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How to Train Your Dragon 2

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A day may come when the laziness of me fails, when I sit in front of my laptop, and break all bonds of late entries, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY.

Anyway, on Monday Andrew came to visit me! Traffic was bad and he a little late, but that’s okay. The first thing we did was go fill our bellies. We went to Go For Tea because I felt like it. AND I MUST MENTION THAT I DROVE! Instead of Andrew. Yeah. I made a wrong turn. BUT WE GOT THERE 8D Andrew ordered a yummy strawberry toast, which didn’t look very appetizing to me but I’m glad he enjoyed it :P As for me, I ordered fried rice with sausage. The restaurant was pretty much empty because all bubble tea places only get business in the late evenings :P

After nomming, we headed, as in, I drove, to First Markham Place 8D We wanted to see the 4:15pm show for How to Train Your Dragon 2, but we were early, so we chilled for a little bit at the nearby Chapters. Unfortunately, 15 minutes in, Andrew realized he had forgotten his glasses at my house, so we went back to get them and then drove back to the theatre, 15 minutes early :)

SOOOOOOOOOO the movie was really good! Wow, I liked it a lot more than the first one! Which is surprising, because usually sequels are worse XD! I liked that there was more…violence? Fighting? I don’t know, and I felt the animation was better. I want my own Toothless :3 Apparently there’s going to be a 3rd movie out in 2016! I liked how the second one ended, but I guess there could be room for a 3rd one, since we really don’t know what happened to Drago after the alpha dragon beast thing (which Andrew and I agree looked more like a triceratops than a dragon) just retreated into the water.

Once the movie was over, we headed back to Chapters to relax. I randomly picked up a manga (Sakura Hime, by Arina Tanemura) and finished it, but I didn’t want to continue more after I saw the shelf housing 10+ volumes >.> I tried looking for art books but couldn’t find any to my liking either.

At around 7, my mom asked if we wanted to have dinner together, and so we headed back to my place and then my parents drove us to Fav Cafe at about 8, our default dinner place when it’s late haha. After a quick dinner, we were back home, and then I asked Andrew to drive me over to Whitney’s place so I could drop off some cookies my friend Jelee had made for her :) We were back within 20 minutes, and then after some Tumblring, Andrew headed back home.

Ahhhh side note, I’ve been super busy at work. Month end is always hectic, and it’s before a long weekend as well so blah. Can’t wait until then.


Treasure Planet + Summerlicious at Auberge du Pommier

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I wasn’t actually going to write an entry until a few days later to keep up with my ongoing super procrastination, but I had nothing better to do 8D

I went to visit Andrew on Sunday, and as usual I took the GO bus from York University and was picked up at McMaster :) Andrew surprised me with MINT CHOCOLATE SWIRL ICE CREAM bahaha 8D It wasn’t mint chocolate chip, but it was still tasty. That was super nice of him :) I was wondering why he was 10 minutes late to pick me up :P But yes, I texted Andrew that I was craving it on the GO bus and I guess Andrew’s nice. I guess :P

When we arrived back at Andrew’s house, we finished watching the FIFA finals! I was on Argentina’s side, and Andrew was cheering for Germany. We all know what happened :P Andrew enjoyed the names of the German players :P Apparently all of them sound like weapons 8D Andrew’s dad then made chicken and salad for dinner. That was yummy :) I ended up finishing the entire bowl of salad (that was supposed to serve 4 people) because I’m obviously a rabbit.

Once our tummies were full, we watched Treasure Planet! It’s an older Disney movie, but I remember liking it a lot. After watching it again, I found a new love for the script haha XD! The animation and art style is very pretty, and I like the futuristic yet steam-punk ideas and themes. There is also not very much singing, as is common in a lot of the more popular and loved Disney movies.

The next morning, Andrew took me down to Pier 4 for foodies at William’s! It was past noon by then, but Andrew ordered a lot of breakfast foods while I tried their pesto chicken panini and French onion soup. Didn’t really like their panini (gave it to Andrew), but the soup was good :3 We wanted to walk around after eating, but I thought it was a little too chilly for that, so we headed back home and I had a small nap.

When I woke up, it became a very anime-filled day. We watched episodes of Fairy Tail, Madoka Magica, and Andrew introduced me to Servant x Service, which, unfortunately, reminded me way too much of work, so it wasn’t really to my liking. After another home-made dinner, Andrew drove me home because I had early work the next day.

Excuse me while I go eat the remainder of the ice cream Andrew bought for me.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now onto the food porn. Or lack of :P I really need to change my blog layout so I can incorporate pictures into my entries. It’s probably not difficult to go find another theme, but I am too lazy. I am soooooo lazy.

Speaking of food porn, though, I did have my delicious share of it yesterday! Let’s talk about that.

After work yesterday, I drove to my friend Nicolas’ place to meet up with him and Julie so we could take one car to Auberge du Pommier, a restaurant that Julie recommended for Summerlicious. Originally I was supposed to drive to my friend Anna’s place, but she was called into work last minute, even though she wasn’t supposed to start work until the next day :c To kill time while Julie was getting ready, Nicolas showed me a rhythm game called Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA (which I totally suck at, and that surprised me because I’m pretty decent at DDR!) and Katamari Damacy! Haha, that was hard as well. I suck at video games in general D:

At around 5:30, Anna arrived, and then we all hopped into Nicholas’ small little Fiat! Anna and I were super intimate in the back seats ;) Haha 8D Our reservation was for 6:15pm, but yeesh, there was mad traffic, and we had little bit of trouble finding the place, so we were about 5 minutes late. NO MATTER, THOUGH 8D

Now I’m not a Summerlicious expert. I’ve only been to a few restaurants (like…2 or 3) but Auberge du Pommier was AMAZING. The service was great, the bathroom (I didn’t actually go) was above Anna’s standards (she’s a bathroom critic, and hard to please), and I liked that the waiter cleaned the bread crumbs off our table with the little scraper. Only classy restaurants do that!

The restaurant itself was really pretty. I really liked the vintage yet stylish decor inside, and there was a nice little garden/patio/outdoor area as well, where we decided to sit. Thank goodness it wasn’t too hot or chilly XD!

As for the food, it was delicious! While we waited for our orders we were given free bread with dip. AND IT WAS WARM BREAD. Omg warm bread. And that dip was divine. But yes, thinking back, my starter and main were both salads of some sort haha XD! I’m really picky about my salads, and the 2 I ordered had food that I usually wouldn’t include in my salad (onions, peas, spinach), but wow, they were both really good. Even Julie, who doesn’t like onions at all, said the pearl onions were yummy :) All 4 of us actually ordered different main dishes, and we shared a little bite with each other. I wish I had taken my camera with me to take pictures! I really liked the “Fried Green Tomatoes” that Anna and Nicolas both ordered for their starters. I should have ordered it, but I judged it because it said tomato! Never again! I’m craving it now. After a sweet ice cream with cookies dessert, I ordered a nice Earl Grey tea to wash everything down 8D As for the bill, It was $45 for the 3 course meal, and my tea was $5.75. I think between the 4 of us, our bill was like $220 8D I’m so grateful I have a job.

When Julie was finally satisfied with the pictures we took once we were outside the restaurant, Nicolas drove us all back to his place, and then we all just had a little walk around the neighbourhood to help us digest haha 8D I had a wonderful time just talking and laughing and being random with Anna and Julie while Nicolas just basically documented our time in pictures haha. It was pretty late when Anna and I finally decided to leave, and I got back home at around 11pm. A good day indubitably!

Oh man my stomach is starting to hurt from all this ice cream haha 8D Must stop.

No Game No Life + Canada Day Weekend

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Secondly, is this an anime post?! No way :O

Actually this is just going to be a few entries in one entry again. Haha, if that even makes sense. I had 3 days off from work, which was SUUPAH AWESOMUUUUU 8D! I’m so lame. My congee is on fire.

On Sunday, Dreamz and Jelee came over for more dance practice times! Super fun, and we perfected and figured out a lot of things. Even did a one shot of the Spring of Life dance without knowing it haha omg that was so terrible but hilarious. We also finalized one of our costumes for next Anime North OH HO HO HO 8D! Jelee’s going to be making all three dress bases for us, she’s so hardcore @.@ And all the details will be done individually I guess. I can’t wait to paint details on because I’m cheap like that 8D While we practised, Adrian updated my computer for me because I was still using the version of Linux from like…2010? 8D IF YOU’RE READING THIS YOU’RE SUCH A PRO HACKER/UPDATER. A thousand thanks!

Once we were all gross and sweaty from practice, the four of us went out for dinner at Go For Tea! Kendrick was kind enough to join us, and as always good noms were had =w= I actually ordered the wrong thing, but that’s my fault. Oh wells. Had lots of fun taking gangster pictures, and Kendrick even brought some of his home-made-egg-less cooking for taste-testing! Super yummy cakes ;w; Wow that was a lot of dashes. I stole 2 boxes 8D

THE NEXT DAY, which was Saturday, I had a date with my friend Julie ( :D Originally we were supposed to meet up at Fairview Mall and subway downtown together but then things happened and there was much confusion and last minute decision making, and in the end my mom dropped me off at Eaton’s and Julie met up with me 20 minutes later. We had a great time shopping around, and I managed to nab 2 Fluttershy plushies for $2 each 8D I KNOW, WHY DID I BUY 2?! I couldn’t resist the deal. There were actually a lot of great deals happening in the mall, and my wallet cried a lot. I also satisfied my mint chocolate ice cream craving. BUT I’M CRAVING IT NOW UGH KILL ME.

For lunch, Julie took me to a Japanese restaurant I’ve never been to before, and I forgot the name because it was too hot and humid that day it fried my brain. I ordered a yummy beef udon, and we shared takoyaki >w< We also had planned to go to an outdoor garden/green house thing, but it was wayyy to hot to do that, so we ventured back to Eaton’s and just spent the rest of the day wandering and enjoying the air conditioning 8D

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant on the upper floor of Eaton’s called Mr. Greenjeans. I ate there once previously with other wifeys and enjoyed my experience, so I thought I’d drag Julie along 8D It’s bigger than it looks, and I love the decor 8D Obviously we both went trigger happy with our cameras 8D We also both ordered pasta, and I had high expectations, but unfortunately it was way too oily. Our appetizer also came after our main, but it was super delicious! I forgot the name, but it was a yummy chips with dip of some sort. After we talked and chilled some more because we were super stuffed, we decided it was finally time to subway back to Fairview, where I was picked up my dad.

Still craving mint chocolate chip ice cream.

YESTERDAY, was CANADA DAY! And Andrew was nice enough to visit even though he knew it was going to be a boring day because nothing was open, and if it was, it would be packed with people (applies to malls and restaurants). Watched a little bit of the World Cup with my dad, and then we watched episodes 6 to 12 of No Game No Life. I had watched 1-5, but then realized my bandwidth was probably dying as I only get 25GB a month, so Andrew suggested he’d download the rest for me on his laptop for me to watch. And omg, it’s such a great anime! I am absolutely in love with the animation style! And the colours! Ughh don’t even get me started. The anime has fan service, but the plot and drawings made me overlook that. I am also really impressed with the voice acting :3 I don’t usually say that, but I’m saying it, so you know I’m serious! I even found my next cosplay! OH HO HO! It shall be interesting. But yes, if you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend it! I really hope there’s a second season!

Jelee and Adrian also paid me a visit at around 3 because I was having internet problems since my laptop was updated. It only took Adrian about 15 minutes to fix the problem, and I really need to treat them both to dinner one day! Many thanks again!

At around 7, Andrew and I went out for dinner with my parents and, yes, we had Japanese food! Hehehehe that was yummy. We originally wanted to go to our usual place (Inatei near Highway 7 and Leslie) but it was actually fully booked, so we went to Izakaya Tsuki, the same place where I had my awesome birthday dinner =w= The food was good, and it wasn’t mad packed, which I liked :) I really like their takoyaki! I’m craving it again ugh D: (but I don’t think takoyaki and mint chocolate ice cream is a good mix) Once dinner was done, it was back to my place! Andrew and I just sat and talked for a bit more and then he left at around 10:45pm.

It was definitely a nice 3 days off =w= Made up for the super busy day at work today =_= And now I shall look up pictures of my potential cosplays BAHAHAHA 8D!

Anime North 2014

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Woot! Anime North has come and gone by way too quickly once again. Sad face.

I had an awesome time obviously :P More so than last year! I guess it’s because I had more things planned, and my shoes were not as uncomfortable as the ones I wore last year. I cosplayed as Sylveon this year for all three days ^^ I think it’s my most popular one yet 8D Anyway, I will separate this post by the days so it’s more organized.


On Friday my dad drove me and my friend Miss Rushka and dropped us off at around 3:30 so that I could buy some tickets for Cafe Delish! Tickets weren’t being sold until 5 I believe, but I really wanted to buy the special graduation seating tickets (final seating, and longer seating). Anyway, we hurried to get our pre-registered badges (or mine anyway), and then we met up with Aarathi. We then hurried over to the Double Tree hotel (I’m not calling it International Plaza :P) and the three of us just stood in line patiently.

Unfortunately when we finally got to the table selling tickets, the seating that I wanted was sold out ;_; So I told myself that tomorrow I would try again and line up even earlier D< (they were selling half the graduation seating tickets on Friday and the other half on Saturday morning) After that we just wandered around hoping to bump into friends :D I did manage to see a few of my friends, and had lots of fun taking pictures ^_^ When we finally met up with Andrew, we all had a nice lunch/dinner at Milestones. They gave us special “Japanime” menus, which I was sort of offended by, so I asked for the normal menu as well. Anyway, Friday was a short day, and I got picked up at around 9:30 after I met up with AngeL for some pictures. I feel like I’m forgetting a lot of the things that happened…my brain is fried from happiness @.@


Saturday is without a doubt the best day at Anime North :D Ask anyone! It was the longest day and the weather was great. It wasn’t windy and was definitely a lot warmer than Friday. The night before I fixed up my Sylveon ears by adding a ribbon to the headband so it would be tied securely around my head, and that definitely made me less annoyed as well because I didn’t have to keep holding it up :)

Anyway, I asked my dad to drive me to Anime North earlier because I needed to buy Cafe Delish tickets! Specifically ones for the final seating! I had spoken to Jelee and Ivana and Aarathi about going early as well to buy tickets (apparently each person could only by 2 tickets, I couldn’t buy them all for my friends). Luckily, I met up with Kendrick, Jelee, Adrian and Ivana, and they were FIRST IN LINE, so the day was good haha. It was around 9:45am, and the tickets weren’t being sold until 11:30am, so we were super early! After a few minutes though the line started to get long, so lucky us! :D We all had a fun time talking to pass the time. At around 10, Jelee went to audition for J-Idol, and Adrian even got a chance to play a game of Go haha XD! A few of our cosplay friends also passed by for a small chat.

It was 11:40am before the dude selling tickets finally decided he would start selling the tickets =.= But YAY TICKETS SECURED WOOOOOT! Yeah, in total we nabbed 7 of the 20 graduation seating tickets hmm 8D After that, it was just super chill times. We went and bought some food because we were starving, and then just wandered around the convention. At 1pm, we all went to watch the J-Idol competition, and my personal favourite contestant won! She had a great voice and wonderful stage presence :) Jacky also finally found us, and we all just continued to wander around, waiting eagerly for the final maid cafe seating at 5:20.

At around 4:50, we started to make our way to line up for the MAID CAFE YAYYYY! I’ve served as a maid before for my Japanese club events at university, but I’ve never been a customer, so I was excited :) We were all seated at table number 1, so we were first to go inside the pretty terrace ^.^

The maid cafe was very nice :) It was $30 for a 100 minute seating (as opposed to the normal $20 for 45 minutes), and we were served our choice of beverage (I picked Earl Grey, and there was also free refills), a variety of fruits, a snack bento, and a cupcake for dessert. We also each had a box of Pocky, which we all shared :P What I liked most was that it was a longer seating and we didn’t have to rush. Of course, we were all there to support AngeL, who was one of the maids ^_^ It was more fun than I expected, and the maids danced and sang, played games with us, and we all could take a Polaroid with our maid of choice 8D

I have to brag that I made it to the final around of Rock, Paper, Scissors! It was down to me and another guy, and we kept tying but eventually I lost, and I didn’t get to win the poster and have a special picture with all the maids haha. Oh well, it was quite fun :)

After that, AngeL had to help clean up, so Jelee, Adrian and I went outside to take some pretty photos :D Jelee and Adrian were cosplaying as PRINCESS ANNA AND PRINCE HANS FROM FROZEN so obviously I had to go trigger-happy on them 8D Huhuhu 8D

Saturday was a good day :D Even though I still didn’t go inside the dealer’s room yet .___. Wow Saturday’s entry is long haha 8D


AHHH SUNDAY. The day I was dreading yet excited about haha! BECAUSE OF THE POP IDOL DANCE SHOWCASE. But more of that in a bit.

I found out the night before I couldn’t get a ride, so Jelee was kind enough to give me a lift! I woke up early to shower and change into my dance outfit, and was ready to be kidnapped at 8:30am! Jelee was a little behind schedule, and she and Adrian arrived to get me at 9am. Thanks to her speed driving, we arrived at Anime North at 9:30am :D

Soooo the reason we arrived so early was so we could squeeze in some dance practice! Jelee, AngeL (known as Dreamz) and I decided to sign up for the dance showcase happening at 11am, and I was super nervous O_O! We squeezed in a few practices, with Adrian helping with the music, and then we signed in with the staff at 10am. We got to practice on the actual stage once, and then once we figured out our spacing we went to practice some more outside! Our practices were good, but I was getting really bad cramps from nervousness DX! Not sure why I was so nervous. It wasn’t even a competition or anything. AngeL and Jelee were totally fine haha 8D

There was a little bit of a delay, and the show started at around 11:10am! I’m so glad a few of my friends were there in the audience to support us! We were 9th on the list of performers, and I was still nervous as heck in the back watching. I shouldn’t have been so worried, though! I need to learn to relax and just have fun. Our dance was the shortest on the list (2 and a half minutes!) so it was over in no time.

We danced to Mirai no Museum by Perfume! It’s so sweet and catchy ;w; I turned the wrong way in one part of the song, and my legs were super shaky, but I don’t think we did that badly! I’m glad we had matching outfits, and we all had the right hair length to match the original Perfume bahaha 8D! Here’s the link on YouTube if you’re interested: :) When we finished, we went down to the audience, met up with our friends, and then left because we wanted to change into our other cosplays.

BUT BEFORE THAT. Yep, we picked a random spot in a hallway full of people and DANCED THE ROUTINE AGAIN! It was a small space, and our movements had to be “minimized”, but it was great! I hope I get the video file soon hehe XD! We had one guy come and ask if we were professional dancers or something, and asked if we would like to dance at some of his events and clubs, how strange O_o But I’ll take it as a compliment that we danced well :D

Once that was over, a few of us parted ways because we all wanted to do different things. It got a little confusing because there were so many of us and lots of pictures were needed haha 8D I ended up joined Sarah, Andrew, Jelee, Adrian, and their other friends Sarah and Coltin for sushi lunch. Jelee and I then changed into our cosplays, because even though there was only 3 hours left of Anime North, cosplay is a must haha 8D And thank you Adrian for treating us!

Eventually we all bumped into each other again inside the Dealer’s room. I was impressed with how wide the aisles were this year, because the previous years it was difficult to walk in there. I was looking around for more Sylveon plushies, but couldn’t find any. Andrew managed to get a wooden sword for $15, and with 30 minutes to go before the Dealer’s Room closed, I managed to get 2 large Cinnamoroll plushies O_O I actually wanted one last year, but it was $40, and I regretted not buying it after finding out it was being sold for $60+ on Ebay. When I saw 2 of them at a stand right before I was about to leave, each for $30, I tried to bargain for both of them for $50, but the lady was stubborn :P Oh well, I got them both for $30 each, and the cheapest one on Ebay is $35 + $30 shipping, so I feel better about my purchase 8D DON’T JUDGE ME, CINNAMOROLL’S ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SANRIO CHARACTERS DX!

After that, we all met up again outside for more picture! AngeL even had her Polaroid on her, and we took a few of those :) I need to get a Polaroid camera for myself one day! They’re super cute and fun :P

We all wanted to dinner together, but Andrew had to leave because he was exhausted (he was at work at 4am) and Jelee and Adrian had dinner plans with Coltin, so AngeL, Jacky and I went to Moxie’s for dinner! I definitely got stared at as I walked in, because even though restaurants should have been used to all the costumes, I was still the only one there at that time with huge pink bunny ears haha 8D Also, Moxie’s has good food! Our server was super nice (his name was Dragan, pronounced “dragon”, how cool is that?), and was very accommodating. AngeL and I had a fun time cam-whoring in the bathroom as well, because there were very large mirrors 8D

It was around 9 when we left, and I was able to get a lift home! I can’t wait until next Anime North ;_; Le sigh ;_;

Oh, and here’s my Sylveon cosplay ^^ Thank you, AngeL, for the picture 8D


Ripley’s Aquarium + The Distillery District

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I need to blob! It’s quite late as per usual, but that is okay!

On Sunday, Andrew and I FINALLY WENT TO THE AQUARIUM IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO YAYYYYY! I’ve been meaning to go for…quite a while now, but our schedules just never matched up. Anyway, I was supposed to take the subway down and meet Andrew at Union Station, but my parents decided last minute that they didn’t want me to subway alone, so they dropped me off haha 8D

There was NO TRAFFIC and I got to Union in like…20 minutes? Record I say. I was early so I wandered around and grabbed a banana pecan muffin while waiting for Andrew. After he arrived, we had some trouble looking for the path to lead us to the aquarium (darn you construction! It’s been 872638723 years and you’re still ongoing!) but eventually we got there in one piece XD!

OH. I WAS SO FRIGGEN PISSED. Okay. I brought along my dSRL and I REALIZED WHEN I GOT TO THE RIPLEY’S AQUARIUM SIGN THAT I FORGOT TO CHARGE MY BATTERY WIRUGIUWHRG I was so sad the rest of the day :( Had to make do with my crappy phone camera sighhhhhhh. I definitely need to go back for pictures!

The aquarium itself isn’t really big, and it was SUPER CROWDED thanks to it being the long weekend ._. Luckily Andrew purchased the tickets online and we were able to by-pass through the Anime North-like registration line bahaha 8D Waited 2 minutes to go in.

Best part of the aquarium? Honestly, I can’t explain it. It was like walking through a glass tunnel but all around you are sharks, sting rays and a variety of fish. There was a conveyor belt moving people slowly along so you could just stand there and look up as you passed by. Super neat and cool. Saw 2 derpy sharks just chilling on top of the glass tank haha 8D!

Didn’t spend too long in the aquarium, maybe a little over 2 hours? We then took a taxi to the Distillery District because there was some art thing happening. Unfortunately for us, it started to rain the minute we got out of the taxi :( Le sigh. So we decided to find a place to nom instead and give the rain some time to pass.

We ate at a restaurant called the Beer Hall. I ordered a yummy barbeque chicken flat bread thing, and Andrew had chicken with…mashed potatoes? I don’t remember, but it was yummy :) The only downside was the wait time for our food was quite long, and it was super loud, but that was likely because of all the people there over the long weekend.

Before we knew it, it was 5:30pm and APPARENTLY THE ART THING WAS SCHEDULED TO CLOSE AT 6 so we quickly asked for the bill and then spent the next 40 minutes-ish exploring the little tents and stalls set up in the area. Most of the tents were selling artsy things like jewellery, candles, and there was even a cool tent selling neat steam-punk inspired jewellery. It’s too bad it was chilly, I think I got the sniffles afterwards.

At around 7, we decided to walk back to Union station instead of taking the taxi (bad idea, super cold), and then Andrew got his GO train ticket and I headed back up to Finch station. A good day, and I will most definitely be going back to the aquarium!

UM UM UM IT’S PAST 10 AND ANIME NORTH IS TOMORROW. I said this already hmmm. Here’s a low-quality selfie of my Sylveon cosplay ^_^! My headband is super heavy because…well because of a variety of factors. My ears are 4 layers of foam, the ribbons are wired, and I don’t have a sewing machine, so everything is held together by glue gun, and yes, glue can get super heavy. I’m totally going to have super steroid neck muscles when Anime North is over 8D


Hong Kong + Taiwan Vacation

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WHAT. I am gone for 2 weeks and WordPress changes on me again!? No, you are not Facebook. Stop.

ANYWAYYYYYYYY I came back last night at around 7pm from my much needed vacation. I say vacation, but the main reason for the trip was to see my grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s now. I still managed to have a great time, even though I was sick for the majority of it, thanks to my mom >.> Don’t think I’ve ever tried so many different medications over such a short period of time haha XD! I’m still coughing and I have a migraine.

I don’t want this to be a long entry, so I shall just use point form notes.

H O N G    K O N G

– Was at the airport on the 6th! Waited an hour in line just to get through security check because Canada’s not efficient when it comes to these things. Dreadful 15 hour flight. Watched Frozen in Korean.
– I’m always amazed with HK’s airport. It’s huge and clean and there are so many shops, and customer service is spectacular. Oh, and wait times are super short. Yay for finger scanning processes!
– Right after arriving in HK, my uncle demands to see us even though we’re super tired haha XD! Had yum cha/dim sum with my grandparents as well. Grandfather didn’t remember my dad, but my grandmother did after much long thought. On the bright side, they are both super healthy with great appetites, and they walk faster than me haha 8D
– HK’s weather wasn’t as hot thank goodness, but the humidity kills me every day. Though the last few days were pretty bad…28 degrees and 90+ humidity index omg.
– I stayed with my grandmother again this year like last time. Very small apartment but it’s cozy. I slept in her extra room on the same floor while my parents stayed a unit above. We live on Cheung Chau island, and pretty much everyone knows everyone.
– Managed to find one Liz Lisa store (where I went broke. I only bought 2 things >.>) and one Ladurée (where I wanted to dine but the waiting time was way too long)
– No tax or tip needed for foods/shopping! Super awesome! 8D!
– Everyone knows about the Octopus card, but ughhhhh it’s like one of the best things about HK, seriously. That, and the super efficient transportation system.


– SOOOO I’ve never been to Taiwan before, and the weather is totally bipolar as well :D Pretty hot/humid during the day and chilly at night time. Went with my mom, her younger brother, and his wife. My dad stayed in Cheung Chau to visit his parents more in the nursing home.
– The flight was supposed to be about an hour and 20 minutes, but we got there in an hour. Cathay Pacific has huge planes with magical engines I guess.
– Stayed at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taipei! It’s an older hotel, so the rooms were huge! I shared a balcony room with my mom, and we each had a queen size bed, and a little den area. And omg the bathroom. Big bathroom.
– Oh, so I was an idiot and left my underwear in a bag back on my bed in Cheung Chau…so I had to go to UNIQLO and buy underwear from the kid section because only those were cotton.
– MADDDDDDDDD SHOPPING. I came with an empty luggage and left with 2 luggages (borrowed one from my uncle) and my mom’s 2 large LeSportsac bags >.> Everything’s super cheap, AND you can bargain. I bought so many pretty shirts/skirts for like under $5 ._.
– My uncle has mad patience haha. Not sure how he was able to handle 3 women just shopping and shopping.
– Unfortunately I was ill the 4 days I was here. I caught my mom’s cold :( Took so many different cough/headache/pain medications >.>

B A C K   T O   H O N G   K O N G

– After splurging in Taiwan, I really needed to STOP BUYING STUFF but did I listen? Psh nope.
– Had many, many family dinners. Met so many people I didn’t know I was related to. Apparently I’m the youngest in my generation from my dad’s side and the oldest in my generation on my mom’s. Interesting.
– Had to buy an extra luggage because I had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.
– I really need to thank my aunt and uncle on my mom’s side for their mad hospitality. They drove us EVERYWHERE whenever we came out to Hong Kong, and treated us to way too many meals >.<
– I also need to thank all my relatives on my dad’s side for their mad hospitality as well!
– And of course, thank you to my grandmother for letting us stay at her place! She likes complaining a lot and worries too much, but she means well. She can’t walk very well but came out with us almost every day ;_;

And now time to unpack and organize and kill my bandwidth by uploading pictures.

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This is probably going to be my last entry before I head to Hong Kong for 2 weeks! WOOT. I need a vacation. Seriously. I can’t wait to shop, but I’m already dreading the humidity.

Anyway, Andrew came to freeload on Saturday! Oh, I need to tell the world my fail story. Originally I was going to freeload at Andrew’s place, but I found out last minute there was a staff meeting on the Saturday, so it would be quite late when I finished. THEN THEN THEN UGH I found out when work was done that I read the email wrong and the meeting’s the week after. UGH WHY AM I SO PATHETIC.

So yep, Andrew came instead, and WOOT he bought my Frozen on DVD and BLU-RAY YAY! Yeah, we totally watched that again, it was super awesome bahahaha 8D! Oh wait, rewind. We actually went out to eat dinner first because I was starving. Decided on the road that we would go to Panera Bread, which is my new-found go-to dinner place :D I like that I can steal Internetz and legit like their salad and French onion soup XD! AND THEY OFFER FREE TEA :D WOOT! So yeah, that was nice :D It’s nice to eat at different places every now and then.

Fast forward! We are back at my place and we watched Frozen again like I mentioned already XD! Also saw the extra bits like deleted scenes and stuff, though I wish the deleted scenes were more “polished” instead of sketchy, but oh well. Didn’t do much after that, I got a headache and then headed to bed early haha XD!

The next morning, I had planned to get up early and go nom some breakfast with Andrew, but of course mother nature hates me, so I just annoyed Andrew while he marked some assignments for school. I also finally remembered, with the help of Andrew, that I still didn’t give him his birthday present yet! Haha, I’m such a terrible person. He already knew what it was though, since I had purchased it 2836823 months in advance 8D For those curious, I got him the entire first and second season of Spice and Wolf on Blu-Ray and DVD :) So, obviously, he wanted to try it out, and we spent the next few hours just watching it on my TV 8D It wouldn’t play on his laptop for some reason :/

Unfortunately Andrew had to leave at around 3ish because his family wanted to celebrate his belated birthday haha. That and he really had lots of school work to do. So at around 3:15, he headed back home, and then I took Advil and knocked myself out. And by that I mean I went to sleep to forget my physical pain. Fun fact: I woke up at around 9 and then watched Frozen again with my parents 8D

Hmm, what else has been happening. Had a very enjoyable dinner with my high school girlies a few weeks back. We were having trouble planning it before, so I’m glad we managed to get together. We ate at this yummy restaurant called Sonoya at First Markham Place, and had super fun just catching up on our lives. A few of us hadn’t seen each other for a good…5+ years haha XD!

What else to blog about. Hmm. My dance crew (and by that I mean Jelee and AngeL) came over again last night, and we had a very fun dance practice session haha XD! Oh, we finally decided on a group name! 5YNCHRONIZ3! Yeah we’re super cool *cough* Long story. Anyway, we’ve perfected Mirai no Museum to about 95%, and we’re still learning Spending All My Time. Super excited for when it’s going to be perfect. We have matching outfits and everything hehe 8D

I really should sleep now. 8am acupuncture session awaits me, le sigh.

Side note, whenever I try to add “Andrew” as a tag, it automatically un-capitalizes the “A”, how strange.