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Labour Day Weekend 2014

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OH MAN, what a late entry. And it’s going to be a rather long one as well O_O! To make up for it, I shall attempt to squeeze in pictures, but it’s totally pointless because they’re small thanks to my blog layout. WHATEVERRRRR~


SO ON SATURDAY. IT WAS FAN EXPO 8D 8D 8D! I had not gone since…2010? I usually don’t go because I find the anime scene isn’t so big there, and the tickets are up there in price range. Anyway, I didn’t sleep that well the night before but that’s okay! After I made sure I had everything I needed, my dad drove me at around 12:30 to the plaza where I was meeting up with Dreamz (she was finishing up with her doctor’s appointment). I got there a bit early so I just chilled outside looking like a hobo. When she was finished, her dad drove us over to my friend Kendrick’s condo, where Jelee and Adrian would be meeting us as well :D

ONCE EVERYONE ASSEMBLED, I stuffed my face and then Dreamz, Jelee and I changed into our PERFUME 1MM PV OUTFITS MUCH EXCITE VERY COLOUR SO TRIANGLE WOW. Yeah. We then practised dancing haha XD! We even invaded the exercise room because of the long mirrors, which were really useful for our dancing purposes. It was also our first practice actually seeing ourselves! It’s a little creepy watching yourself watch yourself dance. What did I do there.

After a few practice runs and some photos, we all headed down to Finch station (IN COSTUME OF COURSE 8D) and took the subway to Union. A few people were confused about our outfits, but there where more and more cosplayers as we made our way to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I was already slowly dying from wearing heels.

When we arrived, and I was already dreading and mentally preparing for it, but it was super humid and sunny outside. I was secretly praying it would thunderstorm and rain so it would cool down, but alas, nine Sickles and a dung bomb, the weather reporter lied. After finding a spot to settle/stand in the shade, I texted a bunch of friends to meet up, but none of us had convention badges, so that was a bit difficult :P I did manage to bump into my friend Philip, though, who I haven’t seen for a good 2 years :) After some photos, Dreamz, Jelee and I did spontaneous dances of Perfume songs, specifically Mirai no Museum and Spending All My Time. We had super fun recording, and even forcing Kendrick and Adrian to join in on a round of Museum no Museum haha, that was entertaining :P Man, dancing in the blazing sun and 37 degree weather do not mix :P I was dying, especially because I had my long hair down. Didn’t want to tie it up because ACCURACY FOR COSPLAY. Yeah. When it finally cooled down, and the sun wasn’t directly above us, we went crazy with photos again 8D I am really grateful for Kendrick and Adrian’s patience *bows down to both of you*

At around 7, we decided it was time to go nom, so we headed to a nearby Marché to fill our tummies :) It was a really pretty and cozy restaurant, but super busy. I waited a good 20 minutes for my pasta, and I felt it was a bit lacking in flavour. My drink was very yummy, though! A nice, fruity blend of kale, apple, and probably 2 more things I forgot. It was also a nice green, which was nice, but also not nice at the same time because green reminds me of work 8D…

Once dinner was over, we all headed back up to Finch for KARAOKE TIMESSSS YEAHHHHH! BUT BEFORE THAT. We stumbled upon some really sweet floor lights, and we all agreed it would make for an epic photo, so yeah, spent a few minutes there posing in the middle of the building and people were staring with their discombobulated faces. We didn’t care, really :P Once that was done, we realized how late it was, and proceeded to make our way back to the subway station.

I would like to take the time now to thank Kendrick for letting me wear his shoes as he walked in his socks. My feet were really hurting me, and I couldn’t walk very fast, and Kendrick was more than happy to lend me his sneakers. THANKS, SERGEANT. YOU GET A RAISE. But yes, because of my super slow walking speed, we arrived later than planned, but still super fun times ensued :D Lots of Backstreet Boys, old love songs, Disney duets, and key changing haha 8D I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was getting late. At around 11:40, Jelee drove me home and I basically collapsed from feet pain.

moar mini us wheeeHere we are enduring the blazing sun and heat wave.

mini us supah awesomeMan, this is epic. Check out the floor lights. Yea.


I obviously slept in on Sunday =w= After a very eventful Fan Expo, Sunday was my day for a nice quiet afternoon tea date with my friends Anna and Julie. I drove down to Anna’s place at around 1:30, and once we were all ready to go Anna’s dad drove us to Finch. We then subwayed to Union and then walked to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

It was a nice and cozy little restaurant that we dined in. Not too many people, but I found it a bit too dim. It was 2:45pm, though, so I guess the curtains were closed to hide the supreme sun. We started off with our tea orders, with Anna ordering a fancy Orange Pekoe blend and Julie copying me with Earl Grey :P Can’t go wrong with Earl Grey =w= As for food, we had super yummy mini sandwiches, delicious scones with clotted cream and different jams, swan-shaped cream puffs, macarons, some really yummy fruity mousse, and a really rich chocolate slice of cake. My favourites were the sandwiches and the scones. Scones are slowly climbing up on my list of favourite pastries list 8D

We wanted to take our time with eating, but at around 3:45, we were told that we could have a free tour of the rooftop herb garden, which was at 4pm, so we quickly nommed everything, signed the waivers, and joined the tour, guided by the sous chef :O Wondering how he had the time haha 8D

The herb garden was more herby than I expected. We were a small group, and were warned there would be many bees buzzing around. I was a little nervous, but honestly there were probably 2 bees that even flew close to me. We learned about the different herbs that are grown, completely organic of course, and even got to try some. Julie and Anna tried this leaf thing that I suspected was a variety of horse radish, because apparently it tasted like wasabi. I ate a tiny alpine strawberry for the first time. We wanted to go near the bee hives as well (the hard-working bees produce like 700 pounds of honey per year for the restaurants in the hotel!), but bees were swarming way too hard around them. No matter :P

Once that was done, we just went back to the hotel and took pictures and hobo-ed in the lobby haha 8D Ahhhh air conditioning. At around 6pm, we decided it was time to leave and then we subwayed back to Finch, where we got picked up by Anna’s dad again. Once we got back to Anna’s place, I drove home and relaxed a bit before Andrew arrived at 7:45 and we made our way to Hamilton.


A super duper lazy day. Labour Day. Slept in, ate breakfast. We wanted to go play tennis but seriously the second we were about to leavethe sky began to cry :( It was the storm that was promised on Saturday for Fan Expo I bet. On the bright side, Andrew introduced me to a new anime called Nisekoi. I’m liking it so far, it’s really casual and we watched like 8 episodes. I saw a few more last night, but felt after episode 10 the storyline was dragging a bit. Hopefully it picks up! And hopefully everyone smartens up with their feelings and I don’t want to see any more dense-headed-ness. My English is amazing.

For dinner we went to Swiss Chalet, because we couldn’t really think of anything else haha. After dinner, Andrew drove me to McMaster so I could pick up my 7TH DRAGON HATSUNE MIKU TYPE 2020 FIGURINE WIRUGHIUHWRG. I was supposed to pick it up during Fan Expo, but yes, difficulties. Man, the box is huge! It’s sitting on my table at the moment, and I really want to open it and take a lot of pictures, but but but box pretty yeah don’t wanna open ugh first world problems. Hopefully this gorgeous figurine won’t trigger a new addiction @.@

With my figurine finally picked up, Andrew drove me back to my place. Got home at around 10:30pm because I had an early shift the next morning. I was really dreading working the next day because yeah. 3 days off, not in work mode.