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Surprise Birthday

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I have the best friends ever. Wow. I have no words.

So today I was supposed to meet up with Whitney after work and just have an early birthday dinner with her. I got off at 5 and then Whitney and I just wandered around the mall for a little bit. We saw My Little Pony stuff at H&M haha XD! She was also texting a lot away from me, which was a little suspicious :P

Once we were done wandering Whitney told me we had to “stop by to pick up her house keys from Jacky” before going to dinner because she forgot them. Okay, so no big deal. It wasn’t until I texted Andrew telling him I was with Whitney and he sent me a very happy text, and then when we drove up to the parking lot of some sketchy building did I really think something was up :P Whitney also told me I should go with her up to Jacky (I was assuming he was eating in the building or something, but I knew something was up :P)

So we go on up the building to Take One karaoke. It was my first time coming here, and I was thinking to myself oh I wonder if Jacky’s just karaoke-ing with his friends and when we opened up the room door LO AND BEHOLD ANDREW AND JENNIFER WAS THERE TO SURPRISE ME HAHAHA. Omg, and that’s when I was like oh wowwwwww this is actually happening haha. Jennifer made me cupcakes and Andrew drove out all the way from Hamilton. I felt so loved ;_; And then later Sarah, Aarathi and even Ivana showed up ;w; Aw man, I was seriously touched. It was definitely good karaoke times. I’m not really a karaoke person but I always get so into it because it’s just so much fun when everyone’s screaming and laughing. I then showed everyone Jen’s and my animation project from…grade 11? Haha, it was funny to laugh at our bad voice recording.

We stayed at Take On until around…8:30? And then we headed out to Shiso Tree cafe in J-Town for dinner :3 I was surprised they were open so late, but Whitney made a reservation so it was all good XD! Jacky was already there waiting haha XD! Oh yeah, everyone coincidently gave me my birthday gifts in blue bags o.o Haha it was pretty darned awesome :P

Dinner was really good. I like Shiso Tree cafe :3 Aside from Andrew’s soup taking a little while it was good times nomming. Great table conversation and jokes all around haha. We stayed until like…after 10:30 O_O! They were already closed, I felt a little bad DX! I didn’t get a chance to open my presents but it’s all good! Omg, such a good evening, it’s too bad a work tomorrow.

Once dinner was over Jacky drove Jennifer to the subway station while Aarathi and I got into Andrew’s car so he could drive me home and drive Aarathi home as well. Sarah and Ivana stayed in Whitney’s car while waiting for their parents. Omg, it’s so touching how everyone took a little time away from their busy lives to dinner and spend time with me ;_; Hnggggg warm fuzzies everywhere!

And now I’m home typing this blog haha! I shall go read my card and open my presents now~

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