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Rio + Pacific Mall

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A blog on the right day! *cheers from the crowd* SO yeah, Andrew visited me today :) He surprised me with a pretty lavender rose in a glass vase >w< That was cute :P Haha XD! I rike it :3 It was in full bloom when I saw it…meaning it will probably die soon ;_; Must take pictures of it tomorrow XD! We also went to Pacific Mall briefly for Andrew to buy his long awaited “egg bread” (they’re called egg waffles but he likes calling them egg bread). Didn’t buy anything, I didn’t have cash on me and most stores there charge tax if you use debit or credit cards. I guess that’s good for me, though, been buying way too many things lately :(

Once we got back, we bought some foodz from Harvey’s and then watched 2 episodes of xxxHolic. The second episode totally creeped me out. I can’t watch that anime by myself. I read the manga up to volume 4 before deciding it was getting a little too scary for my tastes. I’m a chicken like that. After that Andrew showed me videos of epic rap battles and clips from Community haha, and then we got a quick dinner from Subway. Funny story, the cashier at Subway asked me if it was my first winter in Canada because I wrapped a scarf around my head to keep my hair from eating my face :P

We ended up watching Rio (even though Andrew wanted to watch Star Trek again) because Andrew hadn’t seen it before and I had the Blu-ray. It’s a good movie :) Thank you, Amy, for the recommendation. I think I wrote a blog about the movie before, but yeah, I like the dialogue and it has good humour XD! Andrew had to leave right after because he has class tomorrow and I work.

While we were watching the movie, my dad was kind enough to go to Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up a package I bought from E-bay. He had trouble because I used a fake name with my address, but he’s like almost friends with the guy working at the post office so he was able to get the package for me. What did I buy? A pink floral print bag. I’ve actually eyed it for a while now, and only bought it because I saw a seller selling the colour combination I wanted (pink with white straps instead of tan straps). Turns out the actual bag is a lot darker than the pictures, and it’s most likely a knock-off because there’s no label/tag or anything haha. But that’s alright. I wanted a bag specifically for work. Now I’ll look like a REAL high schooler (people at work think I’m 17 O_O)


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