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Karaoke + Yang’s Izakaya + BBT

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WOO! Just finished watching SAO and Fairy Tail, so I shall now blog XD!

Yesterday was an awesome day :) AngeL came to kidnap me at around 1:30 and we headed to Finch station to meet up with Aarathi, Jennifer and Thav for Karaoke! There was hardly any parking because of some Santa Clause parade, and AngeL parked really far away. I think I have a cold because the sun tricked me and I thought it was warm. Anyway, we met up with Jennifer and Thav a bit after and then Aarathi told us she was already at the karaoke place with her friend so we made our way over.

Oh karaoke, where do I even begin with that haha XD! It was lots of fun. I sang and yelled and screamed myself hoarse to Taylor Swift, Inuyasha songs, ARASHI songs, Backstreet Boys…I don’t even remember anymore. Half way through we also got an extra free 20 minutes haha. AngeL’s friend Lily also joined us a little after, and by then my voice was already almost gone and I sounded like a frog, but still, it was fun haha XD! At around 5:30 Aarathi and her friend had to leave to go to the Monkey Majik concert, so the rest of us stayed a bit longer because we still had time before heading over to Yang’s Izakaya~

At around 6, we decided to leave~ So we all made the long walk (I say long, but it was probably only like 15 minutes) back to AngeL’s car while Lily took the subway back home. It took us less time than we thought to get to Yang’s and we arrived there half an hour early (our reservation was for 7). We decided we didn’t have anything to do so we just took lots of pictures just waiting in the car haha.

So we walked in at 6:55 and who do we see? OF COURSE OUR LOVELY MICHELLE <3 She was being our waitress for the night and reserved the tatami room for us. Omgggg and let me tell you that room is soooo pretty. Bonus points because there was no one else there besides us (the room had 2 separate tables). A few minutes later Mac and Jacky joined us and then ordering ensued. Michelle was being an awesome waitress and recommended us many things. I think my favourite dish was the black cod. I haven’t had black cod in a while, and when I had some I was in heaven. Not going to lie, Yang’s is pricey, but the food is really yummy, so we just ordered a few things and shared it all. I believe we ordered…beef skewer, beed sukiyaki, beef carpaccio (Michelle’s favourite), eel with rice, black cod, some veggie udon thing, and I ordered guava juice because my throat needed it. It was a really fun evening, was very nice catching up with people that you haven’t seen in ages. When the main food was finished, Michelle brought us our dessert :) I ordered black sesame ice cream and ginger ice cream (both are amazzzzzzzing!) and then shared some black sesame with AngeL because Michelle gave us extra large scoops haha.

After that we just waited for Michelle to finish her shift so we could head over to Go For Tea for yummy bubble tea times~ Jacky brought cards so we had fun playing Slap Jack. Or rather, I should say extreme Slap Jack. Mac showed us all these hard versions of it, so instead of slapping the card on the number you’re counting, we started being math nerds and did +1/-1. +3/-2, and basically I got so confused but it was so funny because reaction times are so much slower haha XD! AngeL took a video, I hope she uploads it soon.

After a few games Mac and Jen had to leave because Jen still needed to pack to head back to Waterloo. So AngeL took out her Monopoly Deal cards and taught us all how to play! It’s actually more fun than I thought haha, and Jacky managed to win a game before Michelle finished, but once Michelle was done (at around 10:30pm?) we headed over to Go For Tea~

Late night for me, indubitably. Michelle was extremely hungry so she actually ordered noodles and cake while the rest of us played Monopoly Deal. I ordered a hot taro milk tea because my throat was really beginning to hurt (I was on the brink of a cold, so I think karaoke just made my throat worse haha). So yep, more good times and chatting about the horrible waiters (especially if you compare them to the service Michelle gave us. We asked 2 separate waiters for another straw and they totally ignored us) and card playing. I managed to win the 2 games we played haha 8D! Beginner’s Luck is always on my side.

Anyway, my parents were beginning to get worried so we left a little after midnight. I grabbed my stuff from AngeL’s car and then Michelle drove me home since we live so close together hehe. And yep, I had a hard time sleeping because my throat was really bothering me. I’m going to sleep early tonight to aid my body in recovery.


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