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Valentine’s Day Weekend + The Lego Movie

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It’s Family Day today, which means nothing is open, which means it’s a home day, which means I can write a blob entry! I actually just came back after my dad and I dropped my cousin off. Apparently she has a hockey game to watch and it starts at 3. We went to yum cha earlier (haven’t gone in YEARS) and then wandered Pacific Mall for an hour before taking her home.

But back to the point of this blob. On Saturday, my dad dropped me off at York again so I could take the bus to McMaster. Presto didn’t fail me this time. Usually when I put money in my card it says I have no money. Anyway, I took the 11:30 bus, and arrived a little before 1. Andrew had told me before hand he needed to get some things done in the morning before he could pick me up, so why not visit the campus book store I thought? I’ve been meaning to visit Titles for a few months now…and of course the ONE Saturday that I could go, IT WAS CLOSED. No matter, no matter, I say to myself, I shall go to the registrar office and ask some questions about my transcript, which I’ve also been meaning to get for about 2 years now haha. AND OF COURSE IT’S ALSO CLOSED. Not to worry, though. I grabbed a random chair that was conveniently at a random desk in the hallway, which also conveniently had a TV that was showing reruns of the Olympics, and I sat there to waste time. Saw reruns of skeleton and a bit of curling, and then watched 2 TED talks as well.

Not long after, Andrew came to nab me, and then we went to Lime Ridge because I was craving Booster Juice and Andrew needed to scan stuff. Ahhh Booster Juice =w= I used to think it was gross, but I’m addicted now. Tried 4(?) different flavours so far. I really like the Berry Cream Sensation and Mean Mocha. Hngggg. I’m craving it now again.

We wandered Lime Ridge a bit, then headed back to Andrew’s place and watched an episode of Kyoukai no Kanata. Also nommed some pizza. We wanted to go to the 7pm showing for The Lego Movie, but 40 minutes prior, when we wanted to double check, the tickets were already sold out online. So yep, we decided on the 7:40pm showing instead. We also left the house at 6:50 because we wanted to make sure we’d get tickets at the theatre. We managed to do so, but wow the theatre was already packed at 7:15 >.> At least we found good seats 8D The movie finally started at like 8pm.

I wasn’t expecting much out of The Lego Movie. I never saw the trailer, but I did see a few GIF sets on Tumblr. It looked really lame to me and I couldn’t figure out how it was getting such good ratings and reviews. In retrospect, it wasn’t too bad :P The dialogue is quick and clever, and I was very impressed with the animation. Every scene is done with lego, and some random human objects, but geeeeez, must have taken forever. I liked the many references that were used (How are they not getting sued for this?) but the ending was predictable. All in all, not a bad movie :) I probably would have enjoyed it more if I watched it myself at home or something.

After the movie we headed back to Andrew’s place and just chilled. OH YEAH, I forgot to mention the adorable gift Andrew got me 8D It’s a little rabbit for your desk, and if you pull the ears, they are actually scissors :D And the rabbit’s holding a magnetic carrot and it also comes with green paper clips that stick to the carrot bahaha it’s adorable. Oh and he also got me a box of mini Reese chocolates. BUT BUT BUT THE RABBIT. GO, GOOGLE IMAGES. 
The next morning (Sunday) was a snowy morning. But no matter, we nommed breakfast and watched some of the Olympics on TV. Mainly figure skating, but I think Andrew was going back and forth between hockey, skating and speed skating 8D After that I caught up on my anime on Andrew’s laptop while he read a school book of his. Couldn’t really do much after because I needed to head to Vaughan Mills to meet up with my parents and cousin for dinner. We left at around 4:50 because Andrew needed to get gas, and arrived at Vaughan Mills at 6pm. Andrew then had to go home to do school work, and I wandered around looking for my parents and cousin.

At around 7, we (my parents, my cousin, and moi) had dinner at Grazie, which is a really nice Italian restaurant. I really like their pasta, but the wait times suck because it’s so popular. I think we waited for a good 20 minutes, but oh well. My cousin and I both ordered a yummy salmon fettuccine (OMG I JUST GOOGLED UP THE WORD IT DOESN’T END WITH AN “I” I AM AN IDIOT I ALWAYS SPELT IT AS FETTUCINI) in a creamy tomato sauce.

Once dinner was over, it was time to go home. We stopped by the Shoppers Drug Mart outside my house because I my cousin really liked the mini Reese cup I gave her 8D She ended up buying lots of chocolate haha XD! Good for souvenirs for when she goes back to Hong Kong next week.

And with that, my entry comes back full loop! My cousin stayed over and then the next morning (today) we went yum cha and browsed Pacific Mall before dropping her back off at her host family’s place.

Ughhhhhh nothing to do on Family Day. I should have brought fabric last week or something so I could work on cosplay. ZOOKEEPER IT IS.

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