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Forever 21 Hello Kitty Collection

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Ahhhhh Forever 21 launched its collaboration with Hello Kitty today XD! I’ve been excited for a few days. Since I work with the visual merchandisers, I’ve been seeing the cardigans and shirts since early this week, and it was so annoying for me because I wanted to buy a lot of the stuff. Anyway, my dad drove me to work today again, and I got to Markville at 8am, an hour early for my shift. Grabbed some Timmies for breakfast and then walked in at around 8:40.

Yesterday night I processed the 2 collections we were launching today (Hello Kitty + Naughty or Nice) and while I wasn’t too interested in the dresses and lingerie for the Naughty or Nice collection I went crazy over the Hello Kitty stuff. Anyone reading this can see the full collection online XD! I especially like the Chococat cardigan, the umbrella, the backpack, and the sneakers! GAHHHH I bought a pair of sneakers after work today (THEY WERE ONLY $17.80 WRUGHIUWHRG!) because lucky for me I got paid today haha. I can justify my sneaker purchase because I really wanted a pair of shoes I can wear to work that are not boots. I have plenty of running shoes but those have labels, and that’s not allowed in our dress code. SO YAY, HELLO KITTY SNEAKERS TO WORK FOR MEEEEE. I’m so glad I did not buy these Oxfords I was eyeing a few weeks back.

Anyway, I haven’t posted pictures for a blog post in a while, so here are some I took today~

Snapped this photo this morning before walking into work ^^ I like the vermillion Chococat cardigan the mannequin is wearing XD!

Helping the visual merchandisers set up ^^

The F21 at Markville is small so we don’t have the entire collection :(



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