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Hong Kong + Taiwan Vacation

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WHAT. I am gone for 2 weeks and WordPress changes on me again!? No, you are not Facebook. Stop.

ANYWAYYYYYYYY I came back last night at around 7pm from my much needed vacation. I say vacation, but the main reason for the trip was to see my grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s now. I still managed to have a great time, even though I was sick for the majority of it, thanks to my mom >.> Don’t think I’ve ever tried so many different medications over such a short period of time haha XD! I’m still coughing and I have a migraine.

I don’t want this to be a long entry, so I shall just use point form notes.

H O N G    K O N G

– Was at the airport on the 6th! Waited an hour in line just to get through security check because Canada’s not efficient when it comes to these things. Dreadful 15 hour flight. Watched Frozen in Korean.
– I’m always amazed with HK’s airport. It’s huge and clean and there are so many shops, and customer service is spectacular. Oh, and wait times are super short. Yay for finger scanning processes!
– Right after arriving in HK, my uncle demands to see us even though we’re super tired haha XD! Had yum cha/dim sum with my grandparents as well. Grandfather didn’t remember my dad, but my grandmother did after much long thought. On the bright side, they are both super healthy with great appetites, and they walk faster than me haha 8D
– HK’s weather wasn’t as hot thank goodness, but the humidity kills me every day. Though the last few days were pretty bad…28 degrees and 90+ humidity index omg.
– I stayed with my grandmother again this year like last time. Very small apartment but it’s cozy. I slept in her extra room on the same floor while my parents stayed a unit above. We live on Cheung Chau island, and pretty much everyone knows everyone.
– Managed to find one Liz Lisa store (where I went broke. I only bought 2 things >.>) and one Ladurée (where I wanted to dine but the waiting time was way too long)
– No tax or tip needed for foods/shopping! Super awesome! 8D!
– Everyone knows about the Octopus card, but ughhhhh it’s like one of the best things about HK, seriously. That, and the super efficient transportation system.


– SOOOO I’ve never been to Taiwan before, and the weather is totally bipolar as well :D Pretty hot/humid during the day and chilly at night time. Went with my mom, her younger brother, and his wife. My dad stayed in Cheung Chau to visit his parents more in the nursing home.
– The flight was supposed to be about an hour and 20 minutes, but we got there in an hour. Cathay Pacific has huge planes with magical engines I guess.
– Stayed at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taipei! It’s an older hotel, so the rooms were huge! I shared a balcony room with my mom, and we each had a queen size bed, and a little den area. And omg the bathroom. Big bathroom.
– Oh, so I was an idiot and left my underwear in a bag back on my bed in Cheung Chau…so I had to go to UNIQLO and buy underwear from the kid section because only those were cotton.
– MADDDDDDDDD SHOPPING. I came with an empty luggage and left with 2 luggages (borrowed one from my uncle) and my mom’s 2 large LeSportsac bags >.> Everything’s super cheap, AND you can bargain. I bought so many pretty shirts/skirts for like under $5 ._.
– My uncle has mad patience haha. Not sure how he was able to handle 3 women just shopping and shopping.
– Unfortunately I was ill the 4 days I was here. I caught my mom’s cold :( Took so many different cough/headache/pain medications >.>

B A C K   T O   H O N G   K O N G

– After splurging in Taiwan, I really needed to STOP BUYING STUFF but did I listen? Psh nope.
– Had many, many family dinners. Met so many people I didn’t know I was related to. Apparently I’m the youngest in my generation from my dad’s side and the oldest in my generation on my mom’s. Interesting.
– Had to buy an extra luggage because I had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.
– I really need to thank my aunt and uncle on my mom’s side for their mad hospitality. They drove us EVERYWHERE whenever we came out to Hong Kong, and treated us to way too many meals >.<
– I also need to thank all my relatives on my dad’s side for their mad hospitality as well!
– And of course, thank you to my grandmother for letting us stay at her place! She likes complaining a lot and worries too much, but she means well. She can’t walk very well but came out with us almost every day ;_;

And now time to unpack and organize and kill my bandwidth by uploading pictures.

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  robostrike wrote @

I totally forgot to mention that you should go here;

Oh well, sounds like you had a blast of time >V< wait for next year to go there~ you will never want to leave HK (or that store) for a longgggg timeeeee~ (cuz I never did XD)

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