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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey + James Bond

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It’s no surprise, but I’m late in blogging again so I have to combine some posts together haha. I have several things to blob (not a typo) about.

On Wednesday (January 2) Andrew came over and we watched another James Bond movie. I believe it was called…the…world…THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. I’m much too lazy to go Wiki the correct name. But yes, not a bad movie, but not something I’d see again :P I liked it much better than From Russia with Love, possibly because it’s more uhhh modern, and I thought the actor for James Bond was more of a James Bond guy. But of course I didn’t appreciate the implied making love scenes :P As always we had to pause 287368 times because my brain cannot compute and understand the most basic of storylines and Andrew had to explain excessively :P After that, we watched Golden Eye, yet another James Bond movie. WAIT. OR DID WE WATCH GOLDEN EYE FIRST? I can’t remember. Either way, I remember seeing some parts before when my parents watch James Bond movies on TV. I also like calling the characters names from other movies they’ve been in. For example, I called the villain Alec in Golden Eye as Boromir because I like Lord of the Rings more :P

After the movie, we headed out to Go For Tea for a dinner date I had with Anna and Julie :D Julie ended up dragging her boyfriend Nicholas along haha XD! But yes, I’ve been with Andrew for over 3 years and it was the first time for my friends to meet him :) It was a nice dinner ^^ As always the food was expensive and the service was terrible but we had fun talking and getting to know each other. We stayed there for…almost 3 hours I’d say O_O We left at around 9:30 because Andrew still needed to drive home.

Time skip ahead! Today I went to Eaton’s with Andrew :) I set my alarm for 8:45 but didn’t roll out of bed until…9:30? I then Tumblred for a bit until…10:30…? XD! Haha, I made a new Tumblr for pictures of places I find pretty and want to go someday. But yes, I was running late, and apparently Andrew was as well, so instead of meeting up at 12:30 at Eaton’s we decided to up at 1:30 instead.

My dad dropped me off at Finch Station at around 12:45, and then I got to Eaton’s at around 1:15. I decided to wander around the Forever 21 beside the AMC theatre and then met up with Andrew 15 minutes later. Walked around the mall for a bit and then played around at the Apple Store. We ended up looking up movie times and directions to the Scotia Bank Theatre because I rejected Andrew’s idea to go skating :P I picked the Hobbit because honestly there’s nothing else playing that’s interesting me. After looking up directions, we still had uncertainty while walking to the theatre, and stopped at a Tim Horton’s along the way to ask someone. We then found the theatre 2 blocks after haha.

I need to mention the Cineplex website is confusing. They only showed 2 options for the film: One in 3D and the other I assumed was “normal”. When we got to the theatre we saw 3 options on the screen: IMAX 3D, UltraAVX 3D, and the CC version or something. I hate 3D films :/ They hurt my eyes and gimme migraines after, but since the normal version of the film (in 24 frames per second as opposed to 48) was at 5:30 and it was around 4:05, Andrew bought the tickets for the UltraAVX version, which is in the intended 48 frames per second. Correct me if I’m wrong on this :P We were about 20 minutes early so we chilled at the Chapter’s right next door. I bought a banana chocolate chip cake and bought a cinnamon swirl cake for Andrew because theatre food is expensive.

Sooooooo the movie was very good! I wasn’t expecting it to be like LOTR so I lowered my standards, but it was much better than I thought! I thought it had the right amount of violence for my tastes and there was nothing too exceedingly ugly/scary to give me nightmares for weeks. The scenes and landscapes were really pretty, made even prettier because it was in 3D. I also like Bilbo because his character is not useless like Frodo (sorry to all the Frodo fans). He actually fights and knows how to run instead of always needing to be saved. Though, I did find that there were a bit too many characters for me to remember and keep track of haha. It also slipped my mind that the movie would end abruptly. I forgot it would be a trilogy. I can’t wait until the next movie comes out!

After the movie it was about 7:30pm. We headed back to Eaton’s Centre and then had dinner at Milestones :) I love that restaurant. In the summer I am totally sitting out in the patio to enjoy the view. But yes, not surprisingly I ordered my Chicken Pesto Fettuccine even thought I’m not allowed to eat chicken. Yummy, yummy meal :) Once that was done my dad picked me up in front of Hard Rock Cafe and then we drove Andrew to Union Station so he could catch his GO train back home :) Won’t be able to hang out with Andrew much now that he has school again. Good day to end the winter break.


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