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This is probably going to be my last entry before I head to Hong Kong for 2 weeks! WOOT. I need a vacation. Seriously. I can’t wait to shop, but I’m already dreading the humidity.

Anyway, Andrew came to freeload on Saturday! Oh, I need to tell the world my fail story. Originally I was going to freeload at Andrew’s place, but I found out last minute there was a staff meeting on the Saturday, so it would be quite late when I finished. THEN THEN THEN UGH I found out when work was done that I read the email wrong and the meeting’s the week after. UGH WHY AM I SO PATHETIC.

So yep, Andrew came instead, and WOOT he bought my Frozen on DVD and BLU-RAY YAY! Yeah, we totally watched that again, it was super awesome bahahaha 8D! Oh wait, rewind. We actually went out to eat dinner first because I was starving. Decided on the road that we would go to Panera Bread, which is my new-found go-to dinner place :D I like that I can steal Internetz and legit like their salad and French onion soup XD! AND THEY OFFER FREE TEA :D WOOT! So yeah, that was nice :D It’s nice to eat at different places every now and then.

Fast forward! We are back at my place and we watched Frozen again like I mentioned already XD! Also saw the extra bits like deleted scenes and stuff, though I wish the deleted scenes were more “polished” instead of sketchy, but oh well. Didn’t do much after that, I got a headache and then headed to bed early haha XD!

The next morning, I had planned to get up early and go nom some breakfast with Andrew, but of course mother nature hates me, so I just annoyed Andrew while he marked some assignments for school. I also finally remembered, with the help of Andrew, that I still didn’t give him his birthday present yet! Haha, I’m such a terrible person. He already knew what it was though, since I had purchased it 2836823 months in advance 8D For those curious, I got him the entire first and second season of Spice and Wolf on Blu-Ray and DVD :) So, obviously, he wanted to try it out, and we spent the next few hours just watching it on my TV 8D It wouldn’t play on his laptop for some reason :/

Unfortunately Andrew had to leave at around 3ish because his family wanted to celebrate his belated birthday haha. That and he really had lots of school work to do. So at around 3:15, he headed back home, and then I took Advil and knocked myself out. And by that I mean I went to sleep to forget my physical pain. Fun fact: I woke up at around 9 and then watched Frozen again with my parents 8D

Hmm, what else has been happening. Had a very enjoyable dinner with my high school girlies a few weeks back. We were having trouble planning it before, so I’m glad we managed to get together. We ate at this yummy restaurant called Sonoya at First Markham Place, and had super fun just catching up on our lives. A few of us hadn’t seen each other for a good…5+ years haha XD!

What else to blog about. Hmm. My dance crew (and by that I mean Jelee and AngeL) came over again last night, and we had a very fun dance practice session haha XD! Oh, we finally decided on a group name! 5YNCHRONIZ3! Yeah we’re super cool *cough* Long story. Anyway, we’ve perfected Mirai no Museum to about 95%, and we’re still learning Spending All My Time. Super excited for when it’s going to be perfect. We have matching outfits and everything hehe 8D

I really should sleep now. 8am acupuncture session awaits me, le sigh.

Side note, whenever I try to add “Andrew” as a tag, it automatically un-capitalizes the “A”, how strange.

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