When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

The Wedding Singer

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It’s been such a busy week for me. EXCUSES, EXCUSES. This blog is late. 3 days late. What. Hop hop hop to it.

On Saturday, that is, 3 days ago, I went to visit Andrew because he was coming back from Ottawa :) Work was long and super busy as usual, and somehow my mom managed to speed drive me to York and I caught the 5pm GO bus o.o I was planning to wander and grab some gummy bears but alas, nine Sickles and a dung bomb, I only had one lonely dollar on me. Not enough to buy gummy bears because McMaster likes reminding me I am poor. I texted Andrew and asked he pick me up (I felt horrible because he was in the middle of his assignment) and then half an hour later I was at his house.

While Andrew finished up his readings, I ate some delicious leftovers his mom left for me. Seriously, that rice. Enough said. I borrowed Andrew’s laptop and just browsed Ebay and Etsy for a bit (SHAMELESS PLUG, VISIT MY ETSY STORE: I should have taken the chance to watch some anime, because Andrew needed his laptop back after to type something and I stole the PC, which couldn’t load videos.

After Andrew finished up his assignment it was time to watch a movie :D For a change we looked at his mom’s collection instead, because I felt like watching a romantic comedy, and Andrew’s sense of humour isn’t really my sense of humour :P I ended up choosing The Wedding Singer because it was short and I recognized Drew Barrymore from Charlie’s Angels 8D

Hehe, the movie was good :) It was full of randomness and unfortunately there was a bit of swearing, but it was really cute and romantic as well, so I liked it. I also recognized like 90% of the songs :D I don’t know if that says anything about me. The movie is apparently based in the 1980s 8D…

Once that was over, I fought with Andrew to sleep on the couch, but in the end I gave in and took over his bed. I think I fell asleep almost right away because I was drained from work. The next morning I wanted to wake up at 8 because I had to leave at 3, but obviously I’d ignore my alarm and I’d be out of bed a little before noon. Andrew made me cinnamon Eggo waffles and I had half a croissant and then stole his other half. After that Andrew needed to go buy printer ink to print something, so while he went to Staple’s I went to the nearby Petsmart and bought hay cubes and treats for Wiz and then browsed around Michael’s :)

We headed back to Andrew’s place after with the intention of watching something, but we both fell asleep haha XD! Afternoon naps are nice =w= At around 2:50 Andrew drove me to McMaster to catch the 3:15 GO bus, and then I was off to York. A short but sweet visit. Needed it. Especially since I’ve been getting 37.25 hours at work despite being part time…just 0.25 more hours and I’d be full time >.> So glad I have tomorrow off to have some time for myself.


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