When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

The Great Gatsby

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Another blog late. But no one cares. And I don’t either 8D

Sooooooooo on Wednesday I decided to freeload at Andrew’s place. After my dad checked the mail for me and I opened up Andrew’s Spice and Wolf light novels (I ordered them for him) I got dropped off at York and took the 7pm GO bus to McMaster.

Speaking of McMaster. CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDREW FOR GRADUATING XD! Yayyyy :D I was quite sad that I couldn’t go to his convocation :( I managed to watch like 10 minutes of it on the live stream but then I had to head to work T_T! But yes, a well-deserved diploma for you :) Wish you took more pictures, though :P

ANYWAY, so I get to Mac and Andrew picks me up and then we head to Montana’s for foods because I am starving :P It was an amusing dinner as I kept hiding half my face from him (I developed an unsightly pimple). The waitress serving our table must have been like uhhhhh what’s wrong with this girl? 8D

After dinner we headed back to Andrew’s place and I forced him to watch the final 2 episodes of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun with me. I know we started watching it a while ago, but it didn’t really hook me so I stopped at like…episode 2 or 3. I recently started to watch it because my friend cosplayed from it. I admit, it got better, and I was really looking forward to the last 2 episodes because I was POSITIVE the 2 main characters would get together…BUT LO AND BEHOLD THE LAST EPISODE WAS TERRIBLE AND NO PROGRESS WAS MADE and I can’t believe I had my hopes up. UGHHHHHH.

Okay, I’m done being annoyed 8D After some more chill time and Andrew showing me his new couch and desk for his new place we decided to sleep. I stole his bed as usual 8D

The next morning I was woken up early by the cries of angry birds outside Andrew’s window. I normally enjoy sweet bird chirps in the morning but wow, the bird who woke me up really need a chill pill. When it finally calmed down I was able to doze off again, and I believe it was past noon by the time Andrew and I were out of bed :P After nomming a rare huge breakfast, I showered and then we watched an episode of Once Upon a Time :) I wanted to watch more, but we needed to head to the theatre for THE GREAT GATSBY. TEEHEEEEEEE LEO 8D!

We got to the theatre with a few minutes to spare and even managed to get some popcorn. My treat because Andrew treated me for the movie :P So what do I have to say? I felt the movie was great. Wish I didn’t see it in 3D as it gave me a headache but oh well. I read the book back in high school but I don’t remember much of it. I had to ask Andrew a few questions during the film, but luckily there weren’t that many people in the theatre so I don’t think I disturbed anyone, except Andrew 8D Leo looked very dashing as usual, and surprisingly I thought Daisy was very pretty o.o BUT SHE TURNED OUT TO BE SUCH A BEACH DIDN’T SHE?! Omg. Leo needs to stop dying in water. Gah T_T! Andrew already warned me about the ending being sad but omggggggggggg. I was a bit depressed after. Essentially everyone’s a bum except Leo and Spider Man (Nick). And I guess Jordan was alright. Everyone else just cares about money and status. Tom is such a poo head. This rant doesn’t convey my feelings properly because I don’t want to use foul language, but Tom needs to get high-fived. In the face. With a brick. Friggen hypocrite and douchebag.

So yep, I recommend whoever is reading this to watch the movie. I didn’t feel the 3D to be necessary but I know many people loved the effects of it. Leo better win an Oscar with this one.

After the movie, we headed back to Andrew’s place for a little bit and then Andrew drove me home at around 8:45. We wanted to stop by the Subway outside my house, but the mean lady told us they were closed, WHEN THE OPEN SIGN WAS LIT. She turned it off when we pointed it out -_- It was 9:55. We had 5 minutes. Grrrrrr D< My mom ended up forcing Andrew to try her soup, and I had sticky rice. Once Andrew finished his soup he headed home with a new bag of rice my parents bought for him haha 8D


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