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Promotion ^-^

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AWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I got promoted today XD! It came as quite a surprise. Details aside, I was actually told I would be promoted yesterday, but I didn’t actually sign the paper until today yayyyy XD! So yep, I am now somewhat of the jewellery/accessories specialist at Forever 21~ IT HAS BEEN AN AWESOME DAY.

I’m really glad I decided to work at Forever 21. Before they were hiring, I was desperate for any job because I needed to pay back my OSAP (my mom paid it off for me so technically now I owe her back). I sent out countless resumes and got a few interviews, but they weren’t jobs that I wanted to do. I turned down an offer to be some sort of sales person in DT, and I’m so glad I did, because a few months later I was a sales associate at Forever 21. Hngggggg good things do come to those who work hard!

Wow off topic. I’m so nervous for my Harmony IV exam on December 15. I’M SO DOOMED. I can’t fail it, or all my piano years would have gone to waste. I WILL pass it. And once I do, I will celebrate by buying myself more clothes. As if I don’t have enough already >.>


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