When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Awesomest Quotes

The most awesome quotes from my friends XD

I wear Nike socks during exams when I need as many checkmarks as possible.
– Philip Deljanov

I swear right now I’m gonna punch him in the face because something is wrong with that guy and he needs to be reset. By a fist.
– Thomas Gwosdz

Oh the world will literally explode unless I act like a douchebag of epic proportions.
– Thavisha Lokuge

Ok, we’re making cheesecake. All in flavour?
– Michelle Siu

DEAR MATH, I am sick and tired of finding your X. Just accept the fact that she is gone. MOVE ON, DUDE.
– Philip Deljanov

Although conflict is a form of connection, the McMaster Japanese Connection doesn’t agree with fighting Japanese people as a connection.
– Andrew Stevenson

Capital LETTERS? Letters of capital. AKA letters with MONEY.
– Andrew Stevenson

Wiz and the First World War.
– Andrew Stevenson

Spandex in general serves only one purpose…to resurrect Dracula.
– Anthony Butler

Oh sweet mother of Japanese irregular verbs.
– Anthony Butler

Creepy little amoeba glacier.
– Jordan Bowman

My 5 o’clock shadow is adjusted for Daylight Savings.
– Matthew Boccia

Mmm nah, I think it’s nutritious and delicious <3 Don’t BELIEVE ME ASK THE DISHES!
– Sarah Byers

Sorry, I only do deliveries, not miracles.
– Lichi Chen

Bananas lay down their lives. To impair others. With every human or cartoon slip on a banana peel, that banana sees God.
– Andrew Stevenson

Today I’m whole wheat. Tomorrow I’ll be a daring croissant.
– Andrew Stevenson

There is a dishwasher. Therefore I am.
– Andrew Stevenson

Mo ney buys sisiters dont you kow?
– Jennifer Lee

I think guys have to place their hope in magic lamps.
– Andrew Stevenson

You see this chair? Bow to it. And it’ll become a princess.
– Andrew Stevenson

Andrew’s priorities went down 3 points. Morale support and protection rose 2 points in strength.
– Andrew Stevenson

On the Internet, how can one creep thyself?
– Andrew Stevenson

Bits of everything. To narrow it down.
– Andrew Stevenson

Hey…Haagen-dazs. What’s kickin’?
– Andrew Stevenson

An Italian man steps on a Hungarian mushroom.
– Qi Shen

Hey hey hey…my towel turns naked.
– Matthew Morgan

But there are sexy flies with far apart eyes!
– Michelle Siu

Don’t worry! I weigh you!
– Michelle Siu

Since you have a mountain of work, why don’t you found a Buddhist sect on it? Kobo Daishi would be proud.
– Philip Deljanov

Footballs: betcha can’t eat just one.
– Andrew Stevenson

Lamas: live in your world play in ours.
– Andrew Stevenson

The NEED of colour, the need of Crayola.
– Andrew Stevenson

I say we paste a picture related to our topic into the report, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’d be done.
– Philip Deljanov

This is my noble steed INK BLOT.
– Andrew Stevenson

There must be more than this provincial life, I want to eventually meet Cloud Strife.
– Andrew Stevenson

Volcanoes will explode, the earth will stop rotating and the sun will collapse into a singularity.
– Philip Deljanov

Chestnut Musical! It’s like Highschool Musical but tastier!
– Kevin Chin

You spend so much time in them they have to express your stay in scientific notation.
– Philip Deljanov

Ashita kara hotodog
– Aarathi Shatagopam

Kanashimi~ Overhead projector
– Aarathi Shatagopam

Kimi no happy sheep
– Aarathi Shatagopam

Minna iru kaaaiiiiiii? Hoshi wo green elephant.
– Aarathi Shatagopam

The yellow teapot moo-ed.
– Andrew Dunham

I rescarched my cereal while riding in camelpolarity.
– Andrew Dunham, Fushi

It floats to the bottom.
– Natasha Tjong


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