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Hamilton Harbour/Pier 4 Park with Andrew

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What’s this, an entry that’s not too horribly late! Let’s get blobbing (intentional).

On Wednesday afternoon I finished work at around 4:35. My dad picked me up and we got home at around 5:10. I wanted to take the 6pm GO bus but my dad said we should wait for my mom (who was apparently on her way home) because after they drop me off they wanted to go grab dinner. Turns out my mom likes to lie about when she’s actually leaving and say she’s 2 streets ahead of the street she’s actually on and I had to catch the 6:30 instead.

I arrived at McMaster at around 8 and I was staving. After Andrew kidnapped me I made him take me to Swiss Chalet where I had my beloved pesto penne =w= Andrew also ordered a yummy toffee pudding cake with ice cream and caramel sauce. Oh my goodness, it was so delicious. I might have to order that again the next time I’m at Swiss Chalet. I was indubitably quite full after that. It was the only thing I said for the next hour or so. “I’m so full”. Good conversation times 8D After that Andrew drove us back to his place and for some very strange reason we didn’t watch anything! O_O! Huge shock. We didn’t watch anything at all during my visit haha XD!

The next morning I was woken up early because everyone in the house had work except me and Andrew. I managed to fall back asleep after and I officially got out of bed at around…10:50am? Apparently Andrew was up and writing a play at 8am :P I quickly showered while Andrew tried to figure out how to squish the bike into the trunk of his car. We planned a biking day around the Pier 4 area in Hamilton Harbour but he couldn’t figure out a way to safely hold the trunk down. After my shower he suggested roller blading instead and I was like sure thing bro and off we went!

Breakfast was nommed at the William’s Cafe down by the harbour. It’s a nice cozy place I think :) I ordered a crepe with mixed fruit but the cashier told me the crepes would take a while so I changed it to a waffle instead. Andrew got his blueberry waffle like last time and tried London Fog tea for the first time. I ended up stealing it and giving him my strawberry and banana smoothie 8D The tea reminded me of Tim Horton’s white hot chocolate and made my smoothie sour haha XD!

After breakfast we wandered around the area or a little bit. It was a gorgeous day out, much better than last week’s oven of a day. Took some pictures, found a fancy restaurant, and when I wasn’t so full anymore we went roller blading :D

It was my second time roller blading in my life, but technically the first legit time. The first time I put on a pair of roller blades was in grade 9 during the freshman Muskoka trip, and I gave up after taking a few steps because I declared it too difficult haha XD! Andrew’s roller blades were too big for me but I managed somehow. Thank you, Andrew, for tightening them for me :P It was really scary at the beginning because I felt higher up than normal and couldn’t figure out how to push forward without rolling the wheels, but I eventually got it 8D I think I was holding onto Andrew’s arm/hand for like 90% of the time haha, as soon as he let go my confidence ran away. But yes, it was quite fun :) I think I roller bladed for around 1.5 hours. Much longer than my anticipated half an hour haha XD! Good job, me. And an even better job to Andrew, who had to speed-walk/jog/run beside me, oh man. Stop being so fit D<

We had ice cream after because I was getting hot from the exercise haha XD! I was also wearing Andrew’s jacket as well because I didn’t want to burn, so yes I was quite sweaty. Especially my nose bridge area, how strange. Once ice cream was had, we decided to explore the little independent shops on Locke Street. A shame a lot of them were closed, but there were a few shops I liked. They were all very vintage-looking but the things they were selling were quite expensive :P At around 6pm, most of the stores had closed so we had dinner at a random nice-looking restaurant (also on Locke Street) called the Courtyard and had dinner there. We sat outside in the backyard patio because the weather was nice :) Andrew ordered a very yummy-looking chicken flat bread and I ordered a vegetarian fettucine pasta. Andrew enjoyed his meal, but I thought my pasta was a little bland (could have used some cheese). I did manage to eat it all, though, and yes, I was extremely full again after that haha XD!

It was getting slightly cooler out now, and we arrived back to Andrew’s place at around 7:30. I think we did want to watch an episode of something but I was too full to function and just died on his bed haha XD! Andrew drove me home after at around 8:45 and I got home at around 9:45pm. T’was a good day :D I should have checked my work schedule before we left, though, because I work at 3 today and I totally could have slept over for one more night. Hmm, next time :P


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