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Life of Pi + Paris, je t’aime

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Wheeeee it’s snowing outside ^_^ Apparently there’s going to be a snow storm and 25cm of snow or something. I like snow storms haha XD! But that is not the point of this blob! (blog)

I visited Andrew yesterday since I had yesterday and today off. I took the 11:30 GO bus and arrived a little after 1. Andrew had class until 1:20, and then we went to Pancake House for some noms. As usual I couldn’t finish because Pancake House gives huge portions. Once our tummies were full we headed back to Andrew’s place and chilled for a bit, and I reunited with my Artemis Fowl book! (I had left it at Andrew’s house last week).

At around 3:40 we headed to the theatre to watch Life of Pi in 3D! I will be honest and say I wasn’t too excited about seeing it. Andrew claims he showed me the trailer and I said it wasn’t for me. He was also worried about me watching it because I get migraines from the 3D. I asked Andrew what the movie was about, and I don’t remember what he said, but walking into the auditorium I saw a tiger on the poster and was very prepared to not enjoy myself.

BOY WAS I WRONG. Holy screw, I’ve never read the book, but the movie exceeded all my expectations. I admit it started a little slow, but then I really got into it. It was so unique and different, and some scenes were beautiful and the 3D made it incredible. I have no words. I think everyone should see this movie. It’s so well done. It had scary scenes and funny scenes, and scenes that really touched me…wow I was blown away.

After the movie…what happened after the movie? I was in awe. It was around 6:30 and Andrew had night class at 7, so we took a quick trip to Tim Horton’s for a snack and then headed back to McMaster.  I met up with Sarah at 7:30 because I needed to get something from her haha, and I proceeded to tell her the wonderful movie I had just seen. Seriously, if you’re reading this, watch the movie. I’m tempted to read the book now. Sarah left at around 7:40 because she had to go karate class.

While waiting for Andrew I read my wonderful Artemis Fowl book. I’m currently on the 5th one: The Lost Colony. I can’t wait until the first book becomes a movie. Anyway, Andrew finished a little earlier than normal, and then we headed back to his house. I planked on the edge of his couch because I am awesome like that. After failing to convince him that he should take the bed while I sleep on the couch, I wandered up to his bed and fell asleep.

I slept well enough. I woke up at 4 as I have been doing for the past few weeks, but oh well. I rolled out of bed at…close to noon actually, and had to wake Andrew up because he was still being a sloth on the couch. Most of the day I spent reading my book on the comfy bean bag chair beside the fire while Andrew complained about how hot it was :P I can’t help it. I like Andrew’s fireplace. It’s really toasty haha XD! At around…4:30 we watched Paris, je t’aime, which is a collection of short films that take place in Paris. Andrew said I wouldn’t like it, but we watched it anyway because, duh, I love Paris and I want to go there some day. The short films were…interesting. They were all different, and some were just plain weird. Andrew skipped a few of them because “I won’t like them”. It’s definitely not something for everyone, but Andrew liked most of them. I’m just hard to please :P

We headed to back to McMaster at around 6:50 so I could take the 7:45pm GO bus back to York. Andrew couldn’t drive me because he had a radio recording session at 8:30. SPEAKING OF, if you’re reading this and like movies, you should tune in to 93.3 on Fridays at 1:30 :)

On the way to the GO bus station Andrew slipped and hurt his ankle DX! So he couldn’t walk me all the way and I told him to go directly to his recording place instead even though he was really early. To be honest I was hoping they’d cancel because of the snow storm…I hope he gets home alright :<

The trip from McMaster to York was fast enough. I wanted to read my book on the bus but it was quite dark out so I had to settle with my music.

Gahhh I have work tomorrow. But I bet no one will go to the mall because of all the snow.


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