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Butter Avenue + Café Princess

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On Wednesday, AngeL and I finally had the macarons and dessert date that we’d been planning for eons haha XD! I’m going to try to not be a lazy butt and actually put some pictures in here, despite my blog layout not being optimal for pictures haha XD! Let’s recap.

I was supposed to get off work at 3pm, shop a bit and then head home before meeting up with AngeL, but my manager asked me to stay until 4 since it was so busy. A little after 4, right when I was about to pack up, my dad gave me a call saying he wouldn’t be able to pick up my mom and asked if I could. After much help from many people about directions, my boss drew me a little map, and I was on my way.

Almost missed the turn because of fat trees, but I did manage to get to the plaza where my mom was a little before 4:30 (she gets off at 4:30), and waited for her. She was finally done at around 4:40, and then I made her drive instead haha XD! I got home at around 5:20, and then just chilled a bit until my dad came home to drop me off at the subway station.

Originally the plan was to drop me off at Finch station, and then I’d subway down to Yorkmills and meet up with AngeL at 7:15 and then we’d walk to Butter Avenue together, but then I got a text saying to meet up at Lawrence station instead because it’s slightly closer. My dad ended up driving me to Lawrence station and we picked up AngeL and we both got dropped off in front of Butter Avenue haha XD! It was really rainy and windy, so thank you, dad!

So, Butter Avenue. It’s a nice little place that sells yummy pastries and desserts. They specialize in macarons, though, so AngeL and I grabbed a box of 6 and the little cup of mini macarons as well XD! They’re so pretty, reminded me of when I ate at Ladurée  in Paris >w< But yes, we just chilled there for a little bit, took some pictures, and then at around 8pm (Butter Avenue closed at 8) we walked down to York Mills in the pouring rain to take the subway back to Finch.

 photo 1_zps45836c5c.png Our macarons ^_^ We both got a box of 6 because there’s no tax haha XD!

 photo 2_zps5e46c3c7.png The mini macarons! They’re so precious I can’t even >.> The flavours included were Earl Grey, Lavender, Dark Chocolate, and Caramel Macchiato.

I believe we arrived a Finch at around 8:25. Then we quickly walked over to Café Princess because it was getting a little bit dark. Still pouring rain, though :( At least the walk only took about 5 minutes XD

Café Princess is located on the second level of strip of restaurants on Yonge and Finch. My first impression of the place was that it was quiet and nicely decorated with cute furniture. We walked in and felt a little awkward because we weren’t sure if we had to wait for someone or just sit down, so we just sat at a glass table when we noticed that the 2 people in the kitchen were quite busy. Should probably mention now that one of the workers had a pretty bad attitude, like she was so sick of working there. I understand that there were only 2 people working, but would it hurt to smile? Don’t think she smiled once the entire time or even said a simple “okay” when we went up to the counter to tell her our orders. At the end I even brought our plates back up to her to save her from walking to our table. Nope, not even a thank you.

Anyway, there were lots of comfy couches and chairs to sit on, but since we were both hungry and were there to eat comfortable, we wanted an actual table that wasn’t like 2 feet high. I ordered a green tea waffle with green tea ice cream and AngeL ordered a slice of strawberry shortcake with cookies and cream ice cream. Our portions were huge. I know I said we were both starving, but I ended up not being able to finish one of my green tea ice cream scoops, and I believe AngeL couldn’t finish some of her ice cream as well XD! In terms of drinks, I ordered an Earl Grey latte, and AngeL had a very interesting sweet potato latte. Props to whoever made my latte, it was super delicious! I tried a bit of the sweet potato latte, and while it had a good flavour, I felt it was a bit thick/creamy for my tastes.

 photo 3_zpsd1f52650.png My green tea waffle which came with 2 scoops of green tea ice cream.

 photo 4_zps96b66167.png AngeL’s strawberry shortcake with cookies and cream ice cream.

 photo 5_zpsf9a856e0.png Both our desserts together :)

After catching up on life and taking pictures, we left at around 10pm and headed back to Finch station. We were smart this time and avoided most of the rain by going underground haha XD! My dad came to pick us up and then after we dropped AngeL back home, I got home at around 11. Good times, good time =w= Definitely need another day like this.


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