When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Shrek 2

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Ughhh my right eye hurts when I blink. I hope I’m not getting another eye infection. I think I’m already somewhat sick, as my throat hurts and my nose is very runny. Today is the second day of my 12 days of straight working, and I predict I’m going to get more sick from exhaustion.

Yesterday I hung out with Andrew again. Had an early shift, then Andrew picked me up at 1pm and I dragged him to Montana’s for food because I was starving. I was also in a really grumpy mood as I didn’t get much sleep. After we went back to my house I plopped onto my bed and dozed off. Andrew then told me I should nap for a bit and went to Starbucks. My mom told me I was being rude so I ended up biking there haha, and yes, that tired me out even more, so when we went back to my house, I napped for a while.

When I finally woke up, I believe we watched Shrek number 2, because I wasn’t interested in the other movies on Andrew’s external hard drive haha (I think we’re going to watch the Breakfast Club next time). Anyway, Shrek 2 was much better than the first one. The first one was way too rushed. I didn’t laugh much (I was PMSing and cranky) but it had good humour.

After the movie I got a terrible headache, and then out of boredom I told Andrew I wanted to buy felt, so we went to the nearby Michael’s. Wanted to buy a lot of stuff there like always but I held back XD! We then walked to Costco because it was close and Andrew wanted to see how big it was (turns out his store is 28736823 times bigger :P) Didn’t buy anything there either, and there were no free food samples D:

Dinner was nommed at Swiss Chalet. Andrew was actually craving wonton soup, but after my parents’ unenthusiastic response when I asked for restaurant recommendations, I guess he changed his mind. For once I decided to not eat my beloved pesto penne and tried the butter chicken with rice. Not bad, not bad, the naan bread was tasty, but the best butter chicken is still at Bombey Bhel :P I made Andrew pack his poutine up for his brother :P

We headed back to my place after that and just chilled on couches. I was still a bit grumpy so poor Andrew had to endure my miserable self. He left at around 10:30 and then I headed to bed because I was too sleep-deprived. Got many more tired days to come in the next few weeks >.>


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