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4 Year Anniversary + The Wedding Date

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Hahaha omg hahaha the title of this entry is so ambiguous hahaha XD! HAHAHA OMG. Okay, I’m okay.

Soooooo on Saturday (yesterday) I woke up bright and early because I wanted to catch the 9:30am GO bus to McMaster. Before heading there, my dad showed me once again how to fill up the gas for the car and BOY WAS I FREEZING. I was sniffling a lot after that.

The ride was boring as usual, just listened to music and dozed in and out of sleep. The weather decided to entertain me by switching from bright sunlight to white mini blizzards every 15 minutes. Canada is great.

It was a little before 11 when I arrived at Mac, and Andrew told me he’d nab me at around 11:30. I was wondering what was taking him so long (found out after he was out getting a gift for me for our anniversary because of Ebay failing on him) so I just chilled in one of the residences.

After he nabbed me, we went back to his house for a little bit (where I stole Andrew’s internet and played Zookeeper Battle) until we headed out again because Andrew had a hair appointment 8D (I was making fun if his hair and putting it into mini pigtails). He gets free hair cuts because his grandmother owns a hair salon in Burlington 8D I believe it’s called Keora Salon Spa & Boutique, and I decided to go with him because why not. We got there right on time, and Andrew told me to go browse the store next door because he was convinced I would like it, but I decided to stay warm and waited for him XD! Talked with this grandmother for a bit and then just browsed around, occasionally spying on him while he had his lion’s mane tamed.

A little less than an hour later, Andrew was super handsome (thank you, awesome hairdresser!) and we DID go into the store next door. Oh my goodness, I wish I listened to him and went in by myself. It was really vintage-y and pretty and I loved like all the furniture in it. Hnggg I had my eye on this pretty Robin’s egg blue cabinet//drawer thing, maybe I’ll nab it when I save up money. Didn’t stay too long in there because I clearly couldn’t afford anything and my stomach was beginning to talk to me.

We nommed at a restaurant called Lemongrass because Andrew was craving Chinese food XD! My crispy chicken was more batter than chicken, but the peanut sauce was super yummy so that made up for it :) Neither of us could finish our meal because the portions were huge, so we packed it up. (andddddd now that I’m writing about this, I just realized I left my packed up food in Andrew’s fridge in Hamilton >.>) Later for dinner that night (it was Andrew’s brother’s pre-birthday dinner) Chinese food was ordered from Mandarin XD! I don’t mind though, they have delicious lemon chicken. Mmmm kind of craving it now. Also craving the yummy ice cream cake, which is weird. I’m not a fan of cake (would pick macarons over cake/ice cream any day), but Dairy Queen’s ice cream cakes are super :D

Andrew had to drive his grandmothers home afterwards, so while he was out, I consulted Andrew’s mom on what to watch. She suggested to me many, many romantic comedies, so when Andrew got back I decided to watch The Wedding Date because it was the shortest one haha XD! I’ll say right now Andrew didn’t like it, but I didn’t think it was too bad haha XD! It would have been better if I didn’t have to think for some of the parts, but overall yeah, a general chick-flick :P

At midnight, I posted up a funny picture we took earlier for my Facebook status because I couldn’t think of anything sweet/witty to say for our 4 years together. Andrew’s status pwned mine 8D Oh well 8D I’ll get him next year! This was also when Andrew told me why he was taking so long to pick me up from Mac. He was actually running around to different Chapter’s trying to find a book that I told him I liked. Apparently he had ordered it on Ebay and thought it came in on time for our 4 years, but it never did :( D’awww but thank you, Andrew <3 It was still very sweet of you :3

The next morning I woke up from hearing bits of conversation. I believe Andrew woke up earlier because he was packing or something. After watching a little bit of Formula One racing and nomming Eggos that Andrew made for me, we headed out to Costco because Andrew needed to ask someone something, and then we went to Lime Ridge. I of course splurged again when I went into the Forever 21, I need to stop doing this! DX! On the bright side, everything I bought (with the exception of 2 things) was on sale 8D I love sales!

We nommed quickly in the food court before Andrew had to drive me back to McMaster so I could catch the 3:40pm GO bus. He himself needed to take a bus to Union before taking the VIA Rail back into Ottawa. Le sigh, weekends can be so short when you’re enjoying yourself, but at least we got to see each other XD!

Happy 4 years, Andrew <3


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