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Ernest & Celestine + The Book of Life

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Omg my keyboard was being funny for a few minutes and I couldn’t type except in gibberish.

Anyway, now that that’s fixed…

I HAVE NEGLECTED MY BLOG FOR 273872683 YEARS D: I already missed a few things I wanted to blog about and my horrible memory isn’t helping me D:

Also, WORDPRESS WHY YOU CHANGE ON ME AGAIN!? I can’t even make this text box larger and scroll -_-

Ummmm so yes. A few weeks back, Andrew came to visit and he rented Ernest & Celestine for me to watch! He showed me the trailer and I thought the art style was adorable, and I’m a sucker for the French language 8D I think there was an option for English voices, but we just watched it in the original French with English subtitles. So yes, it was a super cute film! Gets you in the feels, I recommend it :) I think it was running against Disney’s Frozen for the Oscar’s or something?

But onto the actual parts of this entry I can remember.

Andrew visited me again on Thursday despite him being super tired from evil 4am shifts. I decided it would be best if I drove us everywhere instead :P Andrew doesn’t like me driving haha 8D I speed and do sharp turns and ignore stop signs 8D Shhh…

Hmm so after he arrived, I went to pick up a package from the post office :) I like receiving packages omg, supah awesomez feelingz. But yes, I opened it and voila, my online orders of Christmas presents for friends haha! I ordered from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and I’m always super impressed with their fast shipping and great customer service. I really recommend this site if you’re looking for a place for otaku goodness straight from Japan :)

After that, I drove back home to drop off everything and Andrew nabbed his glasses. Then it was off to Pacific Mall! Bought some chocolate, nommed some mediocre pork ramen and chicken skewers, and of course Andrew got his egg waffles :P Oh, I wanted to buy this panda milk tea drink from the same place I bought my ramen (my bad for not seeing it before), but the lady said it can’t be purchased separately. Like what. You’re losing so much business. No matter, Andrew managed to find another place that was selling it.

Once I was well fed, we headed to the theatre! Unfortunately there was really bad traffic, but my dangerous driving managed to get us to the theatre on time haha! 8D Not sure how many lives Andrew lost from my dangerous breaking and wacked turning…

The movie we watched was none other than the newly released The Book of Life! Since it was 5pm on a Thursday, the theatre was pretty much empty except for 2 other couples, which was great :D! And now onto the actual movie.

If you’re the type who enjoys a really good plot/story line, this probably isn’t the movie for you. The plot was predictable and rushed in many places, and there’s also a lot of singing :P More singing than I expected. But if you’re the type who digs colours and visuals, this is the movie for you. I really enjoyed the animation and the art style. Really glad I didn’t watch this in 3D though, I would have gotten a huge migraine from the tornado of bright palettes. The voice acting was really well done as well :)

We headed to Indigo and Winner’s after the movie. Andrew was trying to find a bow tie but no luck D: And somehow, I managed to buy a pair of Oxfords even though I told myself not to buy anything grrrrr! But I like them and they’re work-appropriate? 8D Excuses, excuses…

For dinner we headed to Swiss Chalet. Neither of us were hungry, though :S I forced myself to eat my beloved chicken pesto penne, and regretted it badly because I was super full afterwards. It was a quick dinner because Andrew was getting tired from lack of sleep, and at around 10 he headed home~ Not sure when we’ll see each other next because I’LL BE ON VACATION SOON LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~


Hong Kong + Taiwan Vacation

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WHAT. I am gone for 2 weeks and WordPress changes on me again!? No, you are not Facebook. Stop.

ANYWAYYYYYYYY I came back last night at around 7pm from my much needed vacation. I say vacation, but the main reason for the trip was to see my grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s now. I still managed to have a great time, even though I was sick for the majority of it, thanks to my mom >.> Don’t think I’ve ever tried so many different medications over such a short period of time haha XD! I’m still coughing and I have a migraine.

I don’t want this to be a long entry, so I shall just use point form notes.

H O N G    K O N G

– Was at the airport on the 6th! Waited an hour in line just to get through security check because Canada’s not efficient when it comes to these things. Dreadful 15 hour flight. Watched Frozen in Korean.
– I’m always amazed with HK’s airport. It’s huge and clean and there are so many shops, and customer service is spectacular. Oh, and wait times are super short. Yay for finger scanning processes!
– Right after arriving in HK, my uncle demands to see us even though we’re super tired haha XD! Had yum cha/dim sum with my grandparents as well. Grandfather didn’t remember my dad, but my grandmother did after much long thought. On the bright side, they are both super healthy with great appetites, and they walk faster than me haha 8D
– HK’s weather wasn’t as hot thank goodness, but the humidity kills me every day. Though the last few days were pretty bad…28 degrees and 90+ humidity index omg.
– I stayed with my grandmother again this year like last time. Very small apartment but it’s cozy. I slept in her extra room on the same floor while my parents stayed a unit above. We live on Cheung Chau island, and pretty much everyone knows everyone.
– Managed to find one Liz Lisa store (where I went broke. I only bought 2 things >.>) and one Ladurée (where I wanted to dine but the waiting time was way too long)
– No tax or tip needed for foods/shopping! Super awesome! 8D!
– Everyone knows about the Octopus card, but ughhhhh it’s like one of the best things about HK, seriously. That, and the super efficient transportation system.


– SOOOO I’ve never been to Taiwan before, and the weather is totally bipolar as well :D Pretty hot/humid during the day and chilly at night time. Went with my mom, her younger brother, and his wife. My dad stayed in Cheung Chau to visit his parents more in the nursing home.
– The flight was supposed to be about an hour and 20 minutes, but we got there in an hour. Cathay Pacific has huge planes with magical engines I guess.
– Stayed at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taipei! It’s an older hotel, so the rooms were huge! I shared a balcony room with my mom, and we each had a queen size bed, and a little den area. And omg the bathroom. Big bathroom.
– Oh, so I was an idiot and left my underwear in a bag back on my bed in Cheung Chau…so I had to go to UNIQLO and buy underwear from the kid section because only those were cotton.
– MADDDDDDDDD SHOPPING. I came with an empty luggage and left with 2 luggages (borrowed one from my uncle) and my mom’s 2 large LeSportsac bags >.> Everything’s super cheap, AND you can bargain. I bought so many pretty shirts/skirts for like under $5 ._.
– My uncle has mad patience haha. Not sure how he was able to handle 3 women just shopping and shopping.
– Unfortunately I was ill the 4 days I was here. I caught my mom’s cold :( Took so many different cough/headache/pain medications >.>

B A C K   T O   H O N G   K O N G

– After splurging in Taiwan, I really needed to STOP BUYING STUFF but did I listen? Psh nope.
– Had many, many family dinners. Met so many people I didn’t know I was related to. Apparently I’m the youngest in my generation from my dad’s side and the oldest in my generation on my mom’s. Interesting.
– Had to buy an extra luggage because I had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.
– I really need to thank my aunt and uncle on my mom’s side for their mad hospitality. They drove us EVERYWHERE whenever we came out to Hong Kong, and treated us to way too many meals >.<
– I also need to thank all my relatives on my dad’s side for their mad hospitality as well!
– And of course, thank you to my grandmother for letting us stay at her place! She likes complaining a lot and worries too much, but she means well. She can’t walk very well but came out with us almost every day ;_;

And now time to unpack and organize and kill my bandwidth by uploading pictures.

My 24th Birthday Celebration

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I’ve been meaning to blob earlier, but life freeloaded without permission again!

So my birthday was this past Wednesday (March 5) and I am now 24 years old eeek DX! But this post starts with a few days before that!

On March the first, AngeL took me out and spoiled me :D She came to pick me up a little after 11 (originally she was going to kidnap me at 11, but her iPhone decided to be a jerk and erase a bunch of things and she needed to download some basic things so she could actually contact people) and then we went to the GO bus station in Unionville. Our plan was (as far as I know) to head downtown and shop and eat and then have dinner back in Markham at around 7 with some friends :)

The bus ride felt very short because bus rides are always short when you’re with good company :) I had some trouble paying with my Presto card AGAIN GEEZ I FRIGGEN HATE YOU PRESTO because apparently I didn’t have enough money EVEN THOUGH I KNEW I had at least $20 in there. ANYWAY, the bus driver was nice and I gave him $10 to put on my card so all was good.

Skip skip skip the ride. We are now downtown! And it’s really windy despite the sun shining happily. Our first stop was to this yummy crêpe place because I was starving. I ordered a classic strawberry and banana crêpe with Nutella to share with AngeL, as well as a yummy hazelnut milk to warm me up. Oh mannnn, so yummy! Definitely need to go back there when the weather is warmer.

After sharing the yummy crêpe, IT WAS TIME TO SHOP :D I believe we shopped around Queen’s street? Best deal of the day was when I got a scarf from Claire’s for $2! The original price was like $20 or something haha 8D And of course we had to stop by Kensington Market! Twylight is such an awesome store ;w; I had lots of fun admiring the hair accessories hnggg @.@ We stayed in there for…almost an hour I believe, just admiring all the beautiful dresses and handbags 8D AngeL wanted to buy a petticoat but they were sold out of white ones. We also stopped by Blue Banana, which is a huge place with little mini “stores” inside. It’s a great place to do various gift shopping for people :) I managed to find an adorable chrome bunny to add to my bunny collection 8D Didn’t really stay long because we had a reservation for afternoon tea times!

Skip skip skip the subway ride and cold walking and TADA we made it to Annona Restaurant at Park Hyatt hotel :D Omg, I love afternoon tea bahahaha, especially with my lovely soul sister <3 We both got the afternoon tea special, and had an awesome time nomming on yummy food and desserts. I definitely need to go back there, I especially loved the mini sandwiches and scones. Ugh the scones! They were dusted with icing sugar! Scones are slowly climbing up my list of sweet pastries. As for the actual tea part of the afternoon tea time, I ordered the special Annona blend. It was a very creamy and light mix of orange and vanilla :) AngeL also ordered something similar, but hers was more sweet. Oh, I need to mention the giant teapot of tea we both got. Oh man, it was definitely enough for 10 cups O_O! We couldn’t finish it @.@ My bladder needed emptying after 8D Thanks for treating me, AngeL<3

We finished at around 6, and then after taking some Polaroids and outfit shots, we headed back to Union station, where we met up with Jennifer :D! Then all three of us took the GO back up to Richmond hill, and AngeL drove us to dinner time!

Dinner was at Izakaya Tsuki! I’ve never been before, and omg I’m so glad I went! The food was delicious! I was still a bit full from afternoon tea, so I didn’t eat that much, but that’s okay! Thank you to Michelle, Sarah, and Jacky for joining as well :D Good food is paired best with good friends ^_^ I’m so glad we sat at the corner table haha, we were SO LOUD because Jacky introduced us to a cherades app he had on his phone and omg hahahaha I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out 8D Had so much fun trying to mimic animals, anime and Disney movies haha XD! Good times =w=

When we finally calmed down, I was surprised again by a lovely cake! Haha, funny story. AngeL had already ordered me a cake, and apparently Jacky was sent to pick it up. At the bakery, there was a girl ordering a cake for “Fushi” and the pastry chef was all confused because she had already made a cake for “Fushi” and then Jacky was like “Michelle? Is that you?” XD! Haha, wow, I could have gotten 2 cakes! That would have been intense 8D Michelle did end up buying macarons for everyone, though ;w; Hnggg my friends are too awesome <3

It was almost 10:30 when we decided to relieve the restaurant of our craziness, and then Jacky drove Jennifer to the subway station, while the rest of us decided to go to a nearby Tim Horton’s to await Sarah’s ride. Good chatting times again, and I learned about the yummy green tea double double that Michelle likes to order with her red velvet muffin :) When Sarah’s ride came, AngeL drove me home :) Hngggg thank you for planning everything for me <3


On my actual birthday, I was surprised AGAIN when AngeL and Jennifer BOTH CAME TO MY HOUSE. I was not expecting that haha 8D I was only told AngeL was going to drop off my gift (and I actually forgot about it), but they both surprised me and Jennifer even brought me yummy tarts T^T And omg the card, they both got me a beautiful macaron card with a dangling Eiffel Tower charm on it. MY FRIENDS KNOW ME TOO WELL. The three of us had fun just chatting and talking again on my kitchen floor haha, and geez, I felt so spoiled and blessed.

So yes! Happy birthday post be done!

Freeloading at Ottawa version 2.0!

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Holy screw, this blob entry is like a week late. Have I ever blobbed this late before? Probably. Perhaps. Likely. Definitely. And it’s going to be a long entry, covering 3.5 days!

I guess I shall take a break from looking at Adidas shoes (let’s see how long before I get distracted) and try to rack my brain for events that happened last week. Thank you, Andrew, for your point form notes 8D

Last Friday, my mom was kind enough to drop me off at Finch station at around 11 so I could subway down to Union to catch the  VIA Rail at 12:20pm. I was quite early, it only took me about half an hour to get to Union, so I just wandered around and nommed a random cheese and ham Danish croissant thing that was apparently heated up for me but was still cold when I took my first nom.

The ride was smooth enough. I had a nice lady sit beside me who thankfully didn’t talk on the phone constantly. I played a little bit of Zookeeper Battle (obviously 8D!) and then dozed in and out of sleep. The train was 20 minutes delayed because we were following a freight train for a bit so we had to reduce our speed.

Darn, I really want these Adidas shoes D< I KEEP GETTING DISTRACTED.

Ummm, at around 4:30pm, I finally arrived and luckily Andrew was already there! I told him I was hungry and I didn’t feel like ordering pizza like Andrew suggested, so after I went to get a toothbrush from Shopper’s Drug Mart (OMG ALL THIS TIME I’VE BEEN SPELLING IT WRONG THERE’S NO APOSTROPHE) we went to visit a place called the Vanier Grill and got take-out. And by that I mean, we said our orders, walked the 50 metres back to Andrew’s place, and then I chilled in the warmth of being inside while Andrew went back to Vanier Grill and got our foods that took longer than usual to prepare :P I ordered a delicious Caesar salad (bonus points because it had BACON BITS) with chicken strips while Andrew had his sandwich. Typical :P

A few minutes after nomming, Andrew’s parents called him and suggested to Skype. It was only for about 20 minutes or so because his parents had a party to go to, if I remember correctly, and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be XD! Phew *sweat drop*

After that, we watched 2 Kimi ni Todoke OVAs on my laptop as I downloaded them years ago and I thought they were short and funny clips that Andrew would enjoy. Not sure if he did, but that’s okay 8D Andrew then showed me a new “anime” called Miss Monochrome and omg I adore it! Each episode is 3 minutes long with a 1 minute ending song/dance. I like that they’re short and totally random and ridiculous, though I wish they were maybe 5 minutes so I could enjoy the titular character, Monochrome-chan, more XD! She is absolutely adorable. I don’t know if it’s because she’s an android/robot and reminds me of Hatsune Miku but I want to cosplay her. HNGGGGGGG. After watching…7 episodes (?) we just relaxed and chilled.

Oh, I have to mention ants were invading Andrew’s kitchen. I was a little scared of them at first, but then I realized how fun it was to tape them onto the tiles and watch them squirm. (Andrew prefers picking them up and drowning them in a bowl). Are we crazy or what? Awesomely crazy. I think I’m crazier. I went so far as to making a “moat” surrounding the hole where the ants were coming from by dripping a trail of water. But then the water dried up so I resorted to using Andrew’s dish soap as my make shift moat. It worked! The ants wouldn’t go near it. Poor Andrew’s kitchen floor.

The next morning (Saturday) Andrew woke up early because he wanted buy food from Loblaws and those insect sticky pad things for the ants from Canadian Tire (conveniently at opposite ends of each other), but it was super cold out so he was only able to go to get groceries from Loblaws. I told him to buy some more dish soap, 2 tomatoes and some sausages because I wanted to attempt to make dinner haha.

Once breakfast was nommed (did I eat oatmeal? I think I ate oatmeal), we decided to go to the Rideau Centre, mainly because I wanted to go to Starbucks so I could steal their Intornetz and go on Zookeeper Battle. I had put $80 on my Presto card last week and was eager to use it on the buses, but for some reason it wouldn’t work, and I was beginning to panic but the bus driver was nice enough to let me on anyway (found out later that my card doesn’t work in Ottawa because it’s not the same region. Stupid Presto card says on the back that it works everywhere there’s a Presto logo *shakes fist angrily*).

The first thing we did when we arrived was to go and find Andrew a scarf! Found a nice soft fleece one from Old Navy that was half off! Good buy, Andrew :) It also turns out I was able to connect to Starbuck’s Wi-Fi, but it wasn’t strong enough for me to log into Zookeeper :( Settled with buying a Peppermint Mocha. I cheered up after when I started buying stuff, though 8D I’m such a shopaholic. 9/10 times I go to Forever 21 I manage to buy something, and yep, I walked out with a new bag and knit sweater. I also managed to buy 4 tokidoki plushies and 2 tokidoki vinyl figurines that were on sale! HNGGGG TOKIDOKI IS AWESOME. They make me happy :) After that we went to the food court because I wanted to try Tim Horton’s Wi-Fi. I couldn’t get any, and I was about to be super sad when a ray of hope known as A&W shined and BOOM I was on their Wi-Fi and it was strong enough for me to go on Zookeeper Battle! 8D *insane cackles*

Blob is slowly becoming longer.

It was a cold return journey back to Andrew’s place haha, despite being totally bundled up and ready for winter. We looked like ninjas with our scarves covering our noses XD! I think Andrew got sniffly, but luckily for me I was okay. After warming up and torturing more ants, I decided to make dinner! It took me a while because it was my first time trying out something I imagined in my head, but it turned out to be pretty yummy :) Basically I readied some rice, and while that was cooking, I cooked some tomatoes and sausages that I cut into little bits and then when the tomatoes “melted” I mixed in eggs and voila, a super easier scrambled eggs with natural tomato sauce and sausages mixture served with rice. I’d like to mention it was pretty healthy because I only used the tomatoes’ natural oils instead of adding extra oil to grease the frying pan. Though the sausages were pretty salty :P I was afraid Andrew wouldn’t like it, but I don’t think he thought it was too bad :P

What’s this, no movie during an Andrew visit? Nah, of course we watched something haha. I told Andrew to download Rise of the Guardians. I had seen quite a few Tumblr GIFs and wanted to watch it for a while. The predicted download time was over an hour, but it was finished in like 15 minutes o.o Pretty good quality, too :P Andrew managed to hook up his laptop to his TV as well, so that was good :) The movie wasn’t bad, I guess I was expecting it to be on the same level as Frozen, but I liked Frozen more :P The animation was nice, but there were a few sections where I was confused, either by the actual script or just what was happening and how things were linked. I felt some things weren’t explained well enough. None-the-less, it was definitely a fitting movie for December :) Sidenote, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) voices the Easter Bunny! Once the movie was done, Andrew wanted to watch a bit of his Kuroko no Basketball or something anime and I watched as well because I didn’t want to sleep :P Such an intense anime from what I saw haha XD!

Oh man, finally done Saturday. How am I still blogging? How do people do this for a living?

Sunday was another chill day. I slept in while Andrew went to Canadian Tire to get his insect sticky pads. Thank goodness it wasn’t as cold as the day before. While he was out, showered, did his dishes, boiled/filtered watered, taped more ants to the ground, and made breakfast for Andrew 8D I wanted to make an omelette, but I suck at flipping eggs. Thank goodness sausages are easy to cook, but while I texted Andrew saying I made him breakfast, I burned one side of them -_-

In the afternoon, we decided to go back to the Rideau Centre, because yeah we’re cool. I stole Intornetz from A&W again, and bought more stuff even though I bought stuff yesterday from the same mall what is wrong with me. We also stopped by a really nice Chapter’s a street over. The entire store was apparently having a buy 3 get the 4th free sale, and I bought some pretty keychains as Christmas gifts for my managers :) Funny the keychains came in 4 different colours XD!

For dinner we went back to the same Italian restaurant we went to the last time I was in Ottawa: The Grand Pizzeria and Bar! And not surprisingly I ordered the same smoked salmon Fusilli 8D Andrew decided not to order his not-too-good meatballs from last time and got a yummy thin-crust pizza. Neither of us could finish our meals as it was around 5:30, so an early-ish dinner? We packed up food leftovers, went back to his place to drop off our food, and then called a taxi to get to the movie theatre so we could watch the second Hobbit movie at 7:10!

The taxi came a little later than we expected, but at least the driver was one of the nicer taxi driver’s I’ve come across. We made it to the theatre with 15 minutes to spare, but unfortunately all the good seats for IMAX were gone T^T! So instead we decided to get tickets for Thor: The Dark World instead, which started at 7. Luckily, commercials were still playing (and they continued to play until like 7:15) when we got our seats. Andrew even had time to go get water, and he had to get up again to get our 3D glasses, even though the ticket person said it wasn’t 3D. Oh well.

SO LET’S TALK ABOUT MY HUSBAND. I mean Thor. I mean the movie. The movie was good! I was expecting it to be super scary, I don’t even know why, but it wasn’t too bad. It had more comical moments than I expected, which I didn’t mind. I had an easier time following the plot this time than the first movie haha, but I wish Lady Sif had more screen time! She’s so awesome ;w; I also liked Stan Lee’s “can I have my shoe back?” cameo :P Andrew really liked the Captain America cameo as well XD! For some reason we were on to Loki and his tricks/lies the entire time. Maybe it was bad acting, maybe we have good intuition, either way I really hoping there’s a 3rd movie, but it definitely won’t be anytime soon. I hope Loki turns good :3 The preview had Lady Sif! And some funny pink cat girl. At around 9:30pm we headed back to Andrew’s place. Didn’t stay up late because I was getting a headache and it was irritating me.

Last but not least, onwards to the short Monday! Andrew didn’t get a chance to sleep in because he had class at 10:30. I got up a little later and made him breakfast again with his last sausage and eggs haha. Andrew had to stay a little bit after class to do a group/class essay critique thinger. It was short Monday because we didn’t really do anything, I packed, we chilled, and then before you know it we were on a taxi to the VIA Rail station. My train was at 5pm, and then Andrew went back home to work on his last and final assignment. The ride was again delayed, and I succumbed to buying a chocolate milk. I kept disconnecting off Zookeeper because there were way too many people around me with laptops competing for Wi-Fi. At around 9 I arrived at Union and took the subway back to Finch station where I was picked up by my parents. I was home a little before 10, and my mom wanted to steal one of my tokidoki vinyl figures. For some reason my mom also assumed I ate dinner even though I didn’t, so she made me, oh look, sausages for dinner. I swear I had sausages way too much that weekend.

OMG LONG BLOB IS DONE. *collapses*

Weekend in Ottawa (Freeloading At Andrew’s)

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FOR ONCE this blob is not late. I was pressured (reminded) by Andrew that I needed to blob so I shall grant his request. This is going to be a long blob.

On Friday (wow, it’s so difficult to type. I’VE ONLY BEEN AWAY FROM MY LAPTOP FOR 2 DAYS, FINGERS, WHAT IS WRONG?) I somehow managed to finish work on time (at 3pm) and then ended up at home at 3:30 by breaking many driving laws. My dad said he’d drive me to Finch station so I could subway down to Union where I could catch the VIA Rail at 6:35pm, and apparently getting home at 3:30 would give me just enough time. Good thing I packed everything the night before 8D Turns out my dad became sympathetic after catching sight of my 3 bags (my Hello Kitty backpack, super pink luggage and a sleeping bag borrowed from AngeL) and he said he’d drop me off at Union instead. I think he secretly wanted to finish watching his soccer game.

Traffic to down town was smooth enough. My dad dropped me off at a nearby intersection and then I just followed the crowds because honestly I had no idea where I was going. After about 15 minutes of wandering I finally found the section for the VIA Rail trains. It was a good thing I was about 45 minutes early, because there was already a super long line up. I managed some friendly conversation with the girl behind me but then when the conductor came to check out tickets, he told me I was in the wrong line (economy) and that I should be in the business lounge waiting to be called because I had the business ticket. So I dragged my stuff out of line and went to the business lounge, where they had comfy couches and free juice and coffee (I nabbed some juice 8D). I spotted some computers in the back and went on the Internet for a bit before I settled for Zookeeper Battle on my phone and tablet. It’s too bad I didn’t find this place earlier.

About 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time, we were allowed to board and I was starting to get hungry. The business class section had lots of leg space and I was anticipating a nice, relaxing ride because everyone around me were older/elderly. Unfortunately there were 4 men behind me who didn’t shut up for 4 hours and I didn’t enjoy my ride at all. On the bright side, I got snacks (rice crackers, and then I asked for more) and the dinner they served was quite good. For once I didn’t choose pasta but chose salmon on rice instead. It came with an interesting salad and delicious chocolate cake. Then again they do say hunger is the best seasoning 8D Everyone around me was drinking wine or some sort of alcohol while I enjoyed my bottled apple juice 8D

It was around 11:15pm when I finally made it to Ottawa and thank goodness Andrew was at the station waiting for me. (Thanks for buying me a toothbrush!) We waited a bit for a taxi and then after carpooling with 2 other people going sort of in the same direction in the taxi, we arrived back at Andrew’s apartment in about 10 minutes.

Andrew’s apartment was nice and cozy :) Though it did have crazy squeaky floors >.> But that’s okay haha XD! There was pizza waiting for me and after dinner I was just too tired to do anything. I then found out that Andrew separated his bed so that I could sleep on one of the mattresses. How very sweet of him :) But that also meant I borrowed AngeL’s sleeping bag for no reason 8D After showing Andrew my new obsession that is Zookeeper Battle, I believe we both passed out.

The next morning was a lazy morning because I kept waking up throughout the night. The giant rash patches that developed on my legs didn’t help me sleep. We didn’t get out of bed until…after noon I think? Andrew made me waffles and I stole some Intornetz on his laptop. I don’t remember what we did after. OH yes! We went to St. Laurent Centre for some shopping times because I like being indoors 8D The bus ride was quick enough, but man is it expensive :/ $3.40 for adult, and the transfer only lasts 2 hours :/ I should have loaded my Presto card, because that would have cost me $2.75 instead. Anyway, the mall was nice and big and we almost got lost. Took us a while to find Andrew’s beloved Sport Check but we did. We didn’t say too long because Andrew wanted to go to Sky Zone, which is basically an indoor trampoline park, so we flagged down a taxi and after suffering through stupid mall traffic which made our taxi fair more expensive than it should have been, we arrived at Sky Zone at about 3:30pm.

The place was PACKED. Omg. We didn’t expect it to be so packed. AND IT WAS MAINLY PACKED WITH ANNOYING LITTLE KIDS. If you don’t know, I hate kids. Well. Most kids. The crazy, misbehaved ones. And I definitely was super annoyed by the kids here. There were no adults at all watching the kids in the trampoline. Apparently there were like 28736823 birthday parties happening simultaneously and kids were just running around like mad everywhere. We asked when the next time slot would be and a worker told us 4:30pm was the next free jump time :( I didn’t feel like waiting an hour so we took another taxi back to Andrew’s place. Sorry, Andrew D:

Once we got back, I nommed one of Andrew’s microwave dinners. Man I miss those haha. So unhealthy but so convenient. I ate them like 3 times a day back in high school. This is why I am so unfit. But that’s going off topic. Andrew showed me a new anime called Golden Time. AND OMG XD I love the drawing style and the main girl character just stole my heart and gah XD! Romantic comedies are my favourite. I’m so glad I have a new anime to watch now teehee XD! We watched the 5 episodes that were currently out. I asked Andrew to download the ending song for me but unfortunately my laptop couldn’t sense his external hard drive, his Internet cable wouldn’t fit on my laptop, and Andrew didn’t have wireless Internet either :( SPEAKING OF, I SHALL DOWNLOAD IT NOW 8D

As usual this blob entry is taking much longer than it should be because I am getting distracted.

Oh yay, it’s time for dinner 8D

Okay. Uhhh. Where was I? Oh yes, Golden Time is a great anime :D If you’re reading this, give it a shot!

The next morning we were up slightly earlier than the day before :P It was also a lot chillier out :S We watched the OVA for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and let me say I like it a lot better than the ending for the anime :P After nomming delicious oatmeal for breakfast, Andrew took me down to a nearby river by his house because he wanted to show me something. It would have been a nice stroll had it been warmer but it was way too cold and I was getting a headache DX We turned back after about 15 minutes and I borrowed one of Andrew’s hoodies, earmuffs and gloves. We then took a bus (smart move!) to Ottawa University :D It’s a huge campus and apparently the buildings are scattered everywhere. I would totally have never made it to class if I went here because I have the worst sense of direction. Thank goodness McMaster is tiny 8D But yes, Andrew showed me around his campus and some of the buildings that he knew pretty well. It’s a good thing it was a Sunday because it was quiet and not swarming with students.

Ottawa University also happened to be right beside a nice shopping mall called Rideau Centre :D So yep, naturally we went there and window shopped. I mean I intended to window shop. There were several things I wanted to buy and I managed to resist, but I did purchase a tokidoki dust plug because I love tokidoki 8D I was also delighted to find a Forever 21 8D Didn’t stay too long in there (even though I can easily spend an hour there) because I didn’t want to torture Andrew :P

I was soon getting hungry and Andrew showed me the nearby market place with street fruit/vegetable vendors and restaurants. I definitely would have spent more time looking around bit it was getting chilly again. I settled on a restaurant called The Grand Pizzeria and Bar because Italian food is always my default 8D I ordered a delicious smoked salmon and cream sauce fusilli while Andrew enjoyed some meatballs and hot chocolate. There weren’t that many people so it was quiet and relaxing. T’was a nice late lunch/early dinner :) Oh yeah, I made Andrew come up with a poem about socks and blueberries in 2 minutes. Hahaha, omg I want to type it here but I won’t embarrass him. He did quite the splendid job, though :P

Long blob is long.

It was a little after 5 when we left an headed to the nearby bus stop. Waited for a bit for the bus to come but we were home soon after that. I forced Andrew to watch an episode of Kimi ni Todoke with me hahaha 8D I’m sure he hates me now but honestly it makes me go d’aww. Andrew then forced me to watch an episode of Silver Spoon. It was. Hmm. Interesting. It’s an agriculture anime. Very different, but I didn’t expect some parts to be so. Uh. Um. There were some unnecessary parts 8D Andrew likes it because it’s not your typical anime. If you want something different you should give it a go :P Afterwards I forced Andrew to keep watching Kimi ni Todoke with me 8D Torture for him muahaha we made it to episode 4 before I got a bit sleepy. I also decided to make some rice with chunky beef and vegetable soup as a side. Hooray for being a rice expert and requiring no measuring 8D *feels proud for the pathetic reason*

Since I needed to catch the7:30am VIA Rail train back to Toronto the next morning, we both needed to sleep early. I was still too full for pumpkin pie (Andrew kindly bought me pumpkin pie because he knows I like it, but we never touched it DX) and I felt bad, so I did the dishes. I then packed up my things so that I wouldn’t have to rush in the morning and then we were both off to bed.

The next morning, after another night of not-so-good sleep, we were awake at 6am. I decided to sleep a bit more while Andrew was in the shower. At around 6:45pm Andrew called for a taxi and it arrived at 7. I was nervous because initially there was traffic, but we made it to the station at 7:15. There was already a long line up, and then 2 minutes later it was boarding time. So we said our good byes and then Andrew was off to his first practicum day while I dreaded the 4 hour train ride to Toronto. I had a window seat so it was hard to sleep because the sun was always in my face. After 1.5 hours of Zookeeper Battle I just listened to music and dozed in and out of sleep. The train was delayed about 20 minutes, but that was better on my part because I would have had to wait an hour an Finch station for my dad. After wandering for a bit, I finally found the subway, and then I had trouble buying tokens because the stupid machine wouldn’t take my 20, despite me feeding it in 83768273 times. I ended up just changing my 5 into coins and then I accidentally dropped the wrong coin in so I paid an extra dollar for my fare -_- Great stuff, me.

I arrived at Finch station at about 12:35pm, and then my dad picked me up at 1. The drive home was quick and I was home in about 15 minutes. Obviously the first thing I did when I got home was plug in my laptop and connect to the Internet haha 8D
It was definitely an enjoyable weekend, having not seen Andrew since Thanksgiving. Not sure when we’ll see each other next, probably in 3 weeks or so XD! Gotta endure work until then.

Thanksgiving Weekend + Wreck-It Ralph

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Ah, it’s so nice to have a Monday off XD! I am supposed to be productive and clean (my parents are away on a trip) but the Intornetz has snared me again.

On Friday, after a surprisingly not-so-busy day at work, my dad picked me up and drove me to York to catch the GO bus to McMaster. We stopped by a Timmies for a quick snack because I wouldn’t have caught the 5pm bus anyway and I didn’t want my dad to do like 130 on the highway. When I got to York I was a little worried I wouldn’t have enough money on my Presto card to tap on and off. After tapping on, I only had 6 cents left DX! Luckily I think I was allowed to go into the negatives when I tapped off at McMaster.

At around 7 Andrew picked me up and then we went to rent Wreck-It Ralph. I wanted to see it last year, but then I began to forget about it. Recently I was reminded to watch it by my friend because she told me I’d really like it, so yep, got that rented. We then stopped by Swiss Chalet and wanted to get take out, but the take out menu didn’t have my beloved pasta, so we ended up dining in XD! Thanks for treating me, Andrew!


Um so yeah, we went back to Andrew’s house after dinner and then watched Wreck-It Ralph :D OMG IT’S A GREAT MOVIE HAHA XD! I feel like I need to watch it again because a lot of the dialogue was pretty fast so I missed a lot of the funny bits. I’ve also seen quite a few spoilers on Tumblr, but still, many parts made me giggle. Andrew of course understood 28376823 more game references than I did, but that’s okay 8D I really liked the part in the movie where you can make your own racing kart bahahaha, Sugar Rush needs to be a real game XD! OMG I JUST REALIZED SUGAR RUSH IS A PUN ON SUGAR RUSH. Like getting high on sugar. Okay. OMG I JUST REALIZED YOU CAN PLAY SUGAR RUSH ONLINE. So yeah um. Yeah. I just have a thing for colourful candy and yummy awesomeness. I don’t really have a favourite character but I loved all the character designs hehe XD! Especially Taffyta. Strawberries are awesome. I’m looking up all the names of the racers and omg I just love all the portmanteaus. I’m going to make my parents watch this movie but I have a feeling they won’t understand 90% of it.

After the movie we just chilled and relaxed. We slept relatively early, surprisingly, with me taking over Andrew’s bed as usual 8D

I feel like eating dumplings, I shall be back *flies off into sunset*

Hmm where was I? Oh right, so the next morning I was woken up by sounds in the kitchen quite early in the morning. My alarm also rang at around 9 but I didn’t really get out of bed until…11:30am? 8D Andrew’s parent’s asked if we wanted to eat breakfast together down at the William’s by Pier 4, so I quickly showered and off we went! It was unfortunately a bit gloomy but it’s still a nice place to eat at :) I ordered a chocolate croissant and a small London Fog. Didn’t want to eat too much and William’s isn’t cheap, but Andrew’s mom gave me one of her toasts @.@

After breakfast, we headed back and then Andrew showed me some clips from Penn and Teller: Fool Us. I wasn’t interested at first but wow, those two are really good! And it was amusing to see different magic acts hehe XD! I WISH I WAS A MAGICIAN D:

I spontaneously wanted to go to the mall at around 2:30, so off we went to Lime Ridge. Andrew told me there was a new Forever 21 store that opened up, and boy were there so many things I wanted to buy 8D Spazzed even more when I noticed it was 2 levels 8D Yeah, I ended up putting down like 4 things, but still bought stuff DX A bad habit of mine is refusing to try on clothes in the fitting rooms because I hate lining up. I have to go return a sweater I bought sometime this week before the deadline.

We didn’t stay too long at the mall because Andrew’s grandmothers were visiting, and he wasn’t sure if his car was needed, so we left a little after 4:30. When we got back, his grandmothers were already there, and so everyone just sat in the living room and ate fruit and veggie platters while we waited for Andrew’s uncle and his fiance so come.

Dinner was nice :D I felt bad not bringing any food DX! But I must say the asparagus wrapped in cheese and bacon was my favourite O.O I’m not a fan of asparagus, but the way Andrew’s grandmother prepared it…wow. I ate like 4 of them XD! I was apparently also not supposed to eat the ham skin/edge, but I don’t know, I’ve always eaten my ham that way, and when I went to Paris and Italy, everyone was eating it that way, too 8D Hmm just looked it up, phew, it’s safe to eat haha XD!

A game of Rummoli was played after dinner, and let me tell you I was very confused and still have no idea how to play it 8D I think Andrew was confused, too, but we both somehow ended up winning a round.

The dessert menu consisted of several choices of ice cream and various pies 8D I couldn’t decide between pumpkin pie and apple crumble, so I got both, but ended up only finishing the pumpkin pie. I forced Andrew to eat my apple crumble 8D Mmm pumpkin pie. I fell in love with pumpkin pie back in high school when I had a slice from the cafeteria. I’ve been a changed person since then. What.

After watching a bit more of Penn and Teller, it was time for me to leave because I needed to feed Wiz! Poor Wiz was fed really early in the morning by my parents but then they were off on a road trip to Mont-Tremblant so I needed to go home to feed him and clean his cage. Andrew was kind enough to give me a lift, and we got back to my house at around 10:30. I quickly let Wiz out and gave him his pellets, and then we watched Penn and Teller again haha XD! It’s too bad my bandwidth is dying or I’d be streaming some clips right now.

It was around midnight when Andrew left and then I proceeded to clean Wiz’s cage, and then somehow time flew by and it was past 3 O_O Tumblr is a time machine I tell you. That’s when I decided I needed to sleep, and here I am now, the next morning, taking 29386923 hours to type this out because I keep getting distracted.

Man, it’s going to be super busy tomorrow at work.

Andrew Fun Times + Shrek

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I long to see the day I write a blog entry that is actually published on the day it is talking about.

On Wednesday, after a long drive from Ottawa, Andrew came over to visit :) He chilled at Starbucks for a bit because I finished work at around 8:30, and then had to mail something at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I got home at around 9:10, and then OH WOW SUDDEN MEMORY LOSS WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT. Oh right, I remember Andrew wanted to shower, and I spent like 286823 years cleaning my bathroom because it’s that disgusting. I even asked my mom to dig out a new fluffy mat. I don’t remember what happened afterwards. I just know Andrew forgot to bring his pillow again.

The next morning I was apparently very bold and adventurous and we had breakfast at the Phoenix Restaurant. I wanted to drive Andrew since he did a lot of driving, but my parents took my dad’s car so Andrew ended up driving again :( I felt bad so I treated him to breakfast. He had 2 French toasts and we shared a yummy panna cotta for dessert :) After that we just had a shopping day. Went to Sport Chek, Canadian Tire, and then to Markville Mall. Bath and Body Works was apparently having a sale and I bought 3 mini candles for Andrew’s new place in Ottawa. Got myself foam soap and a large mint chocolate-scented candle. There were a lot of candles scents that I liked, and I’m not even a candle person, but the mint chocolate one really got me. Here’s hoping my room smells like mint chocolate soon. Andrew also managed to get a new shirt for work, too, yay~ Winner’s is awesome.

After that we were getting a little hungry so we had dinner at Pickle Barrel. The pasta I ordered was very yummy but Andrew wasn’t too happy with his burger haha :P Once that was done we headed back to my house and watched Shrek (and not Once Upon a Time, what is wrong with me?) because it was on Andrew’s external hard drive and my bandwidth was getting eaten. I’ve seen it before but I didn’t remember it, and Andrew thought I never watched it, so yep. It was pretty fast-paced, which I liked, but it’s not something I’d watch again :P Apparently Shrek 2 is really good, so maybe I’ll give that a try next time.

Once that was over Andrew had to leave to avoid traffic. Unfortunately he hit it anyway and got home at like 11:45 :( Not sure when we can hang out again since the next time I don’t have work is June 30 >.> I’m so tired all the time but for some reason I’m always glued to my laptop screen.