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Thanksgiving Weekend + Wreck-It Ralph

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Ah, it’s so nice to have a Monday off XD! I am supposed to be productive and clean (my parents are away on a trip) but the Intornetz has snared me again.

On Friday, after a surprisingly not-so-busy day at work, my dad picked me up and drove me to York to catch the GO bus to McMaster. We stopped by a Timmies for a quick snack because I wouldn’t have caught the 5pm bus anyway and I didn’t want my dad to do like 130 on the highway. When I got to York I was a little worried I wouldn’t have enough money on my Presto card to tap on and off. After tapping on, I only had 6 cents left DX! Luckily I think I was allowed to go into the negatives when I tapped off at McMaster.

At around 7 Andrew picked me up and then we went to rent Wreck-It Ralph. I wanted to see it last year, but then I began to forget about it. Recently I was reminded to watch it by my friend because she told me I’d really like it, so yep, got that rented. We then stopped by Swiss Chalet and wanted to get take out, but the take out menu didn’t have my beloved pasta, so we ended up dining in XD! Thanks for treating me, Andrew!


Um so yeah, we went back to Andrew’s house after dinner and then watched Wreck-It Ralph :D OMG IT’S A GREAT MOVIE HAHA XD! I feel like I need to watch it again because a lot of the dialogue was pretty fast so I missed a lot of the funny bits. I’ve also seen quite a few spoilers on Tumblr, but still, many parts made me giggle. Andrew of course understood 28376823 more game references than I did, but that’s okay 8D I really liked the part in the movie where you can make your own racing kart bahahaha, Sugar Rush needs to be a real game XD! OMG I JUST REALIZED SUGAR RUSH IS A PUN ON SUGAR RUSH. Like getting high on sugar. Okay. OMG I JUST REALIZED YOU CAN PLAY SUGAR RUSH ONLINE. So yeah um. Yeah. I just have a thing for colourful candy and yummy awesomeness. I don’t really have a favourite character but I loved all the character designs hehe XD! Especially Taffyta. Strawberries are awesome. I’m looking up all the names of the racers and omg I just love all the portmanteaus. I’m going to make my parents watch this movie but I have a feeling they won’t understand 90% of it.

After the movie we just chilled and relaxed. We slept relatively early, surprisingly, with me taking over Andrew’s bed as usual 8D

I feel like eating dumplings, I shall be back *flies off into sunset*

Hmm where was I? Oh right, so the next morning I was woken up by sounds in the kitchen quite early in the morning. My alarm also rang at around 9 but I didn’t really get out of bed until…11:30am? 8D Andrew’s parent’s asked if we wanted to eat breakfast together down at the William’s by Pier 4, so I quickly showered and off we went! It was unfortunately a bit gloomy but it’s still a nice place to eat at :) I ordered a chocolate croissant and a small London Fog. Didn’t want to eat too much and William’s isn’t cheap, but Andrew’s mom gave me one of her toasts @.@

After breakfast, we headed back and then Andrew showed me some clips from Penn and Teller: Fool Us. I wasn’t interested at first but wow, those two are really good! And it was amusing to see different magic acts hehe XD! I WISH I WAS A MAGICIAN D:

I spontaneously wanted to go to the mall at around 2:30, so off we went to Lime Ridge. Andrew told me there was a new Forever 21 store that opened up, and boy were there so many things I wanted to buy 8D Spazzed even more when I noticed it was 2 levels 8D Yeah, I ended up putting down like 4 things, but still bought stuff DX A bad habit of mine is refusing to try on clothes in the fitting rooms because I hate lining up. I have to go return a sweater I bought sometime this week before the deadline.

We didn’t stay too long at the mall because Andrew’s grandmothers were visiting, and he wasn’t sure if his car was needed, so we left a little after 4:30. When we got back, his grandmothers were already there, and so everyone just sat in the living room and ate fruit and veggie platters while we waited for Andrew’s uncle and his fiance so come.

Dinner was nice :D I felt bad not bringing any food DX! But I must say the asparagus wrapped in cheese and bacon was my favourite O.O I’m not a fan of asparagus, but the way Andrew’s grandmother prepared it…wow. I ate like 4 of them XD! I was apparently also not supposed to eat the ham skin/edge, but I don’t know, I’ve always eaten my ham that way, and when I went to Paris and Italy, everyone was eating it that way, too 8D Hmm just looked it up, phew, it’s safe to eat haha XD!

A game of Rummoli was played after dinner, and let me tell you I was very confused and still have no idea how to play it 8D I think Andrew was confused, too, but we both somehow ended up winning a round.

The dessert menu consisted of several choices of ice cream and various pies 8D I couldn’t decide between pumpkin pie and apple crumble, so I got both, but ended up only finishing the pumpkin pie. I forced Andrew to eat my apple crumble 8D Mmm pumpkin pie. I fell in love with pumpkin pie back in high school when I had a slice from the cafeteria. I’ve been a changed person since then. What.

After watching a bit more of Penn and Teller, it was time for me to leave because I needed to feed Wiz! Poor Wiz was fed really early in the morning by my parents but then they were off on a road trip to Mont-Tremblant so I needed to go home to feed him and clean his cage. Andrew was kind enough to give me a lift, and we got back to my house at around 10:30. I quickly let Wiz out and gave him his pellets, and then we watched Penn and Teller again haha XD! It’s too bad my bandwidth is dying or I’d be streaming some clips right now.

It was around midnight when Andrew left and then I proceeded to clean Wiz’s cage, and then somehow time flew by and it was past 3 O_O Tumblr is a time machine I tell you. That’s when I decided I needed to sleep, and here I am now, the next morning, taking 29386923 hours to type this out because I keep getting distracted.

Man, it’s going to be super busy tomorrow at work.

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