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Guardians of the Galaxy + Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

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*calms down*

As usual this blog is quite late :P Andrew came to visit on Tuesday and I already forgot what we did aside from watching a movie haha XD!

Ummm, I believe he arrived a little past 11, and then we went to Go For Tea for lunch. I ordered a huge bowl of noodles and a yummy hot chocolatey drink. I was craving it ever since Anna got it to go a few days ago. Mmmm barley and chocolatey =w= Andrew wasn’t too happy with his condensed milk on toast. There was hardly any condensed milk grrr D< But at least he was somewhat happy with his blueberry flavoured drink.

After than we headed back to my house and Andrew showed me a new anime called Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. He’d been trying to get me to watch it for a while now, but I was lazy. I actually was intrigued by the preview picture on Crunchyroll, but because it was listed in the popular section, I wanted to be hipster and cool and not watch it because I’m hipster and cool and avoid mainstream *cough* Anyway.

Very glad Andrew showed it to me :) I was really confused at the beginning, and Andrew had to do a lot of explaining, (which I’m finding always happens whenever we watch anything) but I enjoyed the animation. Apparently, in Andrew’s terms, the anime is about engineering magic, and how magic is a science. I’ve pretty much caught up to the recent episodes now, and the main girl character is on my cosplay list 8D She reminds me of Elsa from Frozen, but like, Japanese? That said, I also feel that the recent episodes have lost some of the drive and cool factor I felt from the beginning few episodes, but I hope it returns.

At around 3:45 we headed out to the theatre to watch MY LITTLE PONY I kid, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Wanted to see if you were paying attention.

I didn’t have very high hopes for this movie. The posters did not look interesting to me at all. I also kept seeing spoiler GIFs on Tumblr haha 8D That’s Tumblr for you, I always find out about things from there. Mmm, but yes, the movie was above my expectations :P My favourite parts are definitely the special effects, though I know Andrew enjoys the script a lot :P I also asked many questions during the movie, and I believe it takes place in the same universe as the Avengers? Which is neat I guess, since I really like the Avengers, so I’m interested to see how they’ll be tied together. The universe has too many superheroes!

After the movie, we headed to the nearby Indigo, where I stumbled upon VOCALOID ART BOOKS OMGGGGGGG I SAW 4 OF THEM. HNGGGGGGGG art books *cries* I would have gotten all 4, but I really need to stop splurging *cries some more* Oh, and I also bought a nice set of pens, which I had fun doodling with during dinner at Montana’s 8D

Hmmm what else shall I include. Fan Expo is next week, and Dreamz and Jelee are coming over tomorrow so we can hopefully finish our cosplays :D Not sure if I mentioned it already, but we’re going to be wearing Perfume’s 1mm dance dresses :) The crazy white dresses with all the rainbow triangles that we are PAINSTAKINGLY HAND-PAINTING. If you see us, come take pictures with us ^_^ Hopefully we’ll have our 2 dances down as well :)