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Iron Man 2 + Cosplay Plans

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Welp, mom’s calling me for dinner so let’s see how fast I can type.

Yesterday (or rather, Tuesday night) I went to freeload at Andrew’s place. Took the 8:30 GO bus and got picked up at around 10. Once we got back to Andrew’s place I demanded we watch an episode of Once Upon A Time haha XD! Andrew apparently caught up and I believe we watched episode 11 of the second season together. Omggggggg it was a good episode until the end T_T! I don’t even feel like watching any more episodes now after what happened to Belle :(

After that we just chilled in the basement because I refused to play Kinect with Andrew haha :P And of course I stole his bed to sleep while he slept on the couch. Woke up quite early the next morning because his parents were being louder than usual. I think we were out of bed at around…hmm I’ll say noon. I then showered and Andrew made me waffles :D And then we watched Iron Man 2 XD! Andrew previously told me that Iron Man 2 was bad, but when he watched it again he said it was better than the 1st one. I only want to watch it because I want to see Iron Man 3 haha XD!

But yea, I didn’t think Iron Man 2 was too terrible. I did think it was…a little anticlimactic. A lot of the things I expected to happen/go wrong didn’t happen/didn’t go wrong and I don’t know (for example I thought there would be ramifications when he stuffed his new element core into his chest but nope, guess it was perfectly fine even though they didn’t finish analysing it. I also thought it was weird how he never figured out how to slow down the toxin levels in his blood despite his genius, but one needle to the neck by Black Widow suddenly made him feel great.) The movie went too smoothly if that makes sense haha XD! Iron Man has such an ego in this movie, though :P It was definitely a lot less scary than the first one for me so that’s good.

Hmm what happened after the movie…*ponders* I think I fell asleep haha! Andrew took a little nap as well, and then when we were up we went to get water bottles for Andrew’s mom then had dinner at Montana’s. Didn’t like my meal too much despite having it twice before at the Montana’s outside my house. They made it wayyy too watery (I ordered the Smoky Bacon Mac and Cheese). Andrew apparently liked his burger and even had enough stomach to order dessert, which was quite yummy but terribly bad for you :D

I believe it was around 9:15 when we finished dinner, and then after Andrew got gas he drove me home. Got back to my place at around 10:45 and to my pleasant surprise my gift for my mom (for Mother’s Day) arrived haha. I got her a Laduree T-Shirt :3 But apparently it’s not big enough despite me getting extra large hmm :/

OH OH OH I FINISHED MY COSPLAY TODAY WIRUGHIUWHRG. AHHHHHHHHHHH I started working on it LAST YEAR. I gave up on it after I couldn’t attend Fan Expo but yessssss it is like 99.99999% finished. Just some minor tweaks needed. I’m being Miku from 7th Dragon 2020 teehee XD! I like her butt cape or whatever it’s called. It’s too bad I have TD training on the Friday of Anime North. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend the con for a few hours after. I really want to wear my cosplay for more than one day after slaving away on it (contrary to popular belief I do not have a sewing machine or an iron so everything’s glue-gunned into place/hand sewn), and on Sunday I’m being Magnet Miku for a Vocaloid group with AngeL and Jennifer :) Bahahaha I need to practice wearing my 6-inch heels O_O I’m gonna be the next CN Tower.

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  NASHI wrote @

AHHHHH I can’t wait to see your cosplay :DDD We must take a picture together~~~

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