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Wifey Times + Casino Royale + Wig

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Ughhhhhhhh I am so exhausted. I had an 11 hour shift today, from 6am to 5pm, but I must blog!

Soooo on Wednesday afternoon I took the GO bus to McMaster to have awesome wifey times with Sarah and Christianne :) I arrived at around 3:30pm, and we all met up at Bridges Cafe for some nomlicious vegetarian food. I also texted a bunch of other people to meet up, and Philip and Andrew D then joined us ^^ Talked and chilled a bit, and I finally got to have my beloved lasagne. I specifically waited until they made a new one because I like it when the cheese is a bit melty haha XD!

After that we all walked as a group over to Christianne’s new house and just talked some more. Philip and Andrew D then had to leave, so then it was purely wifey time after that! We caught up and had a lot to talk about, especially since I haven’t seen Christianne since she went on exchange to Japan! Lots of adventures were exchanged and I got my Christmas present (from Japan!) from Christianne :3 It was very bunny-filled haha XD!

Once that was done Sarah and Christianne had karate, so I walked to the Health Sciences Library while I waited for Andrew to finish his night class. I managed to finish the 4th book of Artemis Fowl (the Opal Deception) during the 2.5 hours. It’s a very good book, and I recommend the series to anyone who reads this. Once Andrew was done his night class we met up and then I HAD A FRIGGEN HEART ATTACK because I lost my wallet. It turns out I had left it at Christianne’s place, thank goodness, and Andrew drove me over so I could pick it up. We headed back to Andrew’s place after that, and after eating some pasta we chilled for a bit then headed to bed. UPDATE: As Andrew was so kind to remind me, he actually got me an adorable taupe rabbit shirt from Ebay XD! It’s really cute, and I was pleasantly surprised. I sent him the link to the listing eons ago, but I didn’t expect him to actually buy it for me ._. THANKS, ANDREW <3 XD!

I woke up early the next morning, but didn’t really get out of bed until around noon :P Andrew then made me waffles and then we went to the mall to check out flight/hotel/package deals to New York :) We want to go somewhere during Reading Week, but nothing is finalized yet. We didn’t stay that long as Andrew’s mom needed the car so we headed back and spent like 3 hours looking up information and comparing prices and dates and times.

The weather was starting to get bad now, so Andrew and I headed back to my place. The drive was just a bit longer than usual, and then we watched Casino Royale because Andrew is determined to make me like James Bond. I have to admit, out of all the actors who portrayed him, I like the actor in Casino Royale best. I think it’s because ever since the Olympis Games in London had that James Bond sequence in the helicopter, I’ve always imagined the character with blonde hair and blue eyes o.o I also think he’s less of a player in that movie haha. As usual the movie had scary parts and Andrew fast-forwarded through them for my sake. I have no idea how he enjoys watching movies with me because it’s obvious he doesn’t, since I always ask to pause and make him explain and whine and talk and complain :P

After the movie Andrew made the long and cold journey back home and I tried to sleep. Good thing too, because my boss called me at 7:15 and asked me to come in ASAP (this was on Friday, so yesterday), so I came in a few hours before my shift. Today (Saturday) as I mentioned above, I had an early shift and I am tired. I hardly slept last night, but the day went by pretty fast because Forever 21 is having the biggest sale ever and I had to do a lot markdowns and stuff.

Side note, my “pink” wig finally came in the mail today. I ordered it on December 5, so the shipping took ages. Not only that, but the listing said the wig was “silver pink” and I wanted a pink wig to cosplay as Fluttershy from My Little Pony: FiM, but the wig turned out to be more of a peach/coral colour :( Not sure if I’m going to get another one…I should save money >.> Here’s a picture!

Not-so-pink wig



  NASHI wrote @

Teehee, you look lovely with wigs on! :D And oh, yeah, sometimes you have to beware the seller’s photos from ebay because they might have stolen it from somewhere. OTL I think it can still work for Fluttershy though?

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Thank you :3 I actually just ordered another pink one >.> If it’s more pink than this one I’m going to keep that one and sell the one I have right now haha XD! Ahhh wigs!

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