When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


I love animals! I’m also lucky enough to have pets in my life XD

BunBun my rabbit ^^ She’s very soft with very long ears XD! She’s also potty trained! She was around 2 months old when my parents bought her for me in November of  2003 (I was in grade 7). I’m not sure what breed she is…the lady at the pet store said she was a Micro Rex but…she’s way too big, so perhaps she’s just a Rex?  I’m a bit allergic to BunBun now, I get itchy bumps when I pet her. I don’t understand this because I used to squish her into my face a lot and I’d be fine. She’s often mistaken for being male O.o

R.I.P BunBun November 2002 – December 1, 2011.

Wiz my chinchilla ^^ He’s very mischievious and quite plump. I’m unfortunately a bit allergic to him, as I get rashes after I touch him, which is odd, because I didn’t used to be allergic =( I got him for my birthday from a nice family friend along with his brother named Ryoki, but unfortunately Ryoki died 8 months later =(

Wiz (light gray chinchilla), BunBun (rabbit) and Ryoki (dark gray chinchilla). Here they are eating out of my hand XD Ryoki died when he was 8 months old =( I think he caught a cold ><

Wiz and BunBun nomming some Timothy hay ^^

Ryoki (darker one) and Wiz sleeping side by side XD! Aww…

BunBun beside a jar of jam to prove how pleasantly plump she is XD

I’ve also had many fish as pets before,no pictures, but I think I had around 8 of them XD! They all died, though =(


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