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Blue Mountain 2014

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I’ve been so lazy and tired lately (excuses, excuses…), and this blog is…yikes, almost 2 weeks late >.> I don’t even remember much from it to blog about 8D

Think think think!

Oh right.

Soooooooo on September 19, Andrew and I made our way through bad traffic to Blue Mountain! After some terrible confusion, we finally met up with my friends and we arrived alive at our little cottage. OH GEEZ THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO BLOG ABOUT IF I WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. I’M GONNA USE POINT FORM, SCREW THIS.


– Arrived at resort after a bit of trouble!
– Good dinner at Montana’s where I won the title of most Asian for treating everyone 8D!
– Had fun with late night grocery shopping at Metro :)
– Fun card games galore well into the night that involved a lot of reading @.@
– Talk like a pirate day. That was amusing haha 8D


– Everyone pretty much slept in from staying up too late, and our phones lied to us about the weather :S
– Weather was being bipolar and we pretty much just hung around in the cottage because it was sunshine 1 minute and then mad rain the next :(
– Went horse back riding at around 2 wheeeeeee ^_^!
– My horse once again took advantage of me…
– Went to the village to look for swimming trunks for Kendrick but no luck D:
– B-B-B-BEAVER TAILS BAHAHA 8D! Maple one is the best!
– Adrian and Andrew had a nice game of chess and a lot of people stared.
– Headed back to our cottage and went swimming!
– Actually I only went into the hot tub because the heated pool was such a lie D<
– Mmmm hot tub =w=
– Good old home made dinner prepared by Jennifer and Kendrick :)
– Tummy was killing me because dark chocolate milk and puree apple juice is not the best combination >.>
– Late night movie times involving Captain Hook.
– Frig I wanted to punch that kid in the face >:(


– Woke up relatively early to pack!
– After checking out, we all headed back to the village!
– Went on a scary suspension bridge, and my friends were walking extra hard to make it sway >:(
– Fun times going cave exploring/hiking.
– Many photos taken!
– Had a nice lunch (and we avoided the rain!) where everyone ordered pizza and I ordered…you guessed it. Pasta 8D
– Shopped around for a bit afterwards in the village.
– Found my beloved Popeye candy!
– Got 3 boxes…8D
– Sounds like a lot but really it’s not.
– It got super cold so we all decided to call it a day and head back!
– Made it to Kendrick’s place alive!
– Jen and Adrian were exhausted so they headed home first :(
– Had intense Sushi Go game sessions with Whitney, Andrew and Kendrick!
– Sushi dinners!



Blue Mountain Labour Day Weekend 2013

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Oh dear. Here comes a really long entry after not blobbing for a few weeks. My life’s just been full of work so that’s not surprising. If you haven’t guessed already, this entry is going to be about bunnies :D I’m kidding. It’s going to be about my fun Labour Day weekend (yes, I spelled that right because I’m Canadian).


So on Saturday, I had work as usual, and let me tell you all about the…not so bright people I had to endure. Actually let’s not. For some reason the shift seemed extra long to me, probably because I was really excited for being able to get 2 days off after.


Mmm, okay, so after work, my dad picked me up and we went to the nearest T & T Supermarket because I needed to buy my share of the foodies for the trip. Then I headed home to change and chilled a little bit because I thought my farewell dinner date with Anna and Julie (Anna’s going to Calgary for a new job until Christmas!) was at 6:30, but it turns out it was at 6! Yeah, was 20 minutes late for that, my bad!

We ate at Bombay Bhel as usual, and of course I had my awesome butter chicken. I was really craving it because the butter chicken from Swiss Chalet is…not very good. I got it with naan this time instead of rice but we all ended up sharing everything in the end haha. Every time we go there, the butter chicken tastes a little different for me. I might get the paneer next time, can’t believe it’s cheese! Once dinner was over Anna drove me home and we said our goodbyes to her! I got home at around 9, earlier than our usual for our dinner dates because Anna still needed to pack for her flight the next day and I was expecting Andrew :)


Anyway, so yep, Andrew arrived a little after 9:30, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I forced him to watch TV with me haha. Saw this show about buying things from a flea market, transforming them, and then trying to sell them at a higher price. It got me wanting to go to a flea market. Too bad there’s none where I live :(

The next morning I set my alarm for 7am but of course I ignored it! When I finally got up 283782 hours later, Andrew was already eating cereal I believe. I quickly showered and got ready and we were out the door a little past 9:30. We were supposed to meet everyone at the cottage (let me take this opportunity to say we were able to stay for free at a gorgeous cottage thanks to AngeL!) at around noon, and we wanted to avoid traffic, so we left a little earlier. Later on I got a text from AngeL saying they were running a little late, so Andrew and I stopped at a Tim Horton’s that was on the way for some foods.

We arrived at what we thought was the cottage judging by the GPS, but we couldn’t find the one with the right number haha. I texted asking AngeL for help and then Andrew and I saw a tennis court so we played tennis for a little bit (a phrase which here means me sucking and sending the ball flying in all the wrong directions) before we got kicked out by members of some random tennis club, what.

Eventually a text returned from AngeL saying they were on the way back from hiking and we found the right cottage! It’s a really nice open cottage, a lot bigger than I imagined. We quickly introduced ourselves to AngeL’s friends, Lily and Martin, and then we all moved our things inside. We had about an hour to kill before our scheduled HORSE BACK RIDING TIME at 2pm, so we all decided to grab foodies from the village at Blue Mountain! Andrew and I hopped into Jacky’s car along with AngeL and we followed Lily and Martin in their car. Triple date times haha 8D

The cottage is about 10 minutes from Blue Mountain, and after we found parking spots we all wandered together to find a quick snack. I wasn’t hungry for some reason, so I shared a cold drink with Andrew while everyone else went to get wraps/beaver tails. We managed to find some chairs after, and we sat and nommed while I went trigger happy. AngeL also brought her adorable Polaroid camera and she had a pack of Marvel themed films she wanted to use, so Andrew and I became her first test subject. We got a frame with a bunch of Marvel characters hehe, it was quite cute :)

SKIP SKIP SKIP TO HORSE BACK RIDING. We arrived right on time but the horses were still nomming, so we just chilled outside the barn for a little bit watching some ponies nom some hay. We then had to sign those liability release forms and I accidentally wrote my birth year as 2013 haha 8D Once that was done, we all were fitted for helmets and then led to a path where they brought the horses out one by one. TEEHEE THEY WERE ALL SO PRETTY AND I WANTED TO HUG AND SQUISH THEM ALL. Andrew was paired with the dominant mare/queen of the pack, a large horse named Jasmine, as he was first in line and apparently the dominant mare has to walk first haha. I was right behind him with a milk chocolate coloured horse called Seeker :) He’s the lazy bum of the bunch but can race really fast if he wants to. Behind me was Jacky on Ice, an attention loving white horse who loves eating, Martin on Pipsqueak, a huge white horse with a large bum despite his name, Lily on Ariel, and then AngeL was on the smallest horse named Fillie :)

After a quick how-to with the reigns and the correct way to pull/not pull, we were led by a trainer at the front with another trainer at the end. It was a really hot and humid day, but it was nice and cool when we got into the forest/woody area. My horse kept stopping to eat haha, and I didn’t want to kick/nudge him to move forward, so pretty much Seeker did what he wanted :P He kept going to the side of the path to nom, and I kept getting hit with the branches of trees since I was so high up. Good thing we were warned to wear long pants 8D After an hour or so we reached the barn again. My butt bone was hurting because I made Seeker go into a trot near the end of the trail. I felt extremely short when I got off Seeker’s back, horses are much taller than I imagined. After the horses were led back into the barn, we got to feed them because it was their last ride of the day! TEEHEE XD! We fed them apple slices and large pellets/biscuits. It’s a very funny feeling, feeding a horse. They vacuum the food up and leave lots of slobber on your hands :P Once that was over it was time to leave :( I hope I can go horse back riding again 8D

When we got back, we decided to go swim for a little bit to cool off! Conveniently the pool was literally 25 meters behind the cottage haha XD! The water was really cold to me at first but I warmed up pretty fast. Had fun playing with AngeL’s inflatable ball. We all sucked at hitting it haha XD! Actually the boys probably didn’t suck that much, but they were all in the deep end so they had to keep treading water. Pretty soon other people decided to swim, so we all went back inside to quickly rinse. Then Andrew mentioned he had 4 tennis racquets so we went to play tennis for a little bit :) I showed everyone how much I sucked at it because I kept hitting the ball over the fence haha.

Once tennis was over it was time for foods! Martin, Jacky and AngeL’s dad took over the barbeque and AngeL made us drinks :) Good food and good times. We had chicken wings, burgers, sausages, and short ribs (my corn lay forgotten 8D). Special mention to the frozen grapes. I was iffy about them at first but they were addicting haha. My favourite was the sausages, though. They’re always my bias when it comes to BBQ-ing. Pretty soon we saw a dark gray cloud heading over, so we tidied up, brought all the chairs and table back in, then everyone plopped on the couch from itis, except Jacky, who apparently has never experienced itis :P

At a little after 9:45pm we headed back to the village to watch the fireworks! Jacky got a little lost because it was super dark. When we arrived we couldn’t find chairs at all, so we decided to sit on the floor haha! Started a trend because other people eventually copied as 8D Such trend setters, we are. The fireworks started a little after 10, and I swear the people behind us were acting like they had never seen fireworks before. It was also starting to get quite chilly so as soon as the fireworks were over we headed back to our cars to avoid the mass traffic back to the cottage. We were supposed to play card games after but everyone was tired so we all just went to bed after deciding to skip out on the boat ride/water tubing for tomorrow morning because the weather wasn’t looking so good.

The next morning I ignored my 8am alarm again and was worried everyone was already awake but it turns out everyone slept in! Apparently the boat place called AngeL early in the morning and asked to reschedule to the afternoon since the weather wasn’t so nice, but AngeL told them we wanted to cancel and then she went back to bed haha. Yeah, we wouldn’t have made it for water tubing at 9am. After nomming cereal for breakfast, we headed to the village because Andrew had to leave at 12:30 to head back to Hamilton to catch a train to Ottawa :(

Andrew and I explored the shops a little while everyone else went to grab Beaver Tails. When I saw how deliciously unhealthy they looked, I wanted to get one as well 8D! Got the Maple Walnut one and shared it with Andrew. It was a little too sweet for the both of us, and Andrew found it too maple-fudge-like, but it was still yummy :) Warm fresh pastries are the best for chilly and windy days. We had about a half an hour left before Andrew had to flee, so we decided to go on the gondola ride up the mountain! I wasn’t so keen on it because it was really cold and windy, but the view was really nice :) Sadly, we couldn’t explore the trails at the top because of time constraints. After a group photo, I took the gondola back down and walked Andrew back to his car while everyone else took a few more pictures.

Long blob is long.

After wishing Andrew a safe drive home, I met back up with everyone else and became the fifth wheel :P Haha, not a bad thing XD! We then decided to go grab noms at a restaurant AngeL wanted to go to near the down town area of Collingwood. Unfortunately it was closed even though their website said they would be open :( Sad face. We explored the area a little bit looking for other restaurants, but most of them were closed. Ended up at a cozy vintage looking restaurant that boasted homemade dishes. The service wasn’t really good, but the food was really yummy :) I ordered a Caesar salad and lasagna, which I couldn’t finish because the salad was a lot bigger than I anticipated. Packed my lasagna up so I could have it for lunch at work tomorrow. I just realized I’ve been spelling lasagna wrong this whole time. Derp.

Once we’ve all had our noms, we wanted to explore the area more. We had just parked in front of a candy store when AngeL’s mom called her and demanded we all go back and clean the cottage because they wanted to leave and didn’t really trust us with cleaning :c So Martin took the lead back to the cottage and we all packed up our things and helped clean. Honestly there wasn’t much to clean. Jacky vacuumed, but that was pretty much it. We then wanted to stay and play games but got kicked out because AngeL’s parents didn’t want us to be caught in traffic and apparently there was a storm coming (which never hit us).

When we got back to Markham, it was time for dinner! Jacky wanted to grab Malaysian foodies, but the restaurant was closed :( We went to Ten Ren’s Tea Time which was at the plaza right across the street instead, and newly opened. I got excited when I saw they served macarons, but it was a bit expensive :P Funny enough, the menu also said no games were allowed, so our 7823837th attempt at playing card games failed :P Next time! I ordered noodles with beef, something I was really craving, but the noodles I got were not the ones pictured in the menu :/ Oh well, at least my green tea was really yummy 8D Our meals also came with pudding, that was really delicious as well :)

It was nearing 10 when we finally decided to go home. We all had work the next morning so we couldn’t stay out too late. Nt to mention extra traffic since it would be the first day back to school for kiddies. We said our goodbyes and then Jacky drove me back home. It was indubitably a fun weekend :) Wish it was longer. Thank you to AngeL for planning it! Can’t wait for the next long weekend :)