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Okie dokes, that was pretty much the highlight of my day so the entry can end here.

I kid 8D

So yesterday (yes this blob is late) my dad dropped me off at Finch at around 11:30am so I could subway to the Eaton Centre all by my lonesome self. I didn’t mind, though 8D Funny enough I like shopping by myself 8D I bought some flower hair clips (oh not again) from H&M and Sears was having a closing sale where pretty much everything was 40% off O_O I wanted to buy some towels (honestly people, burying your face in a warm towel just out of the dryer is one of the best feelings in the world) but I also didn’t want to wait in line XD! People were going crazy over the TVs and winter jackets. Andrew was supposed to meet up with me at around 1:30 but he missed his train so I also took this time to go to the Apple store to look up the location of a theatre that Andrew and I would be going to later for a play :D (I later found out Andrew lied to me and I looked up the wrong theatre :P)

At around 2 Andrew made it to Eaton’s and we nommed some sushi rolls in the food court. OH NO I JUST GOT DISTRACTED BY FROZEN PICTURES. Um, Andrew also gave me my copy of Love and Misadventure yay! Thank you :3 (You still should have left bad feedback for that Ebay seller! D<) After nomming we went back to the Apple store to look up the RIGHT theatre, and it was much further than the wrong one I looked up D: But we found out we could subway there according to Google (unfortunately, Google didn’t know about the construction that was happening that day, seriously what luck)

So all’s good (or so we had thought) and we walked over to AMC theatre right at the corner of Eaton’s to watch FROZEN AT 3:20PM HEHEHE XD! I was really looking forward to it because I had seen so many GIFs and pictures on my Tumblr dash and so many people were raving about it. We definitely should have watched it in 3D but I always get headaches after and we had another play to watch later so we watched the normal version. IT WAS STILL AWESOME. Hnggggg the animation and scenery were so beautiful and GAH it was just a very magical movie :3 The dialogue/script was humorous (I would have giggled more had I not already seen like 70% of all the funny parts on Tumblr) and the main 2 songs just grow on you. Disney did a good job casting the voice actors =w= The only thing I thought wasn’t needed was the songs the trolls sang. They could have shortened that one, and the one Olaf sang, AND MADE THE MAIN SONG LET IT GO LONGER XD! Gah Elsa is awesome. Her song and that whole magical ice palace creation let’s-have-fun-with-my-powers sequence was my favourite part ;w; I’ve watched the scene 2873823 times on YouTube already and every time I’m just blown away again HNGGG AHHHHHH I can’t. I. I just. All is good with the world right now.8D! Oh, and thank you, Andrew, for paying :P Or rather, for using your saved up points for my ticket 8D GAH I want to see it again D:

After the movie, Andrew and I went to nom an early dinner at Milestones (conveniently located in the same building!). Obviously I had my beloved Chicken Pesto Fettuccine, oh how I missed it. We sat outside in the atrium (?) section instead of inside the restaurant :) A nice, more quiet atmosphere in my opinion.

Once dinner was over we stopped by Future Shop quickly because Andrew needed to buy a movie for his mom, but we couldn’t find it o.o It was a little past 7 so we decided to take the subway early to the theatre just in case, since we’ve never been there before. FUNNY ENOUGH, we we went the wrong way (northbound instead of southbound) and it took us like 6 stops to realize haha, so we got off and went on the right subway (thank goodness we still had time) BUT OF COURSE FATE WANTED US TO USE MONEY and we found out UNION STATION WAS UNDER CONSTRUCTION JUST THAT WEEKEND and we couldn’t pass through to get to St. Andrew’s station, which was our stop D: We also didn’t have enough time to go back up to Bloor-Yonge to do a loop, so we took a taxi instead. $10 for a 2 minute ride ._.

On the bright side, we arrived at the Royal Alexandra Theatre with 15 minutes to spare! The lobby was smaller than I thought it would be, but maybe it looked that way because it was super crowded. I need to take the time now to say how terrified I was when I  we found our seating area. We were in the upper balcony and OMG IT WAS SO FRIGGEN STEEP I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO FALL OFF. Instead of railings there were weird poles to grab onto to walk down okay seriously that staircase must have been like 60 degrees. When I made it to my seat (second row!) I actually liked the view (Andrew wasn’t too fond of it :P) because I could see the entire stage and no one was being blocked because we were so high up. It was an interesting view. If we had been on the ground floor, there was no way we would have seen the people at the back of the stage XD!

So the play we saw was called Once. I lowered my expectations because I know when I over-anticipate things I’m usually let down. I was confused at the beginning because from the moment we arrived there were a lot of people (cast and audience) on the stage just singing and dancing, and I didn’t even realize it when the play started (until I shifted my head and saw the main girl appear). The play wasn’t too bad, it’s a good thing Andrew told me the entire plot during the break because I could not understand half of what they were saying, and most of the plot apparently is told through songs, which made it even worse for me haha XD! I must say I was impressed with the singing and you could tell everyone really loved playing their instrument. I was even more impressed with the quick scene changes haha XD! Unfortunately I didn’t like the ending because it was sad :( I DIDN’T EXPECT IT TO BE SAD :( Sigh.

The show ended at around 10:30pm, and we took a taxi ($15 for another 2 minute ride ._. Andrew you’re too generous with your money) back to Eaton’s. In retrospect, we could have been dropped off at Union instead, because Andrew needed to catch a train, and northbound trains from Union were running. Anyway, Andrew waited with me until I left and then he had to walk back to Union DX!

Overall a good day :) Wish they didn’t decide to do construction on the rare occasion we needed to use the subway -_- And now back to Zookeeper Battle! 8D

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