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Happy 3 Years

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Title says it all <3 Today’s my 3 year anniversary with my honey bunny love muffin <3 Thank you for all the memories and great times <3 Thanks for sticking with me and making me smile <3 We won’t be seeing each other soon but a date is in order <3 And yes, every sentence ends with a heart <3 Luffles you more than you can imagine <3


So it turns out Andrew’s professor is an extremely awesome individual. He gave Andrew an extension on an assignment so I was able to go back to Mac yesterday ^^ I had intended to take the 3:30 bus, but then one of my packages from Japan (containing presents for my wifeys!) came and I got distracted, so then I took the one at 4 instead. The ride was way longer than usual (took 2 hours -_-) and I arrived at Mac a little before 6. Andrew then picked me up and we headed back to his place and where he showed me this show he likes called QI and we watched an episode of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I swear the show is so random and makes no sense but that’s the reason why it’s good haha XD!

We then headed out to an Italian restaurant called Limoncello at around 7 because Andrew had made a reservation for 7:30 o.o Turns out he didn’t need to as we had the whole restaurant to ourselves XD! But yes, it’s a nice little place :) I love Italian food, good job, Andrew 8D Neither of us were able to finish our main dishes (I blame the yummy garlic bread with cheese Andrew ordered) so I asked the remainder to be packed up in one box. Dinner turned out to be just a little over an hour even though Andrew paid for 1.5 hours for parking D: I sorries I get full quickly :( We had to skip dessert despite it looking really good. Next time 8D!

Once that was over we just chilled back at Andrew’s place. I have to mention Andrew gave me 3 roses and orchids for gifties. He always gives me flowers >w< I’m running out of space to store them when they dry (I like drying and keeping them instead of throwing them out).

At around 10:40 Andrew drove me back home. I always feel bad when he makes the long trip because gas is expensive and he gets home at like 1 in the morning but at the same time I like the extra hour I can spend with him in the car, even if we do have different tastes in music :P This post is getting too sentimental. I’m out.

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