When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Andrew Fun Times + Shrek

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I long to see the day I write a blog entry that is actually published on the day it is talking about.

On Wednesday, after a long drive from Ottawa, Andrew came over to visit :) He chilled at Starbucks for a bit because I finished work at around 8:30, and then had to mail something at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I got home at around 9:10, and then OH WOW SUDDEN MEMORY LOSS WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT. Oh right, I remember Andrew wanted to shower, and I spent like 286823 years cleaning my bathroom because it’s that disgusting. I even asked my mom to dig out a new fluffy mat. I don’t remember what happened afterwards. I just know Andrew forgot to bring his pillow again.

The next morning I was apparently very bold and adventurous and we had breakfast at the Phoenix Restaurant. I wanted to drive Andrew since he did a lot of driving, but my parents took my dad’s car so Andrew ended up driving again :( I felt bad so I treated him to breakfast. He had 2 French toasts and we shared a yummy panna cotta for dessert :) After that we just had a shopping day. Went to Sport Chek, Canadian Tire, and then to Markville Mall. Bath and Body Works was apparently having a sale and I bought 3 mini candles for Andrew’s new place in Ottawa. Got myself foam soap and a large mint chocolate-scented candle. There were a lot of candles scents that I liked, and I’m not even a candle person, but the mint chocolate one really got me. Here’s hoping my room smells like mint chocolate soon. Andrew also managed to get a new shirt for work, too, yay~ Winner’s is awesome.

After that we were getting a little hungry so we had dinner at Pickle Barrel. The pasta I ordered was very yummy but Andrew wasn’t too happy with his burger haha :P Once that was done we headed back to my house and watched Shrek (and not Once Upon a Time, what is wrong with me?) because it was on Andrew’s external hard drive and my bandwidth was getting eaten. I’ve seen it before but I didn’t remember it, and Andrew thought I never watched it, so yep. It was pretty fast-paced, which I liked, but it’s not something I’d watch again :P Apparently Shrek 2 is really good, so maybe I’ll give that a try next time.

Once that was over Andrew had to leave to avoid traffic. Unfortunately he hit it anyway and got home at like 11:45 :( Not sure when we can hang out again since the next time I don’t have work is June 30 >.> I’m so tired all the time but for some reason I’m always glued to my laptop screen.

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