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My first post of the year 2013 :) I hope everyone’s new year is off to a good start! Mine was a bit different from my usual.

So yesterday I woke up late and wasn’t able to follow my mom downtown. Turns out she didn’t go anyway, which is good. We went to eat lunch at around 2:30 at a restaurant that was closing at 3pm O_O We sat down at around 2:40, and our food arrived at around 2:55. I finished wolfing down my meal in like 7 minutes. Never ate so fast in my life. After that we had some time to spare and wandered around a nearby Winner’s for a bit. At around 4 my mom drove me to York and I took the 4:30 GO bus to McMaster.

The ride from York to Mac is usually around 1.5 hours, but for some reason the GO bus stopped for like 15 minutes at Square One >.> I arrived at Mac at around 6:20, and then Andrew came and we headed to his house :) After eating some food his mom prepared for me Andrew showed me James Bond: From Russia with Love. Apparently he really wants me to watch the latest James Bond film (Sky…fall…?) before it leaves theatres, but before I can do that I have to get to know the James Bond world :P So that’s what we did. Obviously we had to pause the movie 287368 times because my brain just refuses to think when movies are being watched and Andrew had to do a lot of explaining. More so than usual because I was also tired haha. We also paused the movie with 5 minutes until the new year and went downstairs to count down with his parents :) We saw the countdown twice on different channels. One live from Niagara Falls and the other live from…New York I believe? The place with the sparkly ball :P

I’d be lying if I said counting down was exciting :P I was never one to cheer and toast. But yes, we went back to the movie and then I tried to sleep as it was 1am, and I wanted to get up early to watch another movie.

It turns out Andrew’s brother had some friends over and they were being quite loud with their music. The walls in Andrew’s room were shaking and unfortunately, I have sensitive ears and I started to get cranky. I started complaining and at 1:30 I snapped and threw a semi-fit, and insisted on sitting outside on the porch or going for a walk to avoid the repetitive bass that was giving me a migraine. Andrew, being the understanding and sweet guy he is, said we could drive around a bit. He ended up driving me to Burlington O_O We parked near the waterfront, where there were lots of pretty Christmas lights up :D So we took a late night stroll through there. It was nice. Freezing, yes, but nice. I felt really bad for making Andrew drive because of my selfishness. New Year’s resolution number one: Stop being a selfish little brat.

Eventually it got too cold and too late so we headed back haha. Arrived back at Andrew’s house at around 2:50am, and thank goodness the music had stopped because everyone had left by then and I was able to sleep.

The next morning was not an early morning :P We tumbled out of bed at around…11:45 haha. Andrew made me waffles for breakfast :3 After eating, we chilled for a little bit and then started to watch Golden Eye (another James Bond film!). This one I must say started off more promising. We had to stop at around 2, though, because I needed to catch the GO bus at 3 to go back home for acupuncture before 5. But unfortunately I was an idiot. Long story short, I probably misread the schedule and Andrew ended up having to drive me home :( I also fell asleep in the car even though I was supposed to be holding the GPS, how useless can I get? Once we got back to my place, I made Andrew sleep on the couch for a “nap” and I went off to acupuncture. He ended up napping for a lot longer than originally planned (not a bad thing!) and when I got back home at 6:55, he was watching TV :P After refusing to let me feed him, Andrew headed back home. But woot, I shall be seeing him tomorrow ^_^


  NASHI wrote @

You and Andrew are so cute, buahahahahaa >:D And oh yeahh…Jeff and I wanted to watch Skyfall, but we didn’t have time to do so over the break. HOW ARE YOUUU? :P We really should go shopping soon. ;)

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Haha, Andrew really wants me to watch it. He’s a crazy movie person :P If you see it before me let me know how it is! I AGREE ON SHOPPING TOGETHER IWUHRIGUH.

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