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Working at TD + Andrew Fun Times

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Oh wow, I haven’t blogged since Anime North. A lot has happened. A lot also still needs to happen. Like uploading my Anime North pictures onto Facebook. But I won’t do that until my Paris and Vienna trip pictures are up haha, which…I suspect will take some time.

Let’s recap on my very fascinating life. *cough*

So my first real day at TD was this past Wednesday! It was super nervous because it was super busy. The line went out the door and the humidity didn’t help. Apparently it was month end so people rush to pay their bills or something. I shadowed for a bit, did some online courses and tests and the day flew by. My second day was this past Friday. Did some more shadowing and I did a few easy transactions on my own (I felt so proud!) but obviously at a much slower pace so I went back to my online courses and tests when the line got out of hand haha.

Andrew came to visit on Thursday and we (yep, you guessed it!) watched episodes of Once Upon a Time. OMG. I’m at the part where the evil Cora dies and Snow White is like turning evil. I’m still sad about Belle, though :( TIME REWIND to when we went to Pacific Mall because I was hungry. Andrew had his beloved egg waffles and I had some Japanese food at the food court.

We then went to look for a rice cooker for Andrew haha XD! There were a lot of rice cookers but they were all really pricey ($150+). We eventually found a Panasonic one that was on sale and Andrew got it for about $45 (with tax). Can’t wait to show him how to use it. I also managed to get a monthly scheduler from Smart Maple, but it’s confusing the remaining intellect out of me because the calendar they give me has Sundays at the end instead of the beginning of the week (I’m used to the latter).

Dinner was nommed at Swiss Chalet where I had my beloved pesto penne and stole some of Andrew’s soup. Then I stole his poutine for take out. We then went back to my place for a little bit and my parents gave him one of our pots haha! Woot for money saving!

Wow it’s already 11:30. Okay, I must head off to bed. 8am shift for TD tomorrow, and if it’s like what it was today, the line will be super long again and I will need all my energy to smile and appear welcoming. I hope someone gets to shadow me. I’m still not confident about being all by myself.


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