When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

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I haven’t had a Fushi’s Randomness blog in a while. I’m so glad I have tomorrow off XD! Vanilla almond milk is fantastic. These sentences aren’t related, but that’s normal when you’re reading a Fushi’s Randomness entry.

It seems the only times I blog are when I hang out with Andrew. While this isn’t a bad thing, it makes my life seem much more
boring than it already is :P Hmm, what has happened that I haven’t blogged about?

– Had an afternoon tea date with AngeL a while back XD! Yay for groupon? Went to Ruelo and enjoyed some delicious mini sandwiches and pastries.

– I went to my friend Ivana’s Filipino food party a few weeks back as well. Everything was home-cooked and delicious XD! I’ve known Ivana since grade 9 and it was the first time going to her house ._.

– Wifey lunch date with Michelle and Sarah yesterday at Montana’s! Haven’t seen them both in a while so it was great XD! It was a bit of a belated birthday hangout with Michelle as well and we went to buy macarons at Sugar Tiers and then hung out at Starbucks after for way too long. Won’t say more here because it was too funny and embarrassing XD!

Side note, I am terribly addicted to Zookeeper Battle! Hnggggg I have it on both my tiny phone and my mom’s Samsung tablet haha XD! It’s great having it on both devices because I don’t want to spend money buying lives, so I switch between them as the other recharges. WAIT DID I BLOG ABOUT THIS BEFORE!? It’s been so long I don’t even remember.

Funny enough, I don’t spend money buying lives for games but I reaaaaaaaally need to stop buying tangible things. Like today, it started out as a productive day. I was cleaning and organizing and then suddenly I was out eating with my parents and then poof I was at Michael’s and I only wanted to buy some felt for making more flower crowns, but I ended up buying felt, several Christmas ornaments, and a giant flower decoration pot/vase thinger which was supposed to be for my acupuncture doctor but I ended up keeping it because it’s just too darned beautiful. What a long sentence. I think I’m slowly becoming a shopaholic ._. I have so much stuff (why is this pink. It’s supposed to be in Italics) but I can’t seem to stop buying things. I think I just like getting good deals, even if it means already having 2876823 of something. Thank goodness my VISA limit is only $1000 >.>

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