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Captain America: The Winter Soldier + Bunnies

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Omg kill me I have so much catching up to do in terms of blogging. This blog was supposed to be last week yeesh >< I don’t even remember what happened anymore D:

Andrew came to visit me, and I believe we went to nom somewhere. But where? *ponders* We shall probably never knows. Unless Andrew remembers. In which case I’ll update this.

Oh, I remember forcing Andrew to watch Cats Don’t Dance! A very old film that I saw way back when I was in elementary 8D I didn’t quite understand the script back then, but when I watched it again I realized how clever it was :P It’s a good short romantic comedy with really good animation for its time. Unfortunately Andrew didn’t really like it :P BUT THAT’S OKAY, I ENJOYED IT.

Oh oh oh it’s slowly coming back to me. The events. But backwards. Right. So before we watched Cats Don’t Dance, I needed to go pick up a package! Drove out over to the Shopper’s Drug Mart outside my house and stupid old me forgot the parcel slip =_= I drove Andrew over to the nearby Swiss Chalet to grab nommies for take out while I went back home to grab the slip, and then I picked up my parcel.

OMG MY PARCEL XD! I ordered it probably 3 days before, and it was free express shipping BEST DEAL EVER. What did I buy? 5 rabbit things O_O! A giant white rabbit back pack and 4 smaller super adorable rabbit plushies! Got them from Tokyo Otaku Mode online, and I had a $5 coupon as well 8D Bahaha, I’m so happy with my bunnies 8D I’M NOT OBSESSED.

1Nabbed this picture from the website. Got the white one with pink straps >w<

2LOOK AT THEM. I CAN’T. UGH. MY HEART *shrivels up*

Speaking of obsessed, I can’t stop eating these delicious Popeye candy sticks. Nom nom nom.

And now onto the actual main point of this entry. Andrew bought the second Captain America movie over for us to watch. Honestly, I wasn’t that excited to watch it. I mean, I pretty much saw half the movie in GIF format on Tumblr already haha, and I felt it was going to be a lot scarier than the first. Turns out I was wrong! The main villain that I thought would scare the crap out of me wasn’t even on screen half the time 8D I also felt more suspense, but at the same time it had many light-hearted moments and jokes. Anyway, we all know I only watch it for Black Widow 8D That girl can kick some serious butt.

Dang it, I can’t remember where Andrew and I nommed for dinner! This entry will need a lot of updating. That’s what I get for¬†procrastinating!


Captain America

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Andrew came over today :) I got up late as usual and he offered to come an hour later to give me more time to clean my room haha XD! I also told him to bring his bike so that we could go biking :) BAD CHOICE ON MY PART. I love biking, don’t get me wrong, but ANDREW IS TOO DARN FIT and it makes me look bad.

ANYWAY. So Andrew arrived at around 2, and he brought Iron Man 2 and Captain America (rented) with him. We decided to watch Captain America because he had to return it tomorrow. And what a good movie it is! :D I didn’t think I would like it to be honest, his uniform looks ridiculous (I think it’s the mask), but I believe he’s my second favourite Avenger :3 AFTER THOR. Because Thor is just too awesome. But yeah, good movie, we had to pause SO MANY TIMES because I am stupid and had to ask so many questions. Halfway through Andrew got hungry (I was eating my leftover spaghetti) so we biked to Harvey’s at the plaza right outside my house so he could get some foodies.

IT WAS SOOOO SUNNY. Omg…I was dying. I dislike being in the sunshine in general because I don’t want to burn. Biking during cloudy days is the best in my opinion, but yep, Andrew was fast, and once he got his food we went back to my house and finished the movie. FRIGGEN MOVIE HAS SUCH A SAD ENDING ;_; Andrew already warned me but omg…*sniffles*

Once that was done, we went biking again to a “nearby” park. We couldn’t spot the sign for the road to turn on so we went a little too far, which I shall say contributed to my tiredness. Didn’t stay too long because there were mosquitoes everywhere, and I got bitten on my thigh (it swelled up soooo fast, but it’s gone now…oddity), so we decided to go to Starbucks and I GOT TO TRY THE GREEN TEA FRAPPUCCINO FOR THE FIRST TIME OMG IT WAS HEAVEN IN A PLASTIC CUP. I also bought myself a cookie because macadamia nuts are AWESOME. Funny enough, after saying the frappuccino was mighty delicious I was only able to finish half. I blame the ice for melting and diluting it so I gave it to Andrew to finish :P He’s awesome for that.

After a bit of chatting we realized it was past 8PM O_O! Holy geeeeez, and we wanted to get dinner, too :( We biked back to my place and then decided that we would have dinner another time, so we just chilled in my room and talked about macarons and Malaria (how they relate I have no idea). Andrew then left at around 10:30 and now I shall proceed to attempting to finish my Harmony IV homework >.>