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James Bond: The Music

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Omg, I’m going to be in PARIS today next week! But before that…

I went to the James Bond orchestral music concert last night with Andrew! He got the tickets from his mom for Christmas, and she said they were for both of us o.o Aw man, all the orchestral concerts I’ve been to have either been paid by Andrew or his mom. MUST PAY THEM BACK SOMEHOW.

So yep, after work yesterday (which surprisingly went by at a decent speed because I had lots of stuff to do) my dad was supposed to drive me to Finch station but he needed to get something from home, so we went back home o.o I changed my shoes and also nommed a slice of pizza before leaving (I felt boots were not very concert-appropriate). I arrived at Finch station at around 6:45pm, and after a 1 minute of panic because the escalators down to the subway were fenced off, I remembered there’s a way down on the outside haha XD! Clearly I do not have enough adventures on my own.

The subway ride was uneventful and I arrived at St. Andrew station (haha XD!) at around 7:20. I wanted to exit the station and walk to Roy Thompson Hall when I noticed they had an underground tunnel thing! So I followed that and escaped the cold ^_^ Met up with Andrew and we just chilled until the concert started. The building is pretty neat :)

Don’t want to sound like a nerd, but I really do enjoy watching an orchestra perform live. The program wasn’t really to my liking (the very first piece they played was the classic James Bond theme and it was the best in my opinion) because I’m not very familiar with the movies and have not heard the soundtrack, but it was still nice to watch. We got decent seats and had a nice view. The concert also featured 2 singers who were making their Toronto Symphony Orchestra debut, so that was a little something different. Intermission was 45 minutes after and while Andrew ran around to find a washroom I succumbed to temptation and bought myself a mini bar of Lindt milk chocolate. Sighhhhhhh I keep telling myself every single day NO MORE SWEET AND SUGARY THINGS because apparently it’s not a good thing to ingest while I am on my Chinese medication. But nooooooo I have a sweet tooth. Then I found Andrew and made him buy another pack of chocolate (dark chocolate with orange =w=)

It was around 10 when the concert finished, and then Andrew waited with me while my parents came down to pick me up. It took them a little longer than usual because of the traffic the Blue Jays game caused, and it took longer to get home as well. Poor Andrew had to wait like 50 minutes for his next GO train T_T I sorries ;__; I wanted to go back to Hamilton with him but MOTHER NATURE SAYS OTHERWISE oh how I despise you.

And now to…be a hobo for the rest of the day. I hope my 50% cold goes away before my trip.

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