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Mini Promotion?

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I got cut today.

By a scarf.

To be more technical, I got cut by the paper that was wrapping the scarf. STUPID PAPER CUT WURGHIUWHRG I HATE PAPER CUTS. They HURT I don’t care what people say. But anyway.

The point of this blog post is to tell everyone how much of a shopaholic I am. I recently added up all the things I’ve bought from Forever 21 and…holy flying bunnies, I’ve spent $250+ >.> GAH.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE? I bought another shirt today T_T! I COULDN’T RESIST it was everything I wanted ;_; It’s a soft long sleeve shirt with a black Peter Pan collar. I FRIGGEN LOVE COLLARS. UGHHHHHHH MUST STOP BUYING THINGS. But do I regret it? Haha. NOPE. I bought it because I got “promoted” a little bit.

I’m not sure if there’s a title for it, but I’m now something along the lines of assistant visual merchandiser? GONE ARE MY SALES ASSOCIATE DAYS MUAHAHA. Essentially I work closely with one of the visual merchandisers, but I’m not one of them just yet. I want to be, though! I’m effectively working under them and they’re teaching me things about merchandising and then I get to restock things and “fill” things. It’s fun :D I can choose what to bring out to the floor from the stock room, where I want certain jewellery to go (I should mention I’m specifically in the accessories section), and basically I see it as making everything look pretty and visually appealing. It’s hard to explain :/ Hmmm…how to explain.

Ummm Forever 21 is pretty much divided into “themes” or sections called “shops”. For example, we have a corner of the store called Frosted Femme, and the clothing you can find there all revolve around some elements and colours. Frosted Femme is all about the mints, whites, peaches, faux fur, anything girly, and leopard prints. It’s my favourite section right now haha. Before that, we had this section called Frontier Girl. That was my old favourite. It was all about the layering, the baggy cardigans, denim and had edgy elements to it. The colours were really neutral. In contrast to that, we had another shop called Grudge Doll, which had all the bright neon colours, hoodies, and graphic T-shirts.

SO that’s what I get to do in the accessories section :D It’s also divided into different sections to go with the clothing, so I get to decide where to put the jewellery to match our shops ^^ And right now since it’s fall/winter weather, ALL THE BEAUTIFUL KNIT SCARVES AND HATS ARE OUT HEHEEEEEE and I get to have fun folding them and sorting them and what not. I spend a lot of time in the back opening boxes and looking at all the merchandise we have and deciding if I like it enough to bring out muahaha. FIRST DIBS ON EVERYTHING WURHGIUHWRG. Having to decide what to put on the floor for sale also means I know where everything is, which ALSO helps me help customers find things :) No seriously, I know where everything is ._. In the accessories section anyway. I can tell you where a bracelet or ring is, THAT’S HOW MUCH FUN I’M HAVING.



  NASHI wrote @

I’m so jellyyyy. ;u; Wish I could just work with you already ABELGJSLDKJGLSKDGLSDG. ♥

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Haha awww if you ever want me to buy you anything let me know! And omg it would be so amazing if we worked together >W<!

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