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My 24th Birthday Celebration

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I’ve been meaning to blob earlier, but life freeloaded without permission again!

So my birthday was this past Wednesday (March 5) and I am now 24 years old eeek DX! But this post starts with a few days before that!

On March the first, AngeL took me out and spoiled me :D She came to pick me up a little after 11 (originally she was going to kidnap me at 11, but her iPhone decided to be a jerk and erase a bunch of things and she needed to download some basic things so she could actually contact people) and then we went to the GO bus station in Unionville. Our plan was (as far as I know) to head downtown and shop and eat and then have dinner back in Markham at around 7 with some friends :)

The bus ride felt very short because bus rides are always short when you’re with good company :) I had some trouble paying with my Presto card AGAIN GEEZ I FRIGGEN HATE YOU PRESTO because apparently I didn’t have enough money EVEN THOUGH I KNEW I had at least $20 in there. ANYWAY, the bus driver was nice and I gave him $10 to put on my card so all was good.

Skip skip skip the ride. We are now downtown! And it’s really windy despite the sun shining happily. Our first stop was to this yummy crêpe place because I was starving. I ordered a classic strawberry and banana crêpe with Nutella to share with AngeL, as well as a yummy hazelnut milk to warm me up. Oh mannnn, so yummy! Definitely need to go back there when the weather is warmer.

After sharing the yummy crêpe, IT WAS TIME TO SHOP :D I believe we shopped around Queen’s street? Best deal of the day was when I got a scarf from Claire’s for $2! The original price was like $20 or something haha 8D And of course we had to stop by Kensington Market! Twylight is such an awesome store ;w; I had lots of fun admiring the hair accessories hnggg @.@ We stayed in there for…almost an hour I believe, just admiring all the beautiful dresses and handbags 8D AngeL wanted to buy a petticoat but they were sold out of white ones. We also stopped by Blue Banana, which is a huge place with little mini “stores” inside. It’s a great place to do various gift shopping for people :) I managed to find an adorable chrome bunny to add to my bunny collection 8D Didn’t really stay long because we had a reservation for afternoon tea times!

Skip skip skip the subway ride and cold walking and TADA we made it to Annona Restaurant at Park Hyatt hotel :D Omg, I love afternoon tea bahahaha, especially with my lovely soul sister <3 We both got the afternoon tea special, and had an awesome time nomming on yummy food and desserts. I definitely need to go back there, I especially loved the mini sandwiches and scones. Ugh the scones! They were dusted with icing sugar! Scones are slowly climbing up my list of sweet pastries. As for the actual tea part of the afternoon tea time, I ordered the special Annona blend. It was a very creamy and light mix of orange and vanilla :) AngeL also ordered something similar, but hers was more sweet. Oh, I need to mention the giant teapot of tea we both got. Oh man, it was definitely enough for 10 cups O_O! We couldn’t finish it @.@ My bladder needed emptying after 8D Thanks for treating me, AngeL<3

We finished at around 6, and then after taking some Polaroids and outfit shots, we headed back to Union station, where we met up with Jennifer :D! Then all three of us took the GO back up to Richmond hill, and AngeL drove us to dinner time!

Dinner was at Izakaya Tsuki! I’ve never been before, and omg I’m so glad I went! The food was delicious! I was still a bit full from afternoon tea, so I didn’t eat that much, but that’s okay! Thank you to Michelle, Sarah, and Jacky for joining as well :D Good food is paired best with good friends ^_^ I’m so glad we sat at the corner table haha, we were SO LOUD because Jacky introduced us to a cherades app he had on his phone and omg hahahaha I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out 8D Had so much fun trying to mimic animals, anime and Disney movies haha XD! Good times =w=

When we finally calmed down, I was surprised again by a lovely cake! Haha, funny story. AngeL had already ordered me a cake, and apparently Jacky was sent to pick it up. At the bakery, there was a girl ordering a cake for “Fushi” and the pastry chef was all confused because she had already made a cake for “Fushi” and then Jacky was like “Michelle? Is that you?” XD! Haha, wow, I could have gotten 2 cakes! That would have been intense 8D Michelle did end up buying macarons for everyone, though ;w; Hnggg my friends are too awesome <3

It was almost 10:30 when we decided to relieve the restaurant of our craziness, and then Jacky drove Jennifer to the subway station, while the rest of us decided to go to a nearby Tim Horton’s to await Sarah’s ride. Good chatting times again, and I learned about the yummy green tea double double that Michelle likes to order with her red velvet muffin :) When Sarah’s ride came, AngeL drove me home :) Hngggg thank you for planning everything for me <3


On my actual birthday, I was surprised AGAIN when AngeL and Jennifer BOTH CAME TO MY HOUSE. I was not expecting that haha 8D I was only told AngeL was going to drop off my gift (and I actually forgot about it), but they both surprised me and Jennifer even brought me yummy tarts T^T And omg the card, they both got me a beautiful macaron card with a dangling Eiffel Tower charm on it. MY FRIENDS KNOW ME TOO WELL. The three of us had fun just chatting and talking again on my kitchen floor haha, and geez, I felt so spoiled and blessed.

So yes! Happy birthday post be done!

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