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Valentine’s Day + Skyfall

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Holy geeeez 2 days late! But it’s not my fault, work is eating my life. But yes, I did indeed do something for Valentine’s Day. Can’t say it was amazing, though :( It started out a bad day for Andrew because his laptop decided to abandon him. When he got to my house he surprised me with an adorable bunny plushie but unfortunately I already had it :< But I still love it anyway! You hear that, Andrew?! They are an inseparable pair sitting beside my pillow. I definitely didn’t expect it, I got warm fuzzy feelings haha. Then we just chilled until we were hungry, and then we went to Fav Cafe because I really like one of their pork cutlet with rice meals. Andrew got his beloved French toast but couldn’t finish his noodles :P I wanted to treat him but, being the idiot I am, I forgot the restaurant only accepts cash -__-

When we got back to my place we watched Skyfall. My mom had bought it on Blu-Ray a few days ago. What can I say about this movie? I was nervous because Andrew said he didn’t remember when the scary parts were, but I liked how it started and it was pretty exciting until I had to cover my face for a good amount of scenes. For once there weren’t too many intimate scenes and I liked the main girl. In retrospect, it was a different kind of James Bond movie. As Andrew explained, for once James Bond is weak and isn’t as perfect, and we get to see a little bit about his past. Why is this paragraph so long? >.>

Once the movie was done I showed Andrew how to play Chinese chess on my mom’s iPad :P Poor Andrew couldn’t read a word and had a headache :( I felt bad after he played a game so then I said we should go for dinner. I suggested Japanese food because it was close by, but Andrew wanted Milestones, and because of my bad memory, we drove to where I thought there was a Milestones, before we settled on Kelsey’s.

Dinner was simple. Neither of us were very hungry and it was getting late. Andrew couldn’t finish his potato skins so I got those packed for me. After that he drove me home and then I had to go to bed because I had an early shift.

Hmm, can’t wait for Niagara next week. It will be freezing cold but oh well. It’s nice to just get away sometimes, even if it’s not too far.


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