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No Game No Life + Canada Day Weekend

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Secondly, is this an anime post?! No way :O

Actually this is just going to be a few entries in one entry again. Haha, if that even makes sense. I had 3 days off from work, which was SUUPAH AWESOMUUUUU 8D! I’m so lame. My congee is on fire.

On Sunday, Dreamz and Jelee came over for more dance practice times! Super fun, and we perfected and figured out a lot of things. Even did a one shot of the Spring of Life dance without knowing it haha omg that was so terrible but hilarious. We also finalized one of our costumes for next Anime North OH HO HO HO 8D! Jelee’s going to be making all three dress bases for us, she’s so hardcore @.@ And all the details will be done individually I guess. I can’t wait to paint details on because I’m cheap like that 8D While we practised, Adrian updated my computer for me because I was still using the version of Linux from like…2010? 8D IF YOU’RE READING THIS YOU’RE SUCH A PRO HACKER/UPDATER. A thousand thanks!

Once we were all gross and sweaty from practice, the four of us went out for dinner at Go For Tea! Kendrick was kind enough to join us, and as always good noms were had =w= I actually ordered the wrong thing, but that’s my fault. Oh wells. Had lots of fun taking gangster pictures, and Kendrick even brought some of his home-made-egg-less cooking for taste-testing! Super yummy cakes ;w; Wow that was a lot of dashes. I stole 2 boxes 8D

THE NEXT DAY, which was Saturday, I had a date with my friend Julie ( :D Originally we were supposed to meet up at Fairview Mall and subway downtown together but then things happened and there was much confusion and last minute decision making, and in the end my mom dropped me off at Eaton’s and Julie met up with me 20 minutes later. We had a great time shopping around, and I managed to nab 2 Fluttershy plushies for $2 each 8D I KNOW, WHY DID I BUY 2?! I couldn’t resist the deal. There were actually a lot of great deals happening in the mall, and my wallet cried a lot. I also satisfied my mint chocolate ice cream craving. BUT I’M CRAVING IT NOW UGH KILL ME.

For lunch, Julie took me to a Japanese restaurant I’ve never been to before, and I forgot the name because it was too hot and humid that day it fried my brain. I ordered a yummy beef udon, and we shared takoyaki >w< We also had planned to go to an outdoor garden/green house thing, but it was wayyy to hot to do that, so we ventured back to Eaton’s and just spent the rest of the day wandering and enjoying the air conditioning 8D

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant on the upper floor of Eaton’s called Mr. Greenjeans. I ate there once previously with other wifeys and enjoyed my experience, so I thought I’d drag Julie along 8D It’s bigger than it looks, and I love the decor 8D Obviously we both went trigger happy with our cameras 8D We also both ordered pasta, and I had high expectations, but unfortunately it was way too oily. Our appetizer also came after our main, but it was super delicious! I forgot the name, but it was a yummy chips with dip of some sort. After we talked and chilled some more because we were super stuffed, we decided it was finally time to subway back to Fairview, where I was picked up my dad.

Still craving mint chocolate chip ice cream.

YESTERDAY, was CANADA DAY! And Andrew was nice enough to visit even though he knew it was going to be a boring day because nothing was open, and if it was, it would be packed with people (applies to malls and restaurants). Watched a little bit of the World Cup with my dad, and then we watched episodes 6 to 12 of No Game No Life. I had watched 1-5, but then realized my bandwidth was probably dying as I only get 25GB a month, so Andrew suggested he’d download the rest for me on his laptop for me to watch. And omg, it’s such a great anime! I am absolutely in love with the animation style! And the colours! Ughh don’t even get me started. The anime has fan service, but the plot and drawings made me overlook that. I am also really impressed with the voice acting :3 I don’t usually say that, but I’m saying it, so you know I’m serious! I even found my next cosplay! OH HO HO! It shall be interesting. But yes, if you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend it! I really hope there’s a second season!

Jelee and Adrian also paid me a visit at around 3 because I was having internet problems since my laptop was updated. It only took Adrian about 15 minutes to fix the problem, and I really need to treat them both to dinner one day! Many thanks again!

At around 7, Andrew and I went out for dinner with my parents and, yes, we had Japanese food! Hehehehe that was yummy. We originally wanted to go to our usual place (Inatei near Highway 7 and Leslie) but it was actually fully booked, so we went to Izakaya Tsuki, the same place where I had my awesome birthday dinner =w= The food was good, and it wasn’t mad packed, which I liked :) I really like their takoyaki! I’m craving it again ugh D: (but I don’t think takoyaki and mint chocolate ice cream is a good mix) Once dinner was done, it was back to my place! Andrew and I just sat and talked for a bit more and then he left at around 10:45pm.

It was definitely a nice 3 days off =w= Made up for the super busy day at work today =_= And now I shall look up pictures of my potential cosplays BAHAHAHA 8D!


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