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Harmony IV Exam + Vaughan Mills + Destiny’s

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I am behind posts again! DX!

Umm so what happened recently? My Harmony IV (Intermediate Harmony) exam was 6 days ago (on the 15th). It did not go well at all :/ I blame myself for not studying too much even though I did get the 2 days before off from work. I also should have practised writing the entire practice exams so I would know how long it took me. I almost couldn’t finish my exam siggggh. Here’s hoping I get 60% (which is the passing mark).

I went to Vaughan Mills with AngeL on Monday :) It was lots of fun, we tried to wear matching outfits and enjoyed invading change rooms and camwhoring. We spent…about 6.5 hours there O_O I ended up buying 3 skirts and a shirt. AngeL also bought me matching snowbunny love shirts for my Christmas gift XD Haha, we’re so childish, I love it. Did I mention I love shopping at the children’s section at H&M? It’s much cheaper and if I find the largest child size it actually fits me.

After that we went over to Jacky’s place where I got to see his cousin’s bunny! Jacky’s taking care of it for a few weeks while his cousin’s on vacation. TEEHEE the bunny was so fat and adorable. I wanted to hold her but she was terrified of people and just scrunched and puffed up at the corner of her cage. I didn’t like her name so I renamed her Mittens haha. Why am I naming other people’s pets? Because I’m awesome like that.

And once I was done molesting the poor bunny we headed to Destiny’s for dinner :) I had never been there before, and it reminds me of Go For Tea. Maybe it’s because they serve the same food and drinks and are equally bad in terms of service. I do admit their drinks and the fried rice I ordered was very good, though. AngeL brought her Monopoly Deal cards and we had lots of fun playing that while we waited for our food. It’s probably one of my favourite card games now, along with Apples to Apples XD!

Mmmm I think that’s it. Work’s been crazy. It’s slowly beginning to stress me out because as more people are doing their last minute Christmas shopping, they get increasingly rude. I swear I have OCD with keeping my accessories section tidy and orderly (complete with colour coordination) and it doesn’t help when people like making a mess of things. I’m nervous for Boxing Day. Tables will be flipped.

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