as well :)

We headed to Indigo and Winner’s after the movie. Andrew was trying to find a bow tie but no luck D: And somehow, I managed to buy a pair of Oxfords even though I told myself not to buy anything grrrrr! But I like them and they’re work-appropriate? 8D Excuses, excuses…

For dinner we headed to Swiss Chalet. Neither of us were hungry, though :S I forced myself to eat my beloved chicken pesto penne, and regretted it badly because I was super full afterwards. It was a quick dinner because Andrew was getting tired from lack of sleep, and at around 10 he headed home~ Not sure when we’ll see each other next because I’LL BE ON VACATION SOON LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~