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Man, Halloween is just around the corner. My FB feed is flooded with pictures of people partying over the weekend. And then there’s me, being a hobo at home and improving the chances of me developing Arthritis.

So what’s new. Forever 21 at Markville is doing a floor flip tonight. A few people are working from 7pm until like midnight taking away all the merchandise on the floor right now and updating it with new shipment. So when I go in for work tomorrow…I’M GONNA SEE 937293823 THINGS I WANNA BUY T.T UGHHHH THIS IS TERRIBLE. I’ve spent so much money at Forever 21 ;_;

New knit hat, knit scarf, and knit sweater from Forever 21. Why yes, I AM obsessed with knits, thank you for asking. Though, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have bought the hat and scarf…because I have 287368273 hats and scarves. Why do I do this to myself -_-

So why do I have such a large forehead in the above picture? I am in the process of growing out my bangs. Here you can see they’ve reached a little past my eyes. It’s at the annoying stage where they poke me in the eyes and I might just trim them. We’ll see how that goes.

I need to write a list of all the things I’ve bought from Forever 21 so far, so I can see how much I’ve been giving back to the company haha. Ughhh I bought another sweater today THIS IS BADDDDD. I couldn’t resist, it was a pretty blue ombre sweater…EAT ME. So much for saving up for a pro DSLR :/


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