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Ripley’s Aquarium + The Distillery District

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I need to blob! It’s quite late as per usual, but that is okay!

On Sunday, Andrew and I FINALLY WENT TO THE AQUARIUM IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO YAYYYYY! I’ve been meaning to go for…quite a while now, but our schedules just never matched up. Anyway, I was supposed to take the subway down and meet Andrew at Union Station, but my parents decided last minute that they didn’t want me to subway alone, so they dropped me off haha 8D

There was NO TRAFFIC and I got to Union in like…20 minutes? Record I say. I was early so I wandered around and grabbed a banana pecan muffin while waiting for Andrew. After he arrived, we had some trouble looking for the path to lead us to the aquarium (darn you construction! It’s been 872638723 years and you’re still ongoing!) but eventually we got there in one piece XD!

OH. I WAS SO FRIGGEN PISSED. Okay. I brought along my dSRL and I REALIZED WHEN I GOT TO THE RIPLEY’S AQUARIUM SIGN THAT I FORGOT TO CHARGE MY BATTERY WIRUGIUWHRG I was so sad the rest of the day :( Had to make do with my crappy phone camera sighhhhhhh. I definitely need to go back for pictures!

The aquarium itself isn’t really big, and it was SUPER CROWDED thanks to it being the long weekend ._. Luckily Andrew purchased the tickets online and we were able to by-pass through the Anime North-like registration line bahaha 8D Waited 2 minutes to go in.

Best part of the aquarium? Honestly, I can’t explain it. It was like walking through a glass tunnel but all around you are sharks, sting rays and a variety of fish. There was a conveyor belt moving people slowly along so you could just stand there and look up as you passed by. Super neat and cool. Saw 2 derpy sharks just chilling on top of the glass tank haha 8D!

Didn’t spend too long in the aquarium, maybe a little over 2 hours? We then took a taxi to the Distillery District because there was some art thing happening. Unfortunately for us, it started to rain the minute we got out of the taxi :( Le sigh. So we decided to find a place to nom instead and give the rain some time to pass.

We ate at a restaurant called the Beer Hall. I ordered a yummy barbeque chicken flat bread thing, and Andrew had chicken with…mashed potatoes? I don’t remember, but it was yummy :) The only downside was the wait time for our food was quite long, and it was super loud, but that was likely because of all the people there over the long weekend.

Before we knew it, it was 5:30pm and APPARENTLY THE ART THING WAS SCHEDULED TO CLOSE AT 6 so we quickly asked for the bill and then spent the next 40 minutes-ish exploring the little tents and stalls set up in the area. Most of the tents were selling artsy things like jewellery, candles, and there was even a cool tent selling neat steam-punk inspired jewellery. It’s too bad it was chilly, I think I got the sniffles afterwards.

At around 7, we decided to walk back to Union station instead of taking the taxi (bad idea, super cold), and then Andrew got his GO train ticket and I headed back up to Finch station. A good day, and I will most definitely be going back to the aquarium!

UM UM UM IT’S PAST 10 AND ANIME NORTH IS TOMORROW. I said this already hmmm. Here’s a low-quality selfie of my Sylveon cosplay ^_^! My headband is super heavy because…well because of a variety of factors. My ears are 4 layers of foam, the ribbons are wired, and I don’t have a sewing machine, so everything is held together by glue gun, and yes, glue can get super heavy. I’m totally going to have super steroid neck muscles when Anime North is over 8D



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