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From Up on Poppy Hill + MJC’s 2nd Annual Game Show + Once Upon a Time

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As I wait for episode 175 of Fairy Tail (THEY’RE GOING ON HIATUS T.T…) to load and my nomtastic pesto penne from Swiss Chalet to cool, I shall blog.

How many times have I used “Once Upon a Time” in the title of my blog entries? TOO MANY. Meaning I must watch all the episodes in one go haha XD!

Anywayyyyyyy this blog shall cover several days. On Wednesday I had a date with my girl friend Anna and we went to watch From Up on Poppy Hill. Our original plan was for her to kidnap me at 2, then have a quick meal and then catch the 4pm show time, but Christianne’s surprise birthday dinner was moved up by Sarah, and I had to move up my meeting time with Anna as well. She came to get me at around 11, and then we headed to the TIFF theatre to catch the show at noon. Side note, the TIFF theatre is so neat! I like the way it was designed. BUT YES, we watched the dubbed version because the subbed version was at 2:15. What can I say about this movie? I was a little excited because it’s STUDIO GHIBLI how can anyone be not excited? I think I over-excited myself, and the movie was pretty meh for me. I didn’t understand what was happening or why it was happening half the time. I felt like there were 236283 plots happening, and if they focused on 1 or 2 it would have made a greater impact. Perhaps the subbed version is better, I know things tend to get lost in translation.

After the movie, Anna then sped me on over to York University so I could catch the 3pm GO bus. I got there with 8 minutes to spare! Unfortunately traffic is evil, and I texted Sarah saying I’d be about 15 minutes late, so she had to make up something to meet up with Christianne a little later. I arrived at Mac at around 4:50, and then while Sarah and Christianne were minding their own business at the Phoenix restaurant on campus, I barged in and…couldn’t find them haha! I had to sneak around like an idiot, and then finally found them and surprised Christianne with a hug ^_^ Dinner was nice, lots of catching up and WHY IS THERE A PIECE OF SPAGHETTI IN MY PENNE? Oh well. Um. After we nommed, we chilled for a bit at Christianne’s place and she gave me her giant pink macaron and bunny plushie because she’s moving AWAY TO JAPAN ;__;  Then more girly gossip ensued, and then Sarah and I left because Christianne had to get ready for karate.

I was planning on staying at Sarah’s place until Andrew finished his night class, so while we both waited for the bus, we popped on into the newly opened Shopper’s Drug Mart and Sarah bought some stuff. Then just as we were about to run to catch our bus, we ran into SARI GOSH I ALWAYS BUMP INTO HIM WHEN I VISIT MAC. So yeah, we forced him to miss his bus because we missed ours and then we chilled at the Starbucks beside Shopper’s, where we caught up as well (and ate Sarah’s chocolate eggs XD!). OH NO MY PESTO PENNE IS ALMOST DONE T.T HNGGG HEAVEN IS SLIPPING FROM MY GRASP AGAIN.

Uhhhh it turns out Andrew’s night class finished early, so he came to kidnap me and then we headed back to his house while Sari was finally allowed to catch a bus (he had missed 3). Once at his house OF COURSE I MADE US WATCH ONCE UPON A TIME. Nothing to say, everyone know’s it’s an awesome show. Not sure how many episodes we watched. I think one, and then we chilled and headed to bed.

Holy cow, it’s been a while since a blob (yes, intentional typo) entry of mine was this long. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH the next morning, we woke up late (like…past noon!) and…DIDN’T WATCH ANY EPISODES OF OUaT! We did, however, head to Lime Ridge mall because I was hungry. I nommed some sushi from the food court and then we walked around. Not long, though, because we HAD A JAPANESE GAME SHOW TO ATTEND WOOHOO. So yep, at around 6, we headed down to Mac to the beloved BSB ROOM 117 and waited for MJC’s second game show to start. Unfortunately, like last year, there were technical difficulties with the projector, and unfortunately, unlike last year, it couldn’t be fixed. After some delay, it finally started at 7, and from then on it went pretty smooth :) I must say the games were more safe this year, but the punishment games were unique XD! I particularly liked the one where the losing team had to pick out rolled up pieces of paper containing paragraph’s from 50 Shades of Grey and read them to their team members. It was made funnier because the losing team happened to be all guys.

After the game show, Andrew and I nommed some pizza provided by MJC (thanks for paying, Andrew!) and then headed back to his place and…just chilled again I think. I don’t remember if we watched an episode of OUaT, but I did check my email? :D

OMG FINALLY THE NEXT DAY. We woke up late yet again, but managed to watch like 3 or 4 episodes of ONCE  UPON A TIME WHEEEEEEEE. It’s getting goooooood. And scary D: BUT GOOOOOOOOD. Since it was also Good Friday, Andrew and I went to buy some fried haddock and fries as requested by his mom, because apparently fish isn’t meat O_o The last time we went to buy the fish together we had to wait like…45 minutes? This time we beat the crowd MUAHAHA and were in and out in like 20. Fishie was good and crispy but very oily DX! I didn’t want to eat the skin but I felt bad so I did ><

Umm, after that we both crashed on Andrew’s bed because the sun was shining and we were both stuffed with fish-that-is-not-meat, and time flew by. I believe it was around 7:30 when we both woke up, and after we watched once more episode of you-know-what, Andrew drove me back home at around 8:50 because I had to work at 9am the next day (today) D:

So in conclusion, a good freeload? I believe so.


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