When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Happy New Year!

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Ohhhmaaahgerddd I’ve been so lazy with blogging :( I had a “Christmas” party on the 28th and it was so much fun it rendered me unable to blog about it. Met up with some friends at the Boston Pizza outside my house for noms at around 1, and then when everyone finished stuffing themselves with panookie (first time trying it. It was pretty good!) we assembled at my house for mad card games. Thank you to Jacky and Andrew for driving all of us ^^ Apples to Apples is fun as always, but it wasn’t until Michelle arrived with CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY that everyone broke their spleens. Hahaha, it’s basically um…a not-so-innocent version of Apples to Apples :P I learned a lot of new terms, whether I wanted to or not :P

And of course it was Thavisha’s birthday! Michelle and Sarah both brought cake and I ordered some Earl Grey Tea pudding for everyone :) My dad also ordered pizza for us, but we were all so stuffed with cookies and candy we didn’t eat the pizza very much. Michelle also brought some MACARONS OMG and truffles or something. I don’t have much to say because it was basically card games for 6 hours. An awesome way to end the year with friends ^^

People started to leave at around 9:30 because I had work the next day. Gave everyone their belated Christmas gifts (except Philip because he was sick and couldn’t make it DX) and we all said our good byes.

This entry does not do the day justice at all, but I must leave now. If you’re reading this, HAPPY NEW YEAR ^^ I hope 2013 will be wonderful. I didn’t have a really nice 2012. Here’s hoping for amazing things.

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